Marissa quickly closes the door behind her, locking the painful world behind her. Without checking in with her parents Marissa flees upstairs and into her bedroom before anyone can see the tears streaming down her cheeks. Pushing open her bedroom door Marissa flings herself onto her bed sobbing silently into her pillow. She, Marissa "Coop" Cooper had just had sex with her boyfriend of nearly eight years. She's imagined what it would be like so many times, imagined how perfect everything would be and how ecstatically happy she would feel afterwards. The entire ride home Marissa had waited for this thrill to come, for the sickness in her stomach to leave her and be replaced. But instead as Luke reached to kiss her Marissa had felt her stomach revolt against it and she knew she had done something wrong.

Marissa always knew that she would give her entire body to the one person who had her heart. That was Luke, right? They've been together as long as it mattered he was the one she loved. And sex was supposed to prove that supposed to reaffirm her worries about their relation. But most of all sex was supposed to make everything all right. But it wasn't everything seemed wrong; Marissa, Luke and even the world around them appeared to be distorted to Marissa. How could this be? She was in love with Luke right?

Every fiber of her body screamed out WRONG! There was no denying it anymore somewhere in the last month and a half or so her world had been turned upside down by some outsider. Someone everyone around her had tried to protect her from, her mother, Luke, Summer and yet somehow Ryan had ended up with her heart. And a part of Marissa couldn't help but think that he hadn't stolen it from Luke, that it had never been in Luke's possession in the first place.