A/N: There was a request for a M/L wedding. This is as close as my mind took me. Enjoy!


It doesn't really matter where they were when it happened, what they were doing, what they were wearing, who was there. What matters is that it finally happened.

Or at least, that's all that really mattered to them.

They lay together in darkness, letting the shadows be their blanket, and letting the moon be their light. As the moonlight softly glinted off the gold of their rings, Max smiled and tangled her fingers with Logan's. She lay her head back down on her new husband's chest, and listened to the slow beat of his heart as he slept.

Never in a million years did she think she'd ever make it to this day, this moment in time. The odds had always seemed against them, but right now, she couldn't even imagine a time when there had been anyone else…anything else…but them.

Max sighed. It had taken a lot to get there, but what was most important was the fact that they were there. Finally. She gripped his hand tighter, and held her breath as he stirred. She hadn't meant to wake him up. She grinned, thinking of exactly why he needed his rest.

Logan's eyes slowly fluttered open, and the first thing he saw was Max. His Max. Of course, she had always been his; he just hadn't known it yet. And neither did she. But now, she was his…and he was hers. He smiled in response to her smile. "Hey. Shouldn't you be asleep?"

She chuckled low under her breath. "Shouldn't you be?" She shook her head and pushed herself up on her elbows to look at him. "I'm sorry I woke you," she began.

He silenced anything else she could have said with a long, deep kiss. After they broke apart, he asked, "What were you saying?"

The familiar flush of arousal was making its way up Max's olive skin. "I forgot," she replied, staring into his eyes, and seeing that the pupils had dilated so much that the green irises that always appeared to be shifting shades were just thin rims around the edges. "Something about sleeping with you, I think."

His smile brightened for a moment, and then slowly faded away as he looked at her intently. He ran his free hand up Max's length, until it rested on her face. He traced every curve, gently stroking the skin as he explored her features. "We're really here," he whispered to her in awe.

Her heart seemed to still at the pure sound of love in his voice. "We are."

He continued to run his fingers along her face as he murmured, "So many times…so many missed opportunities…so many losses…but we made it. Finally."

"Finally," she agreed, catching his hand with hers and holding it close to her face. "Finally. So, now that we're here, what happens next?"

Logan smiled, and shrugged. He brought both pairs of joined hands to his lips, and kissed the rings, looking up at her tenderly. "We keep going. We live."


"Together." Logan pulled Max down to his chest again, and ran his fingers through her hair before showing her how together they could be.