Fell Wound

Disclaimer: I do not own LOTR, nor most of the characters in here. They belong to Tolkien. I am not going to disclaimer each chapter, I think this should be good enough.

Summary: In October after the War of the Ring, King Aragorn is cleaning up Gondor, killing orcs and so on. Steward Faramir and King Éomer are joining him on an 'orc-hunting' trip. But what starts out as a small skirmish becomes a deadly struggle for Faramir.

A/N: Hi everyone!

Look! I finally am posting again! Please forgive for the long, long wait, I had decided to finish the story before posting anything to keep from the problem that is plaguing me with Prince Returns and such. So finally, I've finished the first (yes that means there are more) sequel to 'Faramir's story'.

There are a few things you need to know. First of all if you scroll down you will find a summary of Faramir's story so you don't have to go back and reread it. But before you do that I need to say something ****IMPORTANT!!!****

This is not technically a sequel. After I started writing 'Fell Wound' I realized that I wanted 'Faramir's story' to be a stand-alone story. So 'Fell Wound' and its sequels are really just fics with 'Faramir's story' as background. You can either take them as part of a story arc or take 'Faramir's story' by itself. It's up to you.

Ok, here's the summary of 'Faramir's story'.

Basically what you need to know is that when he was five, Faramir's mother died which was his father's breaking point. Faramir's father, Denethor, was the Steward of Gondor, holding the throne until the King came again. Denethor, though, was an evil pyromanical jerk who favored his son, Boromir, over Faramir. Unknown to Boromir, Denethor was emotionally and physically abusive to Faramir. When Faramir was eight, a healer, Iorwyn, figured it out and sent a letter to Denethor's brother-in-law, Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth. Imrahil arrived in Minas Tirith in time to save Faramir from a drunken Denethor who was trying to kill him. Imrahil took Faramir home with him, but Faramir withdrew from the world, neither talking nor smiling. A year later, because he was under duress to return Faramir to his father, Imrahil took Faramir to the elven city of Rivendell to be to foster son of Lord Elrond. Faramir also befriended two more elves, Lord Glorfindel and his wife Eluial. Elrond spent the next year trying to heal Faramir and finally succeeded. Faramir was ten when he started talking again and he looks to Elrond as his father, calling him 'Ada'. He was also given the elvish name, Tirpalandil, which is usually shortened to 'Tir'.
When Faramir was 13 he met the Ranger Estel, who is really Aragorn who is the rightful king of Gondor. Though he knows Estel's identity, Faramir does not reveal it to anyone. After saving Estel from a raging river, the two become like brothers and they as well as Elladan and Elrohir became a tight-knit group. At 16, Faramir returned reluctantly to Gondor, despite protests by Elrond. Denethor welcomes him coldly, but Boromir is very happy to see his brother again. Boromir also had no clue what had happened in the past. When Faramir is 19, he and Boromir are attacked by orcs on a camping trip and Faramir is injured. He is treated by Iorwyn who had sent the letter to Prince Imrahil 11 years before.
Most of the rest of the story is what happened in the books and movies. Boromir, when he goes to Rivendell for the council, found out from Lord Elrond about Faramir's past. This actually accentuated the Ring's hold on Boromir and contributed to his fall. Faramir meets Frodo and Sam and Sam gave him a letter from Boromir written before the Man's death. Faramir returned to Minas Tirith and faces his father who tells him, in front of Gandalf and Pippin, that he wished Faramir had died in Boromir's place. (Can you see why I don't like Denethor?) Faramir ended up injured in battle and Denethor thought he was going to die. This made him feel guilty, and because he had been driven mad by looking in the palantir, Denethor decided to kill both himself and Faramir by burning them on a pyre. Gandalf saved Faramir, but Denethor dies. Faramir was healed by Estel, now Aragorn, who didn't recognize his brother. While Aragorn and the others went on to the final battle, Faramir stayed at the Houses of Healing and meets Éowyn, the niece to the king of Rohan. Faramir fell in love with her, but she refused to return the sentiment because she believed that she loves Aragorn. Finally, Éowyn realizes that she loved Faramir, not Aragorn, and agrees to marry him. Then came more of my own stuff, starting with Aragorn's marriage to Arwen. Lord Elrond brought her to Minas Tirith and met up again with Faramir. Aragorn finally figured out that Faramir is his foster brother 'Tir'. Then Éowyn returned to Minas Tirith after a visit to Rohan. She and Faramir were walking through the city when they came across a blacksmith hitting his young son. It brought back memories for Faramir who nearly killed the blacksmith in a rage. After taking the boy to a safe place, Faramir disappeared and Éowyn, knowing something was wrong enlisted the help of Lord Elrond, who was still in the city, and Aragorn. They finally found him, and Éowyn helped Faramir come to terms with his past. The story ended with Faramir forgiving his father and facing the future.

And now, 'Fell Wound'!