Cut or edited scenes        

Here are some cut or edited scenes that I wrote, but then discarded.

A continuation of the scene with Gandalf and Ælfwine.

            Strangely enough, Ælfwine seemed to trust the man. "The king did not waste time writing it to paper. His sister's betrothed has been injured and the wound is poisoned. The poison is called. . . " Ælfwine closed his eyes, searching for the word. "It is called ringnar." The Rider of Rohan opened his eyes to see the old man staring at him in horror.

            "Ringnar? Are you sure that is what he said?"

            "That is what he told me."

            The old man frowned in thought. Only a moment passed before he spoke. "Young Rider, please continue on to Lothlorien. You need not push your horse, but the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien should be informed. Where is the Steward now?"

            Ælfwine frowned. "Tumbar in Anorien." The old man clicked his tongue and the white horse started forward. "What about you?"

            "I ride to Tumbar. Hopefully I will get there in time."

This was the original scene where an injured Faramir is dreaming and hears Éowyn's voice. I discarded it because I decided to change the way the scene went. Frankly, it got too sappy, even for me.

^*^*^   'I hate you, you weakling! You are worthless, I don't care if you even come back!' //Stop, please!// 'You're an idiot, a fool! I don't care if you even come back, you coward!' Try as he might, Faramir could not block out Éowyn's voice. In his heart he knew that it wasn't really her speaking, but his muddled mind only saw her angry face and heard only her harsh words. 'You dotard, I don't want you.'

*Faramir, it's me.*

 //I know. You hate me.// 'Why would I love you, weakling?'

*I'm here, love*

Faramir felt confused. This new voice sounded the same, yet different. //Love? But I thought you don't love me. You didn't care if I even came back to you.// 'I don't care, I hate you.'

*Please, come back to me.*

 //Come back?//


Suddenly Faramir realized that this was the real Éowyn. But try as he might, he couldn't reach her. //I can't. I can't come back. I'm sorry.// And he fell back into the dark hold of his nightmare.  ^*^*^

This was the start of a 'Faramir wakes up'  scene that would have fit with the above cut scene. Needless to say, it was cut as well.


She woke up with a start as she heard her name called in a hoarse whisper. Her eyes lit up when she realized that the voice belonged to Faramir and that he was awake and looking at her. "Faramir!" Éowyn would have hugged him if he hadn't just come back from the threshold of death.

"Éowyn, why?"

Éowyn looked at him, puzzled. "Why what?"

"Why are you here?"

"You were injured, close to death! Why wouldn't I be here, love?"

Her words seemed to confuse him even more. "Love? But. . . but you hate me."

Éowyn jerked her head back in shock. The despair in his eyes made her heart break as her worst fears were confirmed. //He truly thinks I hate him.// She grabbed his hand, clasping it to her chest. "No! No, I don't hate you, Faramir, I don't! I love you, I love you more than you can even imagine!"

Faramir tried to organize his jumbled thoughts. The voice in his dreams wasn't really Éowyn's, just the product of a fevered mind. //No, not all of it was a dream.// "You said." His voice caught in his throat at the memory. "You said you didn't care if I came back." Éowyn let out a sob, clutching his hand tighter, her head bent over it as if to hide the fact that she was crying. Faramir brought his free hand to her face and gently brushed the teardrops from her cheek. "Don't. Please, don't cry. I. . . I understand, I will respect your feelings. . . "

"Stop, Faramir, please stop!" Éowyn lifted her head and looked deep into Faramir's cloudy gray eyes. "Faramir, love, I am so sorry for those words. They have haunted me since the day they left my mouth! Every moment of every day, I have regretted that I ever said that to you and that I didn't instantly take it back. If those words had proved true, it would have destroyed me completely! Please, forgive me, my love!" Unable to stay upright under the weight of her guilt, Éowyn laid her head on Faramir's chest , still grasping his hand to her heart.

As her tears subsided, Éowyn felt Faramir's free hand stroking her hair. "Oh Éowyn, how can I forgive what is already forgiven?"

Éowyn turned her head so that she faced Faramir. "But. . ."

"But nothing. I know you speak the truth about your remorse. The dreams that said otherwise are no more."  

Like I said: Way too sappy.

And finally, this is a different scene at the end of the story in which Faramir talks about the dream to Aragorn. I really didn't like it so I went back and changed it completely

            ^Tir, how are you feeling?^ The company was only a few miles outside of Minas Tirith when Aragorn spoke to his Steward.

            After deciding that glaring was useless, Faramir answered his brother. ^I will be better when everyone quits asking me how I am.^

            Of course, Aragorn was already aware of this fact and had only asked the question to initiate a conversation. Éowyn was debating with Captain Beregond of the White Guard over horses and the other White Guards were talking amongst themselves leaving Aragorn with Faramir to talk to. ^Fine, then we will not talk about it. How about we talk about why you were so apprehensive about going to Tumbar in the first place?^

            Faramir looked over at his King, startled. ^I do not know what you mean.^

            ^You did not wish for Éowyn to go, you were abnormally quiet the whole ride there, and sensed the ambush before it happened.^

            ^I did not sense it soon enough.^

            Aragorn decided not to go into the self-blame game that he and Faramir always seemed to play. ^But what of Éowyn? You sensed something then, did you not?^

            A shadow played over Faramir's face. ^I kept having the same nightmare. I knew that if she came, I would lose her forever. I could not risk that, even if it meant having her angry at me.^

            Aragorn nodded in understanding. Prophetic dreams were something he shared with his brother, most of them heralding danger. And he could certainly understand not wanting to put the one he loved in danger. ^She is not angry anymore, though. You did the right thing.//

            The brothers continued to talk in Sindarin, about many different things. They did not notice that behind them, Éowyn was only half-listening to Beregond talk about Gondorian versus Rohirric saddles. Instead, her thoughts were on the few words she had heard an understood of Faramir and Aragorn's conversation. Ever since her betrothal to Faramir, Éowyn had endeavored to learn the Elvish language he loved. And though she did not understand all of what they had said, she knew that Faramir had risked her wrath to protect her. //Aragorn is right, though, I am definitely no longer angry. How can I be when I have truly realized how much Faramir loves me? What did I do to deserve someone so wonderful?// Éowyn sighed, happy to have her beloved back, happy to have his love.

Way too much explanation. I tend to do that sometimes. Please, feel free to tell me how you likes (or even disliked) the changes.