'Degrassi Island'

by Ennon


'Degrassi' and its characters are the properties of Epitome Productions and I'm making no money whatsoever from this fanfic.

A/N- For the story purposes, Emma, Manny, Toby and J.T. are friends with each other but have no previous acquaintance with anyone else here -besides Archie 'Snake' and Christine'Spike' Nelson Simpson.

Emma was in her room half-asleep atop her covers while trying to read travelogue books and brochures.

"Em, it's three in the morning! Lights out!" 'Spike' Nelson Simpson half-whispered as she opened the door to her daughter's room.

"Just a few more minutes, Mom!" Emma Nelson pleaded.

"You've got a big day ahead so you need your rest, young lady!" 'Spike' gently reminded Emma.

"So do you. What are you doing up, Mom?" Emma asked.

" Nature called for the zillionth time," 'Spike' half-laughed as she patted her expanded abdomen and walked towards Emma's bed.

" Are you sure you're okay with me going away a week?" Emma asked- looking worried while patting her mother's abdomen- and imagining her baby half-sibling inside.

" Emma, 'Snake' and I are proud you and your friends have been chosen to represent your school! We'll all be fine!"'Spike' insisted as she and Emma clutched hands.

"OK, I'll finish this chapter then turn in," Emma sighed.

"Go to sleep. Now!" insisted 'Spike'.

"This page?" Emma asked- as 'Spike' laughed and took the travelogue out of Emma's hands.

"Goodnight, Em!" 'Spike' insisted as she kissed Emma on the forehead while hugging her.

"Goodnight, Mom," Emma sighed as she kissed her mother and hugged her before drawing the covers and climbing underneath as her mother left the room.

"Is it time to drive Emma to the airport?" the bedheaded, 'Snake' Simpson asked as he knocked outside the door.

"'Snake', let's go back to sleep!" 'Spike' laughed as she left Emma's room and closed the door behind her then led her half-asleep new husband back to bed.

"A whole week in Bermuda and our first time in the ocean!" Manuela 'Manny' Santos squealed- as she, Emma, Toby and J.T. were wearing shorts, Hawaiian shirts and sports sandals while riding a small motorboat.

" I didn't think we'd ever ditch those tweedy teachers. I hope we can shoot enough different coral samples in your cell-camera for that project back home," Emma sighed.

"Ladies, didn't I tell you we'd pull it off?" James Tiberius 'J.T.' Yorke gloated.

"I'm not sure we should have lifted this boat," Toby Isaacs cautioned.

" For the thousandth time, Tobes,we told 'Cappy Jack' it was for my dad- and charged it to Dad's credit card. By the time we get this back along with all those photos and win the 1st Biology Prize, he'll be too smug to get pissed when he gets the statement,"J.T. smirked.

"Are you sure you can steer this thing?" Manny asked as they were getting further from the Bermuda 'mainland',

"I've tons of experience!" J.T. insisted.

"Paddling around Lake Ontario's not the same," Emma sighed.

"Ocean currents," Toby added.

"Relax, Grandma! What could possibly go wrong?" J. T. asked.

BOOM a thundercloud clapped.

"Where did that cloud come from?" Emma gulped in a panic.

"Can you see the shoreline?" Manny asked.

"Don't panic! I'll just punch in 9-1-1 and ask for bearings on the cell," J.T. insisted.

"Out of range," the phone robotically replied.

Suddenly they thundercloud opened and the four of them got soaking wet from the intense downpour.

"The boat compass is stuck. J.T. bring out your pocket one!" Toby insisted.

"A math compass?"Emma wailed.

"You said to bring along a compass," J. T. shrugged.

"Yeah, like we really need to dissect triangles now!" Toby yelled while Emma and Manny banged J.T.'s shoulder.

"Hang on! We're in a full-fledged storm!" J. T. shouted.

"We're all gonna die!" Manny cried.

"Manny!" Emma groaned.

"Well, that's what they always say in the movies," Manny shrugged.

"Great, J.T! We're stuck in a storm in the middle of the Atlantic and it's all your fault!" Emma boiled.

"My fault? You're the one who insisted we try to find rarer species of coral to photograph instead of just the ones on the beach or Bermudan Marine Institute!"J.T. yelled.

"Well, you're the one who insisted that we go on this boat without any adults steering it- without having checked the forecast!" Emma yelled.

"Yeah. Now we're in a boiling soup pot and it's all your fault!" Toby screamed as he hit J.T.

"You three didn't have to listen to me," J. T. insisted as he hit Toby back.

"Guys, we need to work together to survive!" Manny pleaded.

"She's right!" Emma insisted.

The storm shut out all sunlight long before nightfall and the four tied on their life vests while trying to hang on. The motor soon died leaving them no choice but to hold on while constantly bailing out the water with buckets a fraction as fast as the ocean waves poured in. They never would be sure how long the storm lasted nor by what path it took their tiny motorboat but all four blacked out from exhaustion and panic after a time.

"CoughGag!" Toby coughed and gagged- losing the last meal he'd had before the voyage.

He opened his eyes- grateful that he was alive and that somehow his glasses had stayed on throughout that terrible storm.

"We're on land again!" Toby gasped as he struggled to his feet.

"We made it back to Bermuda! J.T? Emma? Manny?" Toby shouted.

"Tobes, we're not in Bermuda," J.T. groaned as he sat on the beach with his head slumped.

"We're not? But the nearest land's Cape Hatteras," Toby insisted.

"We somehow made it to this small sandbar," J.T. pondered.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Toby asked.

"You and the others were already pissed at me last night. .. and I can't find the others?" J. T. groaned.

"They got to be here somewhere! They can't have drowned! Come on, let's start looking for 'em!" Toby insisted.

"There's not much to cover here. Just this sandbar and a big cloud next to it," J.T. surmised.

"We're gonna cover every inch! Maybe they're still in the boat!" Toby insisted.

"I dunno,"J.T. groaned.

"Come on! We just can't sit here!" Toby pleaded as he dragged his best friend off the sandy slope he was sitting on.

"Here's something- a footprint!" J.T. a short time later insisted after they got closer to the cloudbank.

"Too big to be Emma's or Manny's. Besides, we're all wearing sports sandals and this one's bare!"Toby. insisted.

"Maybe it's Bigfoot or a native we could get to send smoke signals," J.T. pondered.

"J.T. Bermuda never had any natives before the English discovered it," Toby groaned.

"Well, this island's not supposed to be here either," J.T. snapped.

"Good point! There he is!" Toby gulped in a whisper.

The two ran behind a clump of palm trees.

"Look at the size of him!"J.T. panicked.

"He's got enough metal in his ears to pick up satellite!"Toby insisted.

"He sure looks mean!" J.T. gulped- as the 'native' in front of them suddenly ran behind the clearing.

"Where did he go?" J.T. asked.

"Right behind us!" Toby gulped in a panic.

"GRRR", the 'native' growled- as he grabbed their upper arms in vice-like grip.

"With that bleach blond hair, I'd say he's Australian Aborigine," Toby insisted.

"But we're nowhere near Australia," J.T. argued.

"Tell him that!" Toby gulped.

"GRROWL!" the 'native' growled with quite a bit of saliva over his vocal chords while baring his teeth.

The 'native' ,wearing cargo shorts,tank top, and a puka necklace grabbed the two smaller boys by the arms.

"Me Bwana Toby! Me and Bwana J.T. come in peace," Toby pleaded.

"We're 'bwanas' now?"J.T. whispered to Toby.

"Yeah," Toby whispered as he nodded.

"Let us go or we'll make angry flash god punish you!" J.T. insisted as he suddenly flashed the cell-phone camera in the 'native's face.

"I know that's a cell-camera and I speak English, morons!" the 'native' insisted- as he took away J.T.'s cellphone and pocketted it.

"You're. .. .?" J.T. gulped.

"Call me Spinner- Viceroy and Commanding General of Degrassi Island. I'm taking you to the Kahuna Jimmy! He'll see if you get to live or die!"Spinner snarled as he bodily picked up the two scared friends under each arm while walking away with them as they were unsure what was going to happen next- and clueless about Emma and Manny.