Disclamer: I do not own any of these characters!!! You know! I wish I did but I don't!

(A/n and summary(sorta) ) ok, have you ever wondered what would happen if the inuyasha characters met the ranma's character? Well I have!!!!

Kagome, was on her way to school on a beautiful, hot day. Her hair blew over her face, as she placed it behind her ears, she noticed someone jump in front of her!

"help, help, I'm getting mugged" Kagome screamed as loud as she could.

"what, what's going on kagome? What's being mugged?" inuyasha sounded puzzled.

"oh, its you inuyasha, I'm I glad to see you!" kagome smiled, she then noticed people starring at them and decided to say, "what are you looking at, this isn't a freak show!"

Then inuyasha overheard a girl reply, "yea, sure it isn't!"

Inuyasha leaped in the air and landed in front of the girl, he would have guessed that the girl was a bit smaller then kagome. She had red hair in a pigtail. "are you making fun of Kagome?" he asked.

Then girl simply replied, " you aren't any ordinary person are you?"

"This isn't what I came here to talk to you about!" inuyasha screamed at the girl.

Inuyasha went to punch the very annoying girl, kagome screamed in terror telling inuyasha to stop immediately. The girl simply jumped, dodged the punch. But it was too late for kagome to stop what she was screaming! "SIT".

Inuyasha went flying downwards, his face making contact with the ground first. Kagome walked to inuyasha, to aid him. Another girl ran up to the pigtailed girl. She was carrying hot water. She looked at inuyasha who lay on the ground, and then screamed at the girl "ranma, can't you ever go around without picking fights with people?"

Inuyasha, finally got up, and kicked the water right out of akane's hand. The water dropped, and spilled over the whole ground. Ranma looked at the water, which was now scattered over the whole ground. She got up, with tears in her eyes. And screamed, "Now look at what you have done!!!!"

Ranma ran over to inuyasha and did a high kick. Inuyasha bended low, like in the matrix, dodging the kick. Then inuyasha went to punch ranma who in turn, walk sideways on the wall of a house. He landed softly. Then both of them went to strike at each other. They moved in slow motion, until kagome screamed, "inuyasha, SIT".

Then, someone ran across the street. He hugged kagome right away, and he screeched happily, "Shampoo, where have you been, I missed you!!!!"

At the sight of another man hugging kagome, inuyasha got straight up and punched the man!

Then ranma said "moose what are you doing here?"

Moose put on his glasses, and said, "oh ranma, I see that you're a girl at the moment!"

"well of course she's a girl!!!!" kagome screamed at moose.

"ah, the unfortunate girl, don't you know ranma's secret?" moose asked.

"no, I don't!!!" kagome replied.

"well, ranma, she. well she wets her bed at night." Moose said, enjoying himself.

Ranma kicked moose. "its not true!!!" ranma quickly said, "here ill show you!"

Ranma looked at akane, and asked for her to get hot water. Once akane got hot water, ranma poured it on himself. Ranma instantly turned into a guy. Kagome gasped. Inuyasha, well, he laughed.

Everyone talked and soon they all left satisfied. That is all except for moose. He went up in the tree and wondered where his beloved shampoo was. Unfortunately he wasn't told that she had left for vacation.