Disclaimer: Squall and Rinoa belong to Squaresoft and the song belongs to

Avril Lavigne, at least I think it does, anyway she sings it so it should belong to her.

Okie, I think the song is called 'I don't give a damn', I'm not sure my friend just gave me the lyrics to it without the title J.  Okay, you know I love emails, but please don't send me saying something like 'Oh my gawd! Dude, you didn't use the lyrics exactly! What it is with you!?!'  (You can tell I'm from California)  but yeah, I'm going to use the lyrics as dialogue, so just don't freak on me k? And yes, I'm going to be changing the lyrics slightly to suit my interests :P.



            I stand alone on a balcony, looking down at the waves caused by Garden.  It's so peaceful out here by myself, with the setting sun painting the horizon a deep red and the birds above talking to each other in their unusual language.  I can feel free out here with no one bothering me about Garden duties or other such monotonous subjects.  Hyne, just thinking about it makes me tired.  And then Theres Rinoa…

            As if on cue the pretty raven-haired girl comes next to me on the balcony, and joins me in the fine arts of water watching.  Normally I can count on her to talk first, but she remains uncharacteristically quiet.  Soon the silence is overbearing.  I shift my weight to one foot and turn to look at her.  "Yes?"

            She turns slowly towards me, not quite meeting my face.  "Squall, we need to end this."

            Several emotions run through me, but "I don't understand."

            Rinoa draws in a shaky breath and turns to look me in the eye, her own chocolate ones bright with unshed tears.  "I tried so hard Squall, but it occurred to me that every time you go away, it actually kinda makes my day, every time you leave, you slam the door."

            For once I'm speechless from lack of words, not will.  She continues.  "You pick your words so carefully, you hate to think you're hurting me."

            "Rinoa…" She holds up a finger to silence me, looking much like she did the first time I saw her on the night of the ball.

            "No Squall, it's okay.  Because what you never understood is you leave me laughing on the floor because I don't give it up, I don't give a damn.  Squall, what do you say about that?  I told myself I'm not gonna cry about some stupid guy, a guy who thinks he's all that…"

            The reality of the situation begins to become clear to me as Rinoa goes on.  "Squall, remember the night of the celebration party?  We stood right here on this balcony.  I thought we were just hanging out, so why'd you kiss me on the mouth?"  She pauses then says thoughtfully, "I guess you thought the way you taste would get me high."

            No, it wasn't like that!

            "Zell and Irvine told me you went to all your friends to brag.  Guys are always such a drag.  Don't you know the reason that I kissed you was to say goodbye?"

            She blinks, and then smiles humorlessly at me.  "So why did you kiss me on the mouth?"  I don't know.  "Squall, I don't give a damn about you, I won't give it up now for you.  I thought I loved you, but I'm not going to cry over you. What do you say about that?"

            Rinoa stands for a moment, waiting for an answer.  I don't know what to say, so I turn away.  When she sees this, she lowers her head and runs from me.  It doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would, being left again.  I feel freed of an immense burden.  I stand tall, throw my arms out to the sky and smile at the new moon.  What do I have to say about it? I think I can sum it up in one word.  Whatever.