Ramirez didn't get much mail, so he didn't bother to check it very often. By the time he got the postcard, he guessed it had been sitting in his mailbox for almost a week.

The scene was a sunrise. Over the ocean.

The writing on the back was small and cramped. Letters ran into each other, and the lines of print were crooked, slanting downhill.

"Weather is here, wish you were fine. Hope the Cunts In Action haven't been bothering you too much about me. 'The' says to say thank you, but you know what I say to that."

Ramirez knew. Two words, accompanied by a raised finger. He chuckled.

The last line read simply:

"See you around."

The postcard was from Puerto Vallarta.

Ramirez looked at it for a long moment, then threw back his head and laughed.



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