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*short sms/cell fic* (director's cut version)

CD and Nate are on a stake-out, sitting in their car. After a while CD rolls her eyes. "Oh god this is so boring! This is the third night in a row we're sitting here and nothing happens! We haven't even seen as much as a strolling cat!"

Nate sighs. "I'd much rather be at a bar, buying you a beer right now too. Hey, how about we play a game?"

She gives him a weird look. "A game ?!?"

"Yup. Truth or dare?" He answers smirking.

Now CD smirks. "Dare!"

He is thinking. "Uhm. Ok. I dare you to climb on top of the car roof and dance Lambada." A broad grin appears on his face.

CD just gives him a look. "Have you checked your temperature lately? Because either you have completely lost your mind now or a severe fever!"

Nate laughs and then looks at her seriously. "I mean it!"

Stunned CD realizes he wouldn't discuss about it. So she gets out of the car, Nate following her closely. She climbs onto the roof and starts to sexily sway her body. Though she actually enjoys showing off in front of him like this, she would never admit that of course.

"Ok, your turn. Truth or dare?" she stops to dance but remains on the roof.

Nate is stunned. *WOW* is clearly written all over his face. "Ugh dare." Her voice had pulled him back into reality.

CD doesn't have to think long. " I dare you to come up here and do whatever you're thinking about right now!"

Nate quickly climbs up and kisses her passionately.

A little bit puzzled but actually enjoying it CD returns the kiss full of fire herself.

"Is that what you understand under observing the suspect UNOBTRUSIVELY ?!?" The two subconsciously notice the voice of their Captain somewhere in the distance but are too wrapped up with one another for her words to sink in.