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Just Between You and Me

Chapter 1: Smileygurl to WiltedRose

Manny sat on the steps of Degrassi Community School, sad, lonely, and depressed. It was a perfectly good Friday afternoon, and what was she doing? Thinking about life and love. It was the six-month anniversary of the day her and Craig went out. Then he'd dumped her that Monday.

She tried to talk to Emma about it, but how could she? Emma was too busy talking about Sean. She closed her eyes and thought back.

"I'm sorry, Manny, it's not the locker I don't like...it's you." Manny stood there silent, trying her hardest not to cry.

"I uh... have to go, bye." He left her there, just as the first of many tears slowly rolled down her cheek.

Manny opened her eyes to find Ashley and Craig walking towards her.

"Oh great." She muttered under her breath and began to gather her belongings.

"Manny, hey." Craig said overly cheerful. Manny looked up at Craig's plastered on grin, and then down at Craig's hand, which was entwined in Ashley's.

"Hey." She said coldly and began to walk towards home. Ashley gave Craig a worried look.

"Is she alright?" She asked. Craig shrugged.

"I don't know, I think it has something to do with me. Emma says Manny hasn't talked much since, you know." Ashley nodded.

"Alright, enough about her, let's go somewhere."

"Where to, milady?"

Manny quickly turned on her computer and got on to the 'net when she got home. If not anything else, her computer helped her express all her emotions.

"Hurry up!" Manny commanded waiting impatiently as her computer connected to the Internet.

"Finally." She said as she checked her email. 10 new messages!

Sparklespaz- Hey Manny

Sparklespaz- Manny?

Sparklespaz- Manny, u there?

Sparklespaz- Manny, we need to talk!

Whocares- Manny, Emma wants to talk

Sparklespaz- Manny

Sparklespaz- re: Leave me alone

Sparklespaz- No subject2

Sparklespaz- No subject

OverXposed- Hey u

The last one caught her attention immediately.

"Craig." She clicked on his message.

Manny, hey, it's Craig. I just wanted to see how you were doing. I haven't seen you in a while, ("Gee, I wonder why?" asked Manny sarcastically), I really like you Manny, as a friend, and I'm sorry if I hurt you. Gotta go.


Manny sighed and deleted the message. Then, she got an idea; she quickly logged off her screename and created a new one. WiltedRose. She thought for a moment and then wrote Craig.


You may not know me

But I know you

Only you can make me do things

I thought I could never do

I love your smile

You different style

I know of your struggles

And of your pain

I know all about you

You couldn't say the same

Until next time

Look around the halls

Look at what you see

Let's just keep this between you and me


Manny pushed the SEND button before she could stop herself.

"WiltedRose, I like that." She said and went to downstairs to eat dinner.