Just Between You and Me

The next morning Manny woke up bright an early. She was in such a good mood. It was Friday! The weekend was practically here! I'm gonna make breakfast. She thought cheerfully, as she took her shower, brushed her teeth, got dressed, and went downstairs. It was 6:45. And no one was up but her.

"Even if heaven and earth collide tonight

We'll be all alone in a different light

I don't care what the world can see

Because it's just between you and me

If we don't work this out we won't recover

We'll lose this soulful love for one another

But with all I've heard and all I seen

I'm still lost in your mystery." She sung, while stirring the pancake batter.

"Shut-up." Called her older brother Keith, who was coming down the stairs covering his ears.

"My singing is not that bad."

"I see my baby sister's been bit by the love bug!" He teased taking out the orange juice and drinking from the container.

"That's disgusting you know that? We do have a thing called a drinking glass." He ignored her.

"Can you drive me to school today?"


"Why? We go to the same one. I'm tired of walking."

"I don't care."

"I'll tell Mama."

"Fine, but you're finding your own way home."

"Jerk." Manny muttered as Keith went to get dressed.

"I heard that!" He called from the stairs.


"Anything interesting happen in English, Miss Poetry?" Liberty asked coldly at lunch.

"No, not much, too bad you couldn't be there to see what was going on." Manny retorted.

"Manny!" Craig called from a few tables away, he was sitting with Ashley, Ellie, and Marco.

"I'll be right back." She told Emma.

"Hey, Craig, Ashley, Ellie, Marco, what's up?" She asked. They mumbled about nothing.

"Uh, Manny, could you meet me by my locker after school?" Ashley gave Craig a surprise look and then glared at Manny. Manny who was a little surprised herself nodded.


It was 3:01. Craig waited by his locker.

'Where could she be?' He wondered.

It's 3:03 and Manny was in the girl's bathroom checking her make-up. Okay, come on Manny, you're late! She scolded herself. She hurried to Craig's locker.

"I thought you weren't going to come." He said.

"Sorry, I got side-tracked. So, did you want to tell me something?"

"Oh yeah. I finally figured out who's been emailing me." Silence.

Uh oh, what do I say? Sorry? Wait, he didn't say it was me, why are you worried? He knows, you know he knows, but how could he, I never told him...

"Craig, I--" Craig shook his head.

"It's okay Manny. Let's just keep this between you and me."

The End.

a/n: This really is an old story of mine I wrote when I was like 12 or 13 which is why awesome is use a couple of times. Scary. I just wanted to fix a few things. When I story is dedicated to an ex boyfriend you know it's time to edit. lol. Well I hope y'all liked this lil piece of ancient history. (not really)

r & r always,