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There was a lot of sex or need for sex in the last story. Mostly Inu and Kag… (^_^ Okay, so I'm a mad sex writer too. Catch me if yu can! :-P) Shio, my OC was in Brownies and he's in this one too! ^ ^ He's a fox/dog demon who is Inu Yasha's best friend and he's earned a huge chunk of the shikon jewel…by playing "hide the magic egg roll" with women who possess them. (^_^ don't you just love my choice of words?)

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Sumiko is my new OC and very cute! ^___^ She's Shio's younger sister who is now in the form of an eleven year old girl. But things shall change…*insert evil cackle* oh yes they will….. Sashimi came back as a goddess and told her younger brother Shio that he needs to find a mate. I'm eating a porkchop! ^_^V

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I am now on a mission to bring Shio back to par!! *determined look* he's a lot different then when I first introduced him so I will work to make him like he was in lead the way and the hentai story!! BONZAI!! Naraku was turned into this freakishly kawaii little white monkey! ^_^V

Introduction.  Blue Spot

            "Kagome! Breakfast is ready! I've made your favorite!" Mama called up the stairs.

            "Okay! I'll be right down!" Kagome called from behind the bathroom door. She looked herself hard in the mirror and nodded. "Okay Kagome," she said to her reflection. "Time for the most important test of your life!!"

            She reached deep into her bra and held a home pregnancy test over her head. "Be strong Kagome!" she told herself and pulled down her panties. She had skipped a period and she knew there was something wrong. Inu Yasha noticed too because he couldn't smell her PMS…though that made him happy because the smell made him dizzy and sick to his stomach after a while. You see, that's why having a great nose is bad. (AN: I should know.; ;;;;;)

            And of course, she was reminded of the night where Inu Yasha was taken over by Sumiko's sex spell and screwed her senseless. (AN: ^_^ Like I said, you will love my choice of words….)

            So she ran home as fast as her vintage brown school loafers could carry her and "borrowed" a home pregnancy test from her mom.


            As she waited she silently pleaded, Please don't be blue! Please don't be blue! Please don't be blue!

            The color faded in.


            The car alarm of an SUV across the street went off. Souta actually looked up from his video game and while he was distracted, Garbon the Vicezoid K.O.'ed his fighter. "Aw jeeze!" he shouted in agrivation.

            Kagome's mom came running to the bottom of the stairs. "Kagome?! Are you okay in there sweetie??"

            Kagome jumped at the sound of her voice and shouted back quickly. "Yeah! I'm fine mom!!" she made a silent sobbing noise and looked back at the result. "Real fine." T_T

            A huge blue dot taunted her from the strip of white.

            "Out of all of my middle school tests, it had to be this one that I passed!" she complained out loud. What was she going to do about this one?? What would her mother say?? What would the kids at school say??? What would Jesus do??? What would Inu Yasha say????????

            She took a deep gasping breath and paced back and forth on the bathroom tile. "Stay calm, Kagome. Stay calm." Unfortunately, teen pregnancy causes you to talk to yourself….

            "If you can purify demons with an arrow, and use your futuristic logic to get your illiterate friends from the past out of danger……you can figure out how to get out of this with as little scrapes and booboos as possible!"

            "Kagome?" Souta knocked on the door.

            "What is it, Souta?? I'm trying to concentrate???" she snapped.

            Souta sweatdropped at how wrong that comment sounded and asked. "Who are you talking too?"

            "I'm talking to Bloody Mary! Can't a girl go to the bathroom in peace?!" she cried.

            "Sheesh! I was just wondering!" he said. She heard him go downstairs.

            "Think, Kagome, think!" she sat on the toilet seat and tapped her forehead a couple of times with her knuckles. "Okay…….first I'll tell my friends. They might be able to help me with school stuff……..then I'll tell Sango and Kaede. They'll be able to help me with explaining and cover up problems……..Inu Yasha….." she sweatdropped. "How could I ever tell him? He can't even handle my PMS, can't imagine what he'd do if I went walking around with a baby in me! I guess I'll have to tell him, otherwise he'll figure it out himself and I'm lunch meat." She looked down at her feet. "But there's also the problem with my mom. "

            Finally, someone came and turned the car alarm off.

            "But there's still the problem with my mom….how am I going to tell her? What if she'll treat me different? What if she won't let me go back to the feudal era?" she sighed. "Maybe I should tell Inu Yasha before I tell her. That way if she does get mad, she won't surprise him by trying to decapitate him when he comes to get me."

            Someone knocked on the bathroom door.

            "I'm in here!" Kagome called.

            "Kagome?" it was her mama. "Grandpa has to go to the bathroom, sweetie!"

            She sighed and opened the door. "Okay, I'm out."

            Grandpa rushed in and she walked passed her mom to the stairs.

            Mama gasped and screamed, "OH DEAR GOD!!"

            "What?!" ;;; Kagome asked.

            Mama pointed at the back of Kagome's skirt.

            Kagome contorted her waist to get a look and her heart sunk. She had forgotten to throw away the results, and the slip of paper was glued to her butt, blue spotted side up. Kagome spun around and ripped it off the back of her skirt. She laughed nervously and started, "Uh, well Mama, I can explain…." ;;;;

            "Who is it??" her mother shouted.

            "Huh?" Kagome looked at her nervously.

            "Who's the father!!? Who did this to my baby girl?!" she shouted and grabbed Kagome by the arms.

            "Was it that Sakimoto boy???"

            "Uh, no." ;;;;;

            "Was it that neighbor boy, Shirotsu????"

            "No." ;;;;;

            "Then it was HOJO!!!"

            "No..." Kagome gulped and closed her eyes. "It was Inu Yasha." ;;;;

            Mama's eyes suddenly widened.


            The car alarm of the SUV across the street went off again.

            "THANK GOD!!" Mama threw her arms around Kagome, lifted her in the air, and did little pirouettes down the hallway while laughing joyfully. Really not the reaction Kagome expected.

            "Ma-Mama?" ;;;

            "Yes my sweet angel dear?" ^_____^ ***

            "Did you hear what I said? I said Inu Yasha's the father!" ;;;

            "Why yes indeed I did hear! I am so proud of you, Kagome!" ^_____^ ***

            Kagome sweatdropped. "Um….why?"

            "You've finally given me what I've always wanted!" ^____^ she shrieked happily. "Dog eared grandchildren!!!"

            Kagome looked down at her a bit frightened. "How long have you always wanted-?"

            "Oh, Kagome!" ^___^ her mom hugged her again and gave a celebrated laugh. "If it were going to be with anyone, you couldn't have picked a better son in law!" ^_____^

            Kagome sweatdropped. She was more confused then relieved.



            A little girl skipped up a hill with a smile on her face and a song in her heart! ^_^

            She wore green, gold and white kimono play clothes. She was a kitsune/Inu with a big busy red and white tail and long reddish brown hair that she kept back with a white ribbon near the back of her neck. She carried a big sack over her shoulder and a little white monkey clung to her arm like an accessory. (Who was actually Naraku. Remember how the little monkey that's with Nobunaga looks? He looks like that! ^ _ ^)

            "We made a good haul, Chocolate! Kitty-chan will approve!" ^_^V she said to the little monkey.

            The white monkey glared at her.

            At the top of the hill was a huge mansion. "Kitty-chan! Sumiko is back from shopping!!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. "Kitty-chan!!"

            No answer came. She looked from left to right.

            "Where's Shio-sama, Chocolate?" she asked the little monkey – whom didn't reply.

            She darted around the side of the house carrying the sack on her shoulders which was twice her size. In the backyard, two soldiers where standing and facing the goldfish pond that Shio and Sumiko had installed a month or so ago. They noticed her and one of the soilders, who had a short topknot called to her, "Oi, Onna no ko!"

            Sumiko sprinted over to them and sat the bag down. "Hi!" she smiled up at them.

            "Konnichiwa. Are you Aka Sumiko?" the one with the chubby nose asked.

            "Yup! Sumiko-chan, thaaaat's me!" she said pointing at her cheeks.

            The two soilders exchanged looks and asked. "Can we ask you a few questions?"

            Sumiko smiled innocently up at them and shielded her eyes from the sun. "You're tall! Have you ever killed anybody?"

            The guards sweatdropped. Then the topknot one said, "Let's not get off subject. Are you the daughter of Aka Shio?"

            "Nope. Shio-sama doesn't have a daughter. Elder sister calls him a run-around pup!"

            The one with the chubby nose snickered behind his hand till the topknot guy asked. "Are you related to him at all?"

            "Of course not! I'm his little sister!" she smiled. Naraku rolled his eyes.

            The guards sweatdropped again then the topknot one asked. "Don't you have any other parents?"

            "Yeah! I have three! They live in the sky!" she pointed toward the clouds above them.

            The men looked nervous. "So you're all alone right now?"

            "Not right now. Right now, Sumiko is standing with two tall guys and Chocolate Monkey Man!" she patted Naraku on the head. "Otherwise, Sumiko is with Shio-sama, and we have lotsa fun!" ^__^ ***

            The chubby nosed one cleared his throat nervously and said, "Actually, we're here to take you to him. He is the slave of our princess now, and-"

            "No, no, no!" Sumiko laughed and waved her hand at them. "That's not true! Shio-sama doesn't believe in slavery! ^_^ Just friends."

            "He's a slave now."

            "Shio-sama is a free spirit!" Sumiko's smile grew a serious air to it. "Elder sister said, he's like a wild horse that can't be tied down!"

            "Little girl, you have to come with us! Shio isn't coming back and he wants you with him." The guards took a step toward her and she took a step back.

            "Shio doesn't want to be slave!" Sumiko's expression became a bit sterner. "If you're holding him against his will, Sumiko will be mad!"

            "Sumiko," the chubby nosed guard said.

            "We're not going to hurt you or Shio, we just-"

            "You're lying!" Sumiko frowned and pointed at them. "Shio's unhappy, and you need me to make him do things!"

            The gaurds sweatdropped. "How would you be able to tell something like that?" the topknot guard asked.

            "Sumiko knows! She can see it in the light of your eyes!" she shouted. The stars in her eyes brew brighter.

            She grabbed her sack and swung it over her shoulder. The chubby nosed guard charged forward to grab her but she hit him hard over the head with the sack and knocked him out.

            The topknot guard looked down at his bruised and battered partner. "What did you do???"

            Sumiko reached into the mouth of the sack and pulled out a moss covered rock. "Shio-sama collects medical fungi!" ^__^ she smiled.

            The man put his hand on the hilt of his sword and came at her. "Why you-!"

            Sumiko threw the moss covered rock at his face and knocked him out.

            "Mean old men!" she stuck out her bottom lip. She picked up the rock and put it back in the sack with the others. "Poor Kitty-chan." She sniffed the ground and found their scent. "Come on, Chocolate! Let's go find him!" she left the sack by the door and skipped off to find her brother.


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