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Chapter 29: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Sumiko sat up on his stomach, shook her head, and looked down at Shio. He lay on the ground in pain, dead to the world, with swirly eyes. "Thanks for breaking my fall, Kitty-chan!"

Everyone sweatdropped.

Mamori blinked a couple of times. "I like her, who is she?"

"That's Sumiko, Shio's little sister." Kagome explained.

"Ohhhh…." Mamori looked at the little girl in astonishment.

Sumiko sat facing Shio with one leg on each side of his ribcage. She looked at her compass which was making constant ticking sounds. Her eyes lit up with joyous light as she exclaimed, "Vitolitto is near by!!"

She waved the compass around the air above her watching the needle. Everyone watched her, confused but interested enough to watch and see just what it was she was up to. By paying attention, they might also get to see this 'Vitolitto' thing she kept talking about and searching for.

Suddenly, Sumiko looked down at Shio. "Alright, Bubby! Doorway found!" she tossed the compass of life over her shoulder. Luckily, Shippou was there to catch it.

Sumiko grabbed Shio and flipped him over onto his stomach causing him to moan painfully. Bending her elbow, she raised her hand above her head dangerously. With a dark cackle and a large happy grin, she laid her other hand aside Shio's head near his left ear. Shio turned his head a bit and looked up at her a bit frightened. He squinted from the pain of her landing on him in his bandaged condition. "S-Sumiko?" he asked weakly.

"Hya!" Sumiko drove her hand deep down Shio's right ear, probing for something and digging deep.

Shio screamed painfully and struggled to get up, but Sumiko was in her older form, and she held his head down with her other hand shoveing the side of his face into the earth. She was stronger then him. He clawed at the earth under him and tried to buck her off (he's very good at bucking) but even that didn't get her off.


"Hold still, Shio-sama!" she demanded above his screaming.

"IT'LL ONLY TAKE A SECOND SHIO-SAMA!" Then suddenly, she ripped out of his ear a long golden staff with spiral carvings going this way and that across it's cylinder sides. Hovering just above the tip of the top of the staff was an hourglass about the size of her hand. Though the hourglass only had regular white beach sand and a wooden base, there were two wings attached to the narrow middle. They flapped a couple times as if they were alive. Several small white lights erupted from the extracting of the staff, but otherwise, Shio's ear seemed pretty intact.

He had stopped struggling, but now clutched the ground shivering and whimpering loudly. Sumiko held it up in the air triumphantly and the sun reflected off of it's metallic sheen causing a glare. "Vitolitto is mine!" she exclaimed.

Everyone else looked on in awe at the staff but they were just as surprised at what just happened.

"Neat!" Inu Yasha pulled a disposable camera out of his shirt and snapped a quick pic.

"Impressive!" Kagome gasped. All of the girls in the group were in awe and blushing deeply.

"Sashimasu," Shin'yo whispered hoarsely. She dropped her staff and ran to the cold body of her deceased friend. The enchantress kneeled in the puddle of blood and held Sashimasu's corpse, crying into her curly silver hair. As the blood shallowed out near the edges of the puddle, it began to trace the cracks and separations in the white tile.

Shin'yo herself was despaired to a point where she didn't notice that the blood had seeped into her green robes like a they were coffee filters. From hugging her, the blood had covered the front of Shin'yo's robes as well including over the rounded belly of her unborn light child.

Sashimi hung her head, her silver locks of hair shadowing her eyes. Her mouth a thin line of tension.

"Sashimi?" Yukidaruma looked at her worriedly. What would happen to her now? After seeing something so horrible, she would probably never be her cheery self again. "Are – are you okay?" he asked uncertainly.

She sniffed, congested. Slowly, she lifted her head to look at him. Thin trails of tears ran down her smooth, young cheeks. Her bright eyes were now dim and sorrowful. They pierced his soul and terrified him. He had never seen her look this way.

Suddenly, Shin'yo moved to stand up, using her staff as a prop. So it was over. Sashimasu killed herself and being full of hatred, she would manifest herself as an angry spirit - unable to rest – wandering the earth for all of eternity….

"I think not." Shin'yo made a cross in the air with her staff then thrust the staff outward in front of her. The red crystals set into the staff head glowed brightly. A ringing sound vibrated through the air and a thin white light opened a doorway in the space in front of her.

The doorway became tall and wide. It was full of bright light. After a few moments, a beautiful woman stepped out. She had long, wavy black hair, snow white skin, and a beautiful ebony dress with pearls sown into the lace. She spoke clearly, "I am Sarrongon. What is your destination?"

Shin'yo answered her in an equally clear, yet commanding voice, "Death."

"So that is Vitolitto?" Kagome asked.

"Hai!" Sumiko cried rapturously. She hugged the staff, tracing the carvings with her thin fingers. "Isn't it beautiful?!" She ran her index finger down the side of the hourglass causing its tiny wings to flutter madly.

Shio whimpered in pain and Sumiko cast him a sympathetic glance. "Oh, poor Shio-sama," she held his chin and turned it to face her. His eyes were full of pain and his cheeks were slightly flushed. Sympathy aside he looked as though he had just orgasmed. "I'm sorry I hurt you, Kitty-chan," Sumiko apologized. She cupped her hand over his ear gently taking tender care not to bother the nerves. A white light misted the palm of her hand as she began to take away his pain.

"So what exactly does it do Sumiko?" Kagome asked reaching out to touch the staff. Sumiko whipped it away before she could touch it and she twirled it around. The little fox girl staked it's end into the ground next to her and pointed at Inu Yasha. "Dogboy, come on down!"

Inu Yasha's eyes widened slightly. "What? Why?!" He leaned away from her a bit. Whatever she was up to it probably wasn't good.

"You know why, sillyhead!" Sumiko laughed. Then she swallowed just before she said clearly and loudly in a voice quite like his, "Why is Inu Onna my daughter? Why was she born now? I mean if this had happened at a time where I wasn't so confused or in the middle of trying to figure out what I'm going to do about the future, I might have been ready! What am I going to do? I don't know what to do about Kikyo or Kagome…who am I supposed to choose? Die for Kikyo, or raise a baby I never had a choice about? What's right? Is making one of them unhappy inevitable? I'm so confused."

Inu Yasha looked at her with large eyes that were obviously gushing horror. He had a very small smile but it was a scared one. A very light blush glazed his cheeks. "Kami, you have a good memory." He said trying to sound like himself. His voice cracked every other syllable with nervousness.

Shio sat up softly rubbing his ear and watched Inu Yasha with a raised eyebrow of interest over the matter. "Déjà vu." He whispered in a low voice.

Sumiko plucked her staff out of the ground and spun it above her head a couple of times. Everyone backed away as a high pitched whistling sound began to vibrate through the air. Suddenly the older Sumiko's face hardened, her eyes narrowed in concentration. She grabbed the staff with both hands and pointed it forward. The hourglass filled with light. A stream of which created a large door that could fit ten people across appeared six or so feet away; radiating energy and filled with light. From the side of the light door facing Sumiko, stepped a boy with bright platinum hair cleanly cut around the nape of his neck. He was wearing a white and silver tuxedo as if he were from Kagome's time. He stepped through as if the light he stepped out of was made of plasma. He took a couple steps, dusting his tuxedo jacket off, then stood up straight.

He was about Shio's height at least before the boy put that top hat on. He looked up at Sumiko with beautiful silver eyes. She looked up at him with her large green eyes glittering. He raised sophisticated gloved hands to the front of his jacket. He held the sides of his collar and said, "I am Vitolitto. What is your Destination?"

Sumiko answered in an equally clear yet calm voice, "ANGEL BOY!!!!!!!"

Vitolitto's eyes widened slightly.

Sumiko threw herself at him, knocking the both of them over. "OMG!!! HI!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!! YOU'RE A LOT OLDER THEN YOU WERE BEFORE!!!" She hugged him rubbing her cheek against his with a large happy smile. He struggled and blushed and argued, "Get off!! This suit's expensive!!" His top hat rolled away.

Shio picked it up.

"I MISSED YOU ANGEL BOY!!!" Sumiko hugged him tighter and everyone heard several bones popping.

Then a shadow fell over the both of them. Sumiko and the breathless Vitolitto looked up to see Shio with his arms folded. A vein popped on his forehead and his right eyebrow twitched. "Hey dawg, I don't believe we've met."

Vitolitto made a choaking sound.

"Sumiko, why don't you introduce me to your little friend here?" Shio asked, sounding unusually tense.

Sumiko jumped back up taking the boy with her. "This is the angel boy, Shio! He helped me get my Vitolitto, he did!"

"Really?" Shio asked calmly.

Vitolitto and Shio's eyes never left each other. For some reason, Shio seemed to look taller then him at the moment.

"He's sweet, and pretty, and – gee, he was shorter and younger before, I don't know how he got like he is now, ya know -?" Sumiko went on.

Lightening cracked between their gazes.

The link was broken when Sumiko glomped him again. This time, she didn't knock the both of them to the ground. "What'cha doin' here, Angel boy?"

"I'm not an angel." He declared. "And I happen to be this height right now because this is the height I am supposed to be when you first get your staff." He raised an eyebrow at her. "You're a little cheater though. You found a way to make yourself look older. You weren't supposed to get your staff till you actually were 17 or 19."

"Yur so cute!" Sumiko hugged his arm, rubbing her cheek against his shoulder.

Shio glared at him and his eyebrow ticked again.

Vitolitto closed his eyes before he went on, "You haven't given your answer, Lady Sumiko – What is your destination?"

"Right!" she shouted before letting go of his arm. "Destination: Subconcious!"

"Righto," Vitolitto gave a short bow before turning back to the doorway. A platform appeared at the foot of the doorway, awaiting passengers. Vitolitto nodded his head forward, "After you, Mistress."

He caught another glare from Shio at the word "Mistress".

"Alright everyone, get on dat platform, der'!" Sumiko crowed as she did a carwheel out onto it.

Everyone just stared at her as if she were F-in cRazy! Oo

"What?" She asked.

"Not what," Sango said.

"Why?!" Kagome asked.

"Because! Destination: Subconcious guys!" she shouted enthusiasticly, as if that were enough to convince them to come aboard. "Come on, it'll be wild!"

"How wild?" Shio asked. "Party wild, or being pulled into a black hole wild?"

Sumiko rolled her eyes and declared, "That's not a good comparison Kitty-chan, both of them cause pain!"

"Yeah, but party-pain is a fun kind of pain! Pulled-into-a-black-hole pain is worse then death by $$-fck!" Shio exclaimed.

"This is really important! And it's not painful at all!" Sumiko shouted. When no one moved she turned to the most understanding person she knew. "Come on, Kagome! Don't you want to figure out who Inu Yasha likes better??"

Kagome looked at her surprised.

"Oh, sure, play that card!" Shio barked.

"Come on, Shio! I know that you wanna know too!" Sumiko said.

"I already do know! But I'll go along to see what the knowledge of the universe says." He stepped out onto the platform and put both hands on his belt.

Kagome stepped forward. She reached out to see what would happen to her if she passed through. Her white hand passed through the light unharmed, unaltered, as if it were a regular open doorway. She stepped through and squinted a little from the bright light. She shielded her eyes before turning around and looking back through. She shrugged. "Nothing. I'm fine!"

Miroku looked around before shoving Inu Yasha forward a little.

"What?? Don't push me, Monk!" the dogboy snapped. He picked up Inu Onna then stomped over and passed through the light boldly.

"I'm going too," Sango nodded to Kirara. With a mew, the kitty hopped onto her shoulder and they both passed through. Miroku followed suit. Shippou hopped onto his shoulder and gripped the monks robes.

"Fine! Leave me here!" Mamori shouted at them.

"Shio, go get her!" Kagome whacked him upside the head.

"Okay! Okay!" Shio stumbled out and went over to her.

"Don't touch me!" Mamori snapped at him as he approached. "I'd rather have the two-faced dogboy do it then you!"

"Calm down, I won't lay a hand on you – probably." He lifted her up and headed back to the portal as she struggled. "No! Put me down you sick bastard! I hate you!" she insulted him as she struggled.

"Well we can't leave an injured human female here for the demons to have their way with." Shio replied calmly.

"An injured human female? Why does it matter if I'm human or female??" she asked as the portal closed.

They waited in silence for a moment as everything around, below, and above them was white.

"Are we going to move?" Sango asked.

"We're moving right now." Vitolitto said. "Quite fast, too."

"I don't feel like I'm moving at all." Kagome declared.

"Do you ever feel the earth rotate?" he asked.


"Well this platform works in a similar way," He stated. "Special gravity balances work as an elevator under immense speeds so that you can stand comfortably instead of dying in the most horrible fashion imaginable."

Shio scoffed. "Dying in the most horrible fashion imaginable is death by $$-fck."

"Goo." Inu Onna said.

Inu Yasha raised an eyebrow at her. "What does that mean?"

"It means that she's not old enough to talk yet, Inu Yasha." Kagome replied.

"Yeah, but she's old enough to use word spells on me isn't she??" Inu Yasha loomed at Kagome. "I half blame you!"
"What?? Why?!" Kagome looked at him shocked.

"Shippou might have been the one who taught her how to say it, but you're the one who used it all the time! You…..word user you!!"

"Sit." Kagome said.


"Hey!" Vitolitto snapped. "Don't break the platform!! You jam it, you buy it!"

"Sorry." Kagome said, not really sounding sorry.

"Yeah sure." Inu Yasha grumbled glaring at her.

"Okay, we're here!" Vitolitto called. Another portal door opened up on the other side of the platform.

Inside was a huge metallic cavern. The middle of the cavern was a small lobby-like oasis. Narrow walkways led from the oasis to other doors and hallways carved into the cavern walls.

"This isn't actually the subconscious." Vitolitto declared. "This is the memory center. It's the closest place to the subconscious."

"Why didn't you just go to the subconscious then?" Sango asked.

"The subconscious is a mess!" Vitolitto said. "If I were to take everyone up there, at least half of you would get lost forever amongst the random thoughts."

"Well that already happened to Sumiko long ago." Shio pointed at her and she nodded in agreement.

Vitolitto turned to face Sumiko like a soldier, "My suggestion is, Mistress, that you take the hanyou and leave the others here while we go search. Though it will have to be quick."

Sumiko nodded before patting Vitolitto on the head. "Sound gude." -

Vitolitto glared dryly at her.

"Eh!" Inu Onna clung to Inu Yasha. It was unlikely that she understood the words they were saying, but she knew that her daddy was going somewhere.

Inu Yasha sighed and made like he was about to pull her off. "Come on Inu Onna, you gotta stay here with Kagome."

Inu Onna looked up at him with huge puppy dog eyes as big and water as lilly pads. Inu Yasha sweatdropped. He looked away and closed his eyes, "Eh, Kagome? A little help?"

"Come on now, baby!" Kagome came over and tried to get her off of him, "We have to stay here, Inu Onna…….. let daddy go with our nice friends……boy, she's got quite the grip there!" Inu Onna held fast to Inu Yasha's jacket.

Kagome wasn't about to yank her off of the jacket and risk injuring those wittle baby claws, but she didn't stop trying.

Shippou climbed up Kagome and onto her arm. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a squeaky toy shaped like a bone. He held it out under Inu Onna's little wiffer and squeezed it. 'Squee!'

Inu Onna's eyes went wide with interest. Shippou moved the squeaker over closer to him and Kagome and squeezed it again. 'Squee!' Inu Onna's eyes followed it. She let go of Inu Yasha without hesitation. Climbing back into Kagome's arms, she snatched the toy from Shippou.

Inu Yasha backed off dusting his jacket off looking back at his pup. Inu Onna held the toy up in a fond curiosity. She squeezed it. 'Squee! Squee!' then she stuck one of the corners in her mouth and bit down, 'SkeewEee!'

"Well that was easy." Kagome commented.

"Okay peoplez," Sumiko spoke up. "Stay right here, we'll be right back, okayz?"

"What are we supposed to do until then?" Shio asked her.

"For one," Vitolitto began as he walked over to Miroku, who was reaching out a hand toward the lining of a fountain in the middle of the oasis. The white stone that made the fountain had beautiful carvings depicting evolution, growth, and metamorphosis. Vitolitto smacked his hand away. "Don't touch ANYTHING!" he snapped.

Miroku just held his hands up in defense and backed away innocently.

Vitolitto glared at all of them threateningly. "NO TOUCHIE! And if anyone walks by, don't talk to them! Don't leave this area!" he warned as he backed toward the door from which they came. Sumiko pecked Shio on the cheek and gave them all a happy little wave before scampering after her new servant. Inu Yasha followed after giving his friends a second glance.

"So – what are we supposed to do if one of us needs to use the toilet?" Sango asked.

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