The One All About Ross and Rachel Disclaimer: Friends is mine! I wish, LOL. Nah, Friends ain't mine, and neither are the characters. If the characters were mine, boy, Ross and Rachel would have gotten together 19 years ago. Spoilers: None, I think Distributor: Don't please, until you ask me Pairings: Ross/Rachel (duh!), Chandler/Monica, Joey/Phoebe

A/N-This is only about the third Friends fan fic I have tried, so if I have portrayed people inaccurately, I'm sorry.

Here's the scoop-Chandler and Monica are still trying for a baby, Joey and Rachel never had feelings for each other or anything and Charlie doesn't exist, Joey and Phoebe don't want to admit it but they have feelings for each other, Ross and Rachel both still love each other (LOBSTERS FOREVER) but neither one thinks the other shares the love. That's pretty much it in a nutshell!

Chapter 1-The One where Ross's World Stopped

Ross Geller didn't try to stop the tears that rolled down his cheeks. Behind those double doors, the one person he would love till the day he died was in a coma. He turned around when he heard his sister's voice.

"Ross! There you are! Any news yet? We came as soon as we got your message." Ross could only shake his head. Monica gave her older brother a tight hug.

"Don't worry. I'm sure she'll wake up. Do you want me to do anything?"

"I, I need to call her parents. And Jill and Amy." Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe watched helplessly as Ross stood there looking so alone. All of a sudden, he lost it. Ross turned and banged his fist on the wall as he slid to the ground. Now that the tears were really flowing, there was nothing he could do to stop them. He sobbed silently.

"Why? Why Rachel? How did all this happen to her?" Monica sat down beside Ross and wrapped her arms around him. Quietly she pulled his head to her shoulder as she cried with him. She didn't know how long she sat there, but she looked up as Chandler came walking back towards the group with a doctor.

"Hello. I understand that you're Rachel's friends? Does she have any family here?" Monica wasn't sure what compelled her to say what she said in reply, but it felt right.

"Ross, my brother," she said, pointing to him, "He's her only family here."

"All right, but wouldn't that make you family too?"

"Um, yeah, I guess that would. My husband Chandler would be family, and then his brother Joey and Joey's wife Phoebe. Guess we're all one big happy family." "Well I want to know exactly what happened before I tell you how Rachel is." Monica glanced nervously at Ross. She couldn't answer, she'd only received Ross's brief message.

Monica: Hello, you've reached the Geller-Bing residence. Please leave your name and phone number and we'll return your phone call soon. May I remind you that the message should be brief? And don't start talking before the beep. Then we would miss part of your message. Ross: Mon, it's, it's me. I'm at the hospital. Rachel was hit by a car. Emma is at my apartment with Amy Green. Please, come soon and bring the others. She's, she's in a coma."

"Well, Rachel had just gone across the street to see if Chandler, Mon, Joey, and Phoebe wanted to go to dinner with us. She went over because Emma was crying and Rachel had a headache and Amy was there; I don't even remember why now. Anyway, I was looking out the window as she came back. A cab appeared out of nowhere and hit her sideways. She didn't even see it coming. I called 911 on my cell and ran out there." The doctor nodded, but he had a grim look on his face.

"Please, tell, tell me about Rachel. Can I see her?"

"Rachel's in a coma. She didn't suffer any internal bleeding or anything like that but she has four cracked ribs, which will heal in time. Her head was injured, but right now, we don't know to what extent. Her right tibia and fibula, that's her lower leg, were both fractured, but they weren't bad breaks. Right now, we just need to watch and wait to see if she wakes up. If she does, she might have brain damage, loss of memory, coordination, anything. We don't know yet. You can see her. I'm sorry."

"Oh God. I, I, I need to be with her. Can, can she hear me?"

"Some coma patients that wake up say they heard what was going on around them, others have no recollection. It can't hurt." Ross nodded, but now he wasn't really listening. The world had just come crashing down on his shoulders. He needed to have Emma in his arms. Then he glanced at his watch. She should be in bed.

"Monica, please call Amy. Ask her if she can stay there tonight to watch Emma. You, you can go home."

"No. No I can't Ross. I have to be here for you and for Rach."

"Well all of you don't need to stay. Really, Mon will stay with me. Please, go home." Although it was the last thing Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe wanted to do, they knew they were watching Ross go through emotional hell. "We can all stay at your apartment Chandler, and we'll get Emma," Phoebe suggested. Ross nodded. He didn't care anymore.