Please, allow me to clear the air before you begin reading. First off, Yami is mortal. Second off, Yuugi is mortal. They have Yuugi's little niece, Yumi that is now their adopted daughter since her parents died when she was five and eight. (Father five, mother eight.) If you read Once Upon a Day, you'll get the general idea.

This is a little talk about the birds and the bees, turning into a brief history lesson about Yuugi and Yami. Some laugh, some tears, lots of fluff and drama. Read on, my friends and demented readers alike. Don't forget to enjoy, and maybe even leave a review? Please?


"Otousan," Yumi asked, looking at her adopted father curiously in the chair across from her, "can I ask you a question?" Her eyes glimmered with a faint curiosity.

Yuugi swallowed his drink of coffee. "Of course Yumi. What is it?"

With her arms crossed quietly in front of her, she tilted her head to the side and opened her mouth to speak. "When was the first time you had sex?"

Standing in front of the sink, Yami lost his mouthful of orange juice, starring at Yumi with wide crimson eyes. "Excuse me?!"

Yumi frowned at the response.

"Yumi, y-you haven't. . ." Yuugi spluttered, face pale.

"No, nothing like that. But people I know at school are." She looked at her parents. "What is the right thing to do? I know the teachers are saying to wait, but it seems like everyone else just doesn't listen." Still, the fourteen year old teenager sat calm and collected, as if they were merely contemplating the cosmos.

"Yumi, there isn't anyone pressuring you to become active, are they?" Yami asked worriedly, almost ready to pummel whoever it was that had decided to try and get their hands on his daughter.

Yumi shook her head, but it was only half-hearted. "Not really, but I hear other people talking, and. . .I don't know. I feel kind of left in the dark for some reason." She turned to her role models. "What do you think? When was the first time you guys had sex? Were you just in junior high or high school too? Like some of the other people I've heard?" Her crimson-lavender eyes looked truly perplexed.

The crimson-eyed man at the counter rubbed his face, sitting down with a resolute sigh. "Well, always knew that this talk was going to come one day or another." He sat down next to Yuugi at the table.

Yuugi took a sigh, getting ready to explain all that she asked. "I was twenty, Yumi. I think it was on Christmas Eve." The lavender eyed man had on a goofy smile, remembering back twelve years ago.

She turned to Yami, who nodded in concurrence. "I, too, was twenty."

"You waited a long time. How many people have you ever been with," she asked, this time a little more delicately.

"One," Yuugi said firmly. Yami nodded again. "One."

"So you've only ever been with each other?"

"That's right," Yuugi confirmed.

"How long did you know each other before you decided?"

Both smiled faintly, thinking back to their childhood. "Well, we're one of those 'You've got to be kidding!' scenarios," Yami filled in.

"You mean like, just a few months?" Her stance was now a little more erect, listening with rapt attention. She'd never heard about her adopted parent's past before.

Yuugi shook his head. "Try since we were three."

Yumi's already wide eyes widened further. "You were three?! Both of you?"

Both shook their heads yes.

"It's really a bit of a funny story," Yuugi began, Yami snickering with memory.

"Yaoki, where on earth are you? Come here!" An overjoyed voice rang out amidst a home, looking to have been christened with the evidence of a young toddler running around. The woman who had just walked into the door stepped past an opened puzzle box on the floor, removing her shoes.

"Susan, there you are!" A petite woman with shimmering black hair came out from the kitchen, a small young boy standing shyly behind her and clinging to his mother's dress for protection. "You're late, dear! I was worried about you!"

The two women embraced around a young boy that was clutched by the one named Susan.

"Yaoki, here's my pride and joy I told you all about, Yami." The black-haired woman looked on with radiant lavender eyes, smiling with love and glee at the little boy, then moving to shock. "Susan, you didn't tell me he looked like that!"

Bending down and picking up her own toddler son, Susan saw for the first time her best-friend's little boy. "That's Yuugi?"

The two women looked back and forth at the little boys. Susan's son, Yami, donned hard crimson eyes, even for his age, and unruly spiked black hair tipped in vibrant ruby. Golden bangs crowned his face. At three years old, his Egyptian heritage was highly prominent, dusky bronze skin chubby with baby fat. He sat quietly in his mother's arms, attention now captured by the other little boy in Yaoki's arms.

Yuugi was clutching at his mother, his own spiky black hair slightly frayed from his short romp outside. Shimmering golden bangs only partially hid his wide, violet eyes, sparkling with childish innocence. One could tell that, unlike the other boy who looked like him, he inherited some Japanese parentage, chubby pink skin mostly a soft alabaster.

"Unbelievable," Yaoki breathed, looking between the two.

Susan laughed. "And who says we're not sisters after all, my friend?"

Forgetting the uncanny resemblance, the Japanese woman put her child down as her friend did, and the two walked into the kitchen, talking.

Yuugi looked at Yami cautiously after the two mothers had left ear shot. "Ko'ni'chiwa," he said softly.

Yami turned his head slightly. "Hi." He blinked.

"You like puzzles," Yuugi asked. The little boy with crimson eyes shook his head yes. Yuugi smiled. "Come on!" Quickly, he grabbed a dusky hand and dashed off towards his bedroom.

"Just like that, you met?"

"That's right," Yami said, now with a new glass of orange juice.

"Did you two get along at first?"

Yuugi scratched the back of his head. "Actually, we got along so well, it peeked the interest of not only my mother, but my grandfather as well."

Sugoroku watched on silently as the two boys in the living room sat and worked on a complex puzzle.

'Three years old, and the two are already working on puzzles teenagers couldn't grasp. Simply amazing,' the older man mused to himself.

Although he said nothing, he looked at the two curiously. All day long, Yuugi had been dragging Yami along, choosing whatever activity he saw fit for the moment. Yami, the whole time, had been quiet, patient, and completely willing. For a brief moment, it reminded him of the way a little boy would act with a girl he really liked. Play dolls with her even though he thought they were silly, maybe even go as far as to play dress up.

In rare occasions at least.

Both sat squarely in front of the puzzle on the coffee table, arms intertwined as they placed piece after piece in its appropriate place.

"Hey there, Otousan. How are you doing?" The soft voice of his daughter chimed in his ears, and he turned to see her walking up to him from behind.

"Have you seen your son lately?" He nodded his head to the living room. "Take a look."

The woman sighed, looking on past her father. "Very close, aren't they? Do you think it could mean anything? I. . I don't know." Her voice faltered slightly. "I've never seen little boys play so closely before. Normally they play things that are, well, a little more violent. Cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, racing. . .this doesn't seem exactly normal, does it?"

Sugoroku shook his silver his. "Not that I've never seen. You know Susan, though. Even if she noticed, I don't think she would think anything else of it."

Yaoki sighed. "She is my closest friend, and yet there are things sometimes that I wish she would see."

The old man nodded his head. In the living room, Yuugi laughed softly, resting his head on Yami's little shoulder as he scrutinized the puzzle laid out before them.

"So, even when you were little, you two connected," Yumi observed. "Did you live next to each other or something?"

Yami frowned. "I'm afraid not. The last time I saw Yuugi was just before I turned four. You see, my family had to move because my father got transferred again to America. That was why we had moved in the first place."

Yuugi laughed. "Do you remember what happened that last time we saw each other?"

The fourteen-year old girl watched intrigued as the two started to laugh with each other. "What happened?"

"Well, it's something that enabled me to remember him the next time we met," Yuugi began.

Yuugi stood happily in the living room, eating his ice cream like he wasn't supposed to. He couldn't help but giggle. Okaasan always told him that he had to eat in the dining room or kitchen, but today he managed to slip past her.

"Yes!" Yami exclaimed next to him, snapping the last puzzle piece into place. "We finished!" He held up his own ice cream cone like a trophy.

Yuugi looked on proudly at the picture on the puzzle. Two kittens had fallen out of a basket of yarn. Shaking with happiness, he ran up to give Yami a hug, accidentally causing the two of them to fall over, right on to the puzzle.

"Gyaa!!!!" Yami cried, rolling over to push Yuugi off of himself. Something cold and wet felt like it was sticking to his chest. Slowly looking down, the little boy was horrified to see his favorite shirt, black proclaiming 'DARKNESS' in hieroglyphs, covered in ice cream. Along with the sniff that escaped from him, Yuugi choked back on a sob.

"M-my kitty puzzle," Yuugi cried weakly. Looking down, Yami could see between his oncoming tears that they're hard worked bits of cardboard were coated in a melting, sticky substance.

Ice cream.

The two looked at each other, lips trembling.

Yaoki was in the midst of saying goodbye to her best friend when suddenly a sharp cry greeted her ears. The two looked at each other worriedly. "THE BOYS!" they cried.

Making a mad dash to the living room, the two were ready to defend they're children, but stopped when they found the two sitting on the floor, embracing each other, crying.

"What happened," Susan asked. Yami looked up at his mother with sorrowful eyes. "M-my favorite shirt! I-it. . . it's wrecked!" he cried. His sobs became harder, and he clutched at Yuugi tighter.

"Yuugi," Yaoki tried. Her son looked up at her with tear filled violet orbs. "My kitty puzzle," he wailed, crying into Yami again.

The Japanese woman felt the corners of her lips pull up, and she looked at her friend Susan who was also trying vainly to stifle the oncoming giggles.

It didn't work. Together, the two mothers couldn't help but laugh, sharing one last good time before the two had to separate for goodness only knew how long.

Yumi couldn't help but smile. "Your kitty puzzle," she asked incredulously. Yuugi bristled with his oncoming defense. "I really liked that puzzle! We spent a lot of time on that thing!"

Yumi giggled, and Yami merely grinned.

"What do you mean, it helped you to remember him the next time you met," Yumi asked.

"Well, the next time we saw each other, we were already in high school," Yami stated.

Yuugi sat slumped in his desk, waiting patiently for the bell to ring. The faster class got started, the faster he could get out and go home.

"Hey, gi' me dat!" Yuugi's best friend Jonouchi wailed behind him, attempting to retrieve his crumpled notebook from Honda.

"What do you mean, you did your homework? Jonouchi Katsuya, actually try to keep up in class? Man, don't make me laugh!"

"Come on, Honda, just give it back," the girl, Anzu, sighed.

For a moment, all of the talking died down, and it seemed that all heads turned around to the door where, without a doubt, a taller, darker, and seemingly older Yuugi stood, looking quite lost. His crimson eyes scanned the area around him.

"Pst," Yuugi heard from behind him. It seemed that Jonouchi had finally sat down. "Hey, Yug', you know dat guy?"

Yuugi shook his head. "I don't think so."

The said male walked up to the teacher's desk, still looking like he had been dropped into an alien world. "Excuse me, but is this Chemistry 101?" Yuugi, much like everyone one else that heard him speak, was surprised to hear such a deep voice resonating from the rather small figure.

The teacher nodded. "It sure is. Are you my new student?"

The boy nodded. "Hai, Yami Takachi."

"Take a seat, Mr. Takachi. Anywhere is fine."

Nodding, he turned around and, for the first time, saw Yuugi siting in his seat. Walking slowly forward, he eyed Yuugi, frowning in thought. "Have we met before. . ." Yami asked.

Yuugi looked up at him, eyes searching Yami's face for something. . .anything. . .

"Hey," he started. "I. . .y. .you're the one that ruined my kitty puzzle!" Yuugi jumped up to meet the new boy face to face.

Comprehension dawned on Yami's face. "Of course, and you're the one that ruined my favorite shirt!"

Jonouchi fidgeted as the two starred at each other, looking like an all our war was about to break loose. Everyone else looked on in concern, or in excitement for the prospect of a fight.

Yami saw the grin spread across Yuugi's face, and suddenly the teenage boy was latched around him, laughing maniacally. "Gods, I thought I'd never see you again! I was so sad when Okaasan said I'd never see you anymore!!"

Yami laughed as well. "It's been a long time! Still doing puzzles?"

"Oh, you bet! You should come over after school, there's this new one my Ji-chan brought over all the way from Egypt!"

Yami brought Yuugi to arms length, looking him in the eye. "Really, Egypt?" Yuugi nodded vehemently.

"Eh, you two know each other?" Jonouchi broke into their little reunion. Yuugi turned around and smiled.

"Jonouchi, this is my very best friend, Yami. We haven't seen each other since we were almost four. Speaking of which," he turned back around, sitting in his seat, and Yami sitting in the one in front of him, still looking at Yuugi. "How was America?"

"Wow, what a coincidence, huh?" Yumi asked.

"A lucky one, if you ask me," Yuugi stated.

"So, if you two simply started out as friends, when did you realize that you were in love?"

Yuugi blushed, despite his age. Yami gave a small cough, turning his head slightly. Yuugi sighed. "Oh, sure, let me spill the beans, eh?"

Yami smiled. "That's why I'm still with you." He grinned and winked. Yuugi snorted.

"Well," he started, clearing his throat in the process. "We basically picked up where we had left off. We didn't realize the true depth of our affections for a little while, but everyone else sure did."

Jonouchi sighed, looking at his good friends as they went to their locker for the morning. It wasn't possible. Simply wasn't possible. To be that close, and that oblivious?

Not. Real.

Yuugi was in the process of pulling a health book from his locker, Yami standing closely behind him.

'Wonder who they're going to the dance with on Friday,' the blonde thought wryly to himself. Ever since Yami had started going to their high school, he was never out of arms length of Yuugi. Everyday after school, it was now his routine to go home with Yuugi. Weekends, a bed was prepared for him and he'd be at Yuugi's house, watching B-rated movies and eating popcorn. His mother just figured he was being sociable. Jonouchi, along with a few other people, suspected otherwise.

A small girl walked past him, one of the little cute ones with soft brown hair and doe-brown eyes. Cute, small, frilly, freckles, someone everyone loves.

'Uh, oh. She's in for it now.' Jou saw it coming from a mile away.

Tentatively, she walked up next to Yuugi giving one of those smiles that just makes the room a little bit more brighter. "H-hi," she started. Her eyes were clearly directed at Yuugi.

Yami's steely crimson eyes narrowed, a lithe arm wrapping tightly around Yuugi. He seemed to be practically snarling at the girl.

"Hello," Yuugi blinked, seemingly unaware of Yami's vicious actions.

"I. . . uh. . ." she took one more look at Yami. "I have to go." And quickly she dashed off down the halls.

Yuugi looked on confused. "What's her problem?" Yami seemed to stop glaring at everything, shrugging himself. "Beats me." He shook his head as Yuugi slammed their shared locker shut, the two heading off for class. And Yami still had his arm around Yuugi.

'It just ain't normal,' Jonouchi sighed to himself.

Yumi sat for the first time that afternoon, stunned silent, and her mouth in a silent 'O'. "Did…did it stay that way for a while?"

"It eased up a bit after we realized what we were doing," Yami stated. "But because society just never talked about such relationships, the thought that it could be between the two of us never really occurred."

"Let me guess," Yumi started. "Except on that one fateful day."

"Hey, she's good," Yuugi grinned. "Well, if you really want to know. . ."


Well. . . .would you?