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Talks of the Past

"It was nearing the end of summer, as I recall," Yuugi began. "We were due into college at the end of the week, and Yami had been moving our things into our shared dorm room. I was stuck making food for everyone at manning the game shop that day, and it was hotter than hell…"

Yuugi sighed, using his forearm to wipe a bead of sweat from his forehead. The warm water in the sink swished as he washed the plate in his hand. His grandfather had always been the old-fashioned type, not liking dishwashers and the spots they left behind on glasses. Thus, leaving all of their dishes, pots, and silverware to be cleaned by hand.

Normally, Yuugi would call in Yami to help him, but his significant other had been moving boxes and furniture all day long, bearing with the heat and the humidity of the day.

He turned on the faucet and rinsed the plate, carefully setting it into the strainer.

Footsteps sounded behind him, and Yuugi recognized the steady beat as that of Yami's. He'd had a hard day, the air conditioner deciding to take a dive.

Yuugi heard him reach for a glass in the cupboard, then filling it with a substantial amount of ice. The young man rinsed a glass, putting it in the strainer. Yami came back over, his hip pushing Yuugi out of the way as he got some water from the sink.

Now Yuugi could see the tired expression on Yami's face, covered in perspiration, but still. It did not excuse him from pushing Yuugi aside like that. Yuugi didn't care how tired one was, they could still use some manners.

And so, using his hip, he pushed back against Yami's side, now grabbing the other's attention. Yami looked up a bit startled, as if he had not seen Yuugi there, and a bit disgruntled at being moved.

Looking pointedly at Yuugi, he pushed back.

Yuugi, standing up for his short stature, dipped his fingers into the dishwater, flicking droplets onto Yami's face. Yami look shocked, never breaking the gaze. Bending over slightly, he dipped his own fingers into the water, flicking droplets onto Yuugi's face.

Yuugi silently gasped. The nerve! Here he was, minding his own business, doing the dishes, then here comes Yami thinking he can push Yuugi out of the way just because he's been working harder all day.

All right, so some of it was mere ramblings inside of the young man's head, no doubt induced by the heat and the stress of the move, but still. He wasn't going to put up with this.

Yuugi put his own hand in the water, in turn splashing a rather large amount onto his partner's black leather shirt.

Yami, eyes wide, mouth agape, stumbled back slightly, looking at his shirt aghast. "I…you…" he couldn't form the words.

Reality seemed to dawn on Yuugi, and he looked on sheepishly, an impish grin on his face. He hadn't meant to do that, but hell, it was funny!

"Why I ought'a. . ." Yami dove for Yuugi who had, just in the nick of time, dodged to the left. "Get back here you little imp!" Yami called. "You're gonna pay for that!"

Yuugi ran around the kitchen, laughing like an idiot. "Serves you right!"

"That's my leather shirt you got all wet! It'll be ruined!" Yami made another dive for Yuugi around the table, missing again.

"Tell me, love, what does a cow do in a rainstorm?" Yuugi laughed again, making yet another expert maneuver.

Yami growled. "That's not the point!"

Finally, Yuugi let out a meek 'EEP!' when Yami finally got a hold of him, wrestling to keep his hold.

Oh, the joys of tickling.

"No, Yami, no! Stop! Stop!" Yuugi broke into a fit of giggles, struggling against his captor. "No…I…hehehee…I GIVE!" He managed to bellow. "I give! Uncle! Uncle! Hehehahahahaa…"

Yami smiled smugly, standing up and pushing Yuugi up against the counter. "You give?"

Flushed and extremely hot, he nodded emphatically. "I swear, Yami Takachi. Sometimes, you're a pompous, self-righteous, arrogant little…" his ranting was cut short when Yami silenced him with a heated kiss.

Yuugi felt warm arms wrap around his back, pulling him closer to the sensuous confines of Yami's leather clad chest.

He purred a little, inclining his head when long fingers tickled at his hairline. Yami seemed to be tugging a little at his collar. Did he want Yuugi to take his shirt off?

Yuugi gasped as cold water began to seep down his back. "Bastard!" He huffed, trying vainly to adjust to the cold temperature that his skin was currently being exposed to. Yami had grabbed the spray hose and put it down Yuugi's shirt, using the kiss as a distraction to get water down Yuugi's back.

Yami laughed, deciding now was a good time to leave the kitchen.

"I don't think so! You're not getting off the hook that easily, Yami!" He tackled Yami from the backside to the kitchen floor.

"No! I'm sorry!" Yami wailed, realizing that Yuugi, when severely pissed, could be as bad as Satan when it came to getting even.

"You're a terrible liar, Yami!" The two started wrestling across the floor, knocking into the chairs, table, and cabinets.

It wasn't long before the two were giggling madly, going from tickling and rough housing to visible displays of affection.

Yuugi, now pinned and breathless on the floor, was enjoying a kiss when he heard an audible gasp from the door.

Looking up, Jou stood there with his mouth slack.

"Uh, hey Jou," Yami began, not bothering to get off of Yuugi.

Jou stood silent for a moment, digesting what he was seeing. Then suddenly he blinked, shook his head, then removed his shoe and clonked it over Yami's head.

"Hey, what was that for?" Yami asked incredulously.

"It's about damned time! What da hell took you guys so long?" He put his bag of groceries on the table.

"What do you mean, Jou?" Yuugi sat up, tugging at his shirt because it was sticking to his back.

"What do I mean? You guys have been all over each other since high school, and ya only now noticed and started kissin'? What the frick?"

Yuugi smiled. "You're not angry?"

Jou snorted. "Dude, if I thought you was doi'n somth'n wrong, I'd a told ya ages ago."

Yami smiled. "Jou, we've been dating since we were juniors in high school. We just haven't told anyone else yet except Ji-chan."

The blonde man blinked. "Really?"

"Really, really."

Jou blinked again. "Well it's about damn time!"

Yumi laughed. "I always said I liked him." She looked pointedly at Yami. "That was a dirty trick, you know."

Yami shrugged. "It seemed fitting for the moment."

"When did everyone else find out? You know, Mai and Shizuka and Honda?"

"Well, Mai found out next, and that was the night we'd moved into our dorm," Yami began. "That was the first time we'd met her."

Yuugi slumped onto his new bed, face first. Gods, this was stressful. And tiring. And time consuming.

Hmm. His pillow smelled good. Yami's cologne.

"Hey, you can't sleep yet, It's a Friday night!"

Yuugi turned his head, glaring at Yami standing in the open doorway. Inching his hand up ever so slowly, he gave Yami the middle finger.

Yami smiled. "Yes, I agree. Sleep does sound like a much better idea." Walking over to the bed, he plopped down on top of Yuugi, causing the shorter to go 'umph!'

"Don't you have bed of your own?" he asked.

"No, Yami-kun! Don't sign up for a two-bed dorm! It'll be cheaper if we share a bed!" Yami mimicked Yuugi's voice from last spring.

"All right, all right! So it was my idea. Are you complaining? Cause ya know, if ya are, I'm sure that couch gets pretty lonely at night."

Yami flipped Yuugi over, leaning in closely. "Now don't you go start making threats. I know where you sleep at night." Giving Yuugi a kiss, he started tickling the young man's sensitive sides.

Yuugi started giggling madly.

"Mittomonai kara, bakawari wa yamenasai."

Yuugi and Yami both stopped, looking up at the sound of a woman's voice. "Oh, sorry," Yami began. "I forgot to close our door."

The woman standing in their doorway, long blonde hair and lavender eyes glimmering, smiled and waved it off. "No, it's okay. Just thought I might let you know."

Yami stood, walked over and extended his hand for a shake. Yuugi joined him. "Yami Takachi."

"Mai Kujaku."

Yuugi shook her hand as well. "Yuugi Motou."

"Good to meet you," she smiled.

Pounding down the hall captured their attention. "Mai! There ya are! I been look'n all over for ya!"

The woman smiled as a blonde haired male came pounding up next to her, flushed and out of breath. "Oh, hey Yug! Hey Yami! I see ya've met Mai."

"Indeed," Yami said. The adoring gaze Jou gave to the woman was not missed by Yuugi and Yami.

"Say, maybe you two would like to meet a couple of guys I know," Mai began, focusing her attention on the two in the dorm room again.

"Oh?" Yuugi asked.

"Yeah. I know not too many people here are like you guys, maybe you could talk for a while. They're names are Ryou Amai and Bakura Shinjin. I think you'll get along well."

"We'll keep our eyes out for them," Yuugi nodded, smiling as they said they're good-byes.

Closing their door, Yami grinned. "I think I have a good idea what Jou will be doing for the next few days."

"And what's that," Yuugi asked, getting ready for bed.

"Making a baka out of himself trying to impress that girl."

Yuugi laughed. "She'll like him once she sees the human side of him."

Yumi raised an eyebrow. "Two down, four to go."

~ * ~

*Yawns* Hmm. . .so tired. Must go to bed. *snores*


Mittomonai kara, bakawari wa yamenasai: Stop laughing like an idiot; it's unseemly.