///////Treasured Heart////////

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So yeah, the preview says it all. I'm too lazy to translate the Japanese, if you want to know what it means, ask me or someone else.. And about the fic, I am DEFINITELY gonna continue this, because I've had this idea for a while now. Originally, it was going to be a Digimon fic, but I'm all into Naruto now, so YES..

I shall stop my pre-fic ranting and let you read the fic ^_^ (Wow, you get a Prologue, Chapter One, and additional insert, lucky you!)

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//////////////PROLOGUE - A NORMAL KONOHA DAY/////////////////

It was a normal day in Konoha Village. Gossip was spreading at the normal, quick pace of itself, chattering mouths were repeating and warping any bit of hidden information they could get their hands on. Really, The Gossip was a sick thing, as it built and destroyed reputations that were meant to remain how they were. People that have never heard of a topic could suddenly get intimately involved, and views on them would change until the truth came out.

...Which hardly happened.

A town that thrives on gossip, which runs so richly through the townspeople. No wonder Uzumaki Naruto was hated so much. Rumors started twelve years ago that stated the demon fox thrived within the boy's body. People, informed by gossip, viewed Naruto as the demon itself. The Fourth Hokage had meant for Naruto to be shown as a valliant hero who had sacrificed part of his existence to share with and contain a demon. But when he had dissapeared, only the gossip and rumors of him remained.

But now this is straying into the past. Let's view the now of Konoha, and keep alive with the gossip.

Subject One: Yamanaka Ino. Age, 12; Gossip Meter, Queen. It's rumored that she makes up half of the gossip at her school.

"Ne, have you heard the Hokage's more recent discoveries on these weird charms we have?" Ino asks, holding up a small, golden heart on a delicate chain. The heart, though, seems to have been crudely cut through the center.

"No, I haven't... Tell me!" A hyper gossiper, two years younger than our Ino, eagerly follows Ino's stories.

"He said that they're some sort of way to find your soul mate! Isn't that romantic?"

A sigh is heard. "Yes. Wouldn't that be wonderful is my soul-mate was a cute boy?"

Ino laughs. "He also noted that when you're with your soul-mate, you'll have a totally calm feeling if there's nothing else happening. You'll feel happy, and content."

"What if Sasuke-kun is your soul-mate?" Giggles. "You feel calm around him, don't you?"

"Well, yes.. Unless he's looking at me. Then I feel like I'm going to melt." Ino laughes along with her friend.

"Hokage-sama also said that they're called 'Ainoki', meaning Feeling of Love." Unknowingly for Ino, her information about the Ainoki was correct, and was going to be spread throughout the school during three class breaks, and the village in a day.

//////////////CHAPTER I - MORE GOSSIP////////////// Sasuke no POV

All this talk about soul-mates is making me sick. I hear all the girls fantasizing over me, and it makes me feel like skipping lunch for the next day or two. Since when was the school all lovey-dovey? It's not anywhere near Valentine's Day..

Sighing I head for my third class. There's a trail of girls following me, which happens every day. Strange, there are only about forty of them today. What the crap is happening to the school?

As I enter my class, there are already students chattering excitedly about the Ainoki. Some people are even asking others to see if their Ainoki fit.

I sighed and looked down at my own 'Ainoki' hanging from my neck. It was smaller than the average one, and the heart side was smooth, while the 'ripped' part seemed sharp enough to cut something. It seemed as if these Ainoki were keys to the heart, ne? So they could be easily renamed 'Ai no Key', right? Yeah, that's a funny one, Sasuke...

I guess you can see why I like to keep myself mysterious. I don't have the best sense of humor.

Finally, the last bell rang, making the class's volume go down- a bit. Iruka sensei walked in, a broad smile on his face. Everyone paused to look at the giddy sensei, who usually started blabbing on about the lesson right when he entered the door.

Iruka made his way to his desk and sat down, and for a minute stared at the desk. Then he blushed, realizing the class was there. Standing up, he cleared his throat.

"So, what do you want to talk about today?" He asked casually. He kicked his legs up on his desk and leaned back in his chair. I leaned forward in my chair- this was starting to get exciting.

Some girl raised her hand. "Iruka-sensei, what happened?" Iruka tilted his head to the side.

"I'm giving you a free day. If you don't want it, we can review correctly using chakra." The class sighed, still wondering what had happened to their sensei.

"If that's the case," The same girl spoke up again, "Then can we talk about the Ainoki?" Iruka's eyebrow rose.

"Where'd you hear about that? I only was informed this morning." The girl shrugged.

"That's not the point, sensei. Can we talk about it? There's nothing else to talk about..." She broke off. Iruka sighed, then nodded, and went back to daydreaming.

Immediately the class became alikened to a group of rabid fangirls. People were talking everywhere, whispering and shouting.

Haruno Sakura walked up to me. I just looked at her, and offered no welcome as I always do. But we've known each other for so long that she took that as enough of a welcome, and sat by me.

"Sasuke, my birthday party is tomorrow. Do you want to come?" Of course, she would give Naruto and me short notice because we didn't have anyone to tell us no. If we wanted to go, we'd be there. I've been hearing about her party for the past week, and people are saying there's going to be lots of 'after bedtime fun' there. Personally, I don't care much for action, but I'd go for Sakura- she was my friend.

"I'll check my schedule. What do you want?" Sakura almost beamed. That was my way of telling her 'of course I'll come'.

"Just something that you think everyone else won't get me." I smiled, which if viewed by a normal person would look like a small twitch. Tomorrow it was expected to snow so I'd have to bring warm clothes.

///////////////SAKURA'S PARTY LIST///////////////

Guests: Sasuke-kun!, Naruto, Ino, Shikamaru, Tenten-senpai, Hinata, Neji-senpai, Chouji, Gaara, Lee-san

Games: Pee Game, Poker, Strip-Poker, Spin the Bottle, Truth or Dare,

Note: I should find some game with the Ainoki now that we know what they are

Refreshments: Chips, Ice Cream, Soda, Chip Dips, Pizza