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//////////////CHAPTER 4 - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!///////////////// Sasuke no POV

Hinata was right, everyone was already in a circle, ready to play Spin the Bottle. As we approached the group, Shino and Gaara made room for us to sit.

"Alright then, let's start!" Sakura said enthusiastically. She brought a full bottle of beer in front of her, and began explaining the rules. "Whoever it lands on when you spin it has to drink the whole bottle with you, and after you're done you have to kiss them for AT LEAST ten seconds. Got it?"

Neji spoke up. "But aren't we underage?"

Sakura glared at the white-eyed boy. "If you want to leave, you can." She then addressed the whole group. "Anyone who's 'underage' tonight can leave." No one moved a muscle.

A minute later, "Good. Let's start then. The first one to spin will be...." Sakura looked around the circle. Her eyes stopped at Neji. "Neji-senpai." Sakura gave him the bottle.

"Why me?" Neji wondered aloud, so softly that I almost missed his remark. He put the bottle on the floor and gave it a good spin. The bottle began slowing, and it appeared as if it would stop on Hinata.

"Sasuke-kun." Sakura said, after the bottle had stopped. I felt a cold, prickly thing on my back. I had to share a beer with Neji, AND kiss him?

But then another thought struck me. If I didn't like girls, this was my chance to see what kissing a guy was like. Suddenly I was glad that the bottle had landed at me.

Neji opened the bottle and took the first swig. He appeared to act bored, and after a few moments handed me the beer. I tried to do the same as him, but I found that the liquid hurt my throat. I took tiny gulps until Neji took it away from me again.

After we had finished the beer, Sakura spoke up. "Now you have to kiss, otherwise we all get to do something bad to both of you." I was idly wondering what sort of 'bad' things Sakura would do when Neji pressed his lips against mine.

"Mmph.." A spark shot through my stomach at the first contact.

"Time's up." He said simply, and went back to his place on the circle. A light red was covering my cheeks, and I nodded dumbly. Man, kissing a guy was a whole lot more enjoyable then having Ino smother you with her lips.

Sakura handed me another full bottle of alchohol, and an idea came to me. 'I can use my chakra to make it land on a certain person..' A smile spread across my lips.

'A certain blonde dobe.'

I tried to hide my excitement and set the bottle on the ground, thinking quickly, and attaching a loose string from my pocket to the bottle. Casually, I looked around to see if anyone had caught my action. Mostly everyone was talking to Neji.

I gripped the string tightly in my hand and leaned forward to give the bottle a spin. Right when it started spinning I emitted a small ammount of chakra into the string. The bottle's rotation was bending to my will. On the inside an insane laugh began to boil up inside of me. I grew spiky teeth and began to laugh like a crazed person for ten minutes until my throat died, and the bottle stopped.

...Just kidding.

But I was thinking along those lines and I slowly made the bottle come to a stop. Right on Naruto..

The blonde looked mad. "Damnit, why do I have to kiss Sasuke!?" He murmered before standing up. Okay, THAT one hurt my feel-goods. But nonetheless, Naruto stood up and drank with me the beer.

The best damn beer of my life.

I decided that this time I'd be the one to begin the kiss. A small smile grazed my lips- until I saw the pissed-off look Naruto was giving me.

"Deme!! You drank the last swig of the bottle!! I was actually enjoying that alchohol until you had to go and-" I grabbed Naruto's shoulders and glared into the bright blue orbs that were his eyes to stop his complaining.

"Shut up and kiss me, dobe." I clumsily pressed my lips against Naruto's, and a small squeak emitted from his throat while the two of us tried to adjust to the feeling of another guy's lips against our own.

Naruto squirmed.

I wonder what he would do if I tried to ever-so-slightly add some tongue? Slowly, ever-so-slowly, I began to suckle on Naruto's lower lip, just begging for something more.

Then, something hard hit me on the cheek.

"Bastard!! You pervert!! That was over ten seconds!" Naruto shook his hand which had recently been used as a weapon. My face stung. Sakura handed Naruto a beer bottle. I was ready to cry.

----- Naruto no POV

The cold bottle shook in my heated hand. I was mad at myself. Not only had I just been kissed by my number-one rival, I hadn't felt anything bad about it! Of course I squirmed, but one should know NOT to suprise Uzumaki Naruto like that!

I was pissed. I needed more alchohol.

I dropped the bottle on the ground, happy that it didn't break. Giving it a small kick to spin it, I stepped away from the swirling bringer of doom and drunkenness. It slowed down... Slower..

"Naaa~nii?!" A large er...yell erupted from a very bored-looking boy. A very scared, yet bored-looking Shikamaru.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he lifted himself up and walked towards me. I peered suspiciously at him, and didn't stop staring until he had downed the whole beer bottle.

"Kuso!" I had just missed out on my chance to drink more of that wonderful liquid that made me feel giddy and dopey. "That's it! After this, I AM DONE! No more getting the short stick with the alchohol!" Shikamaru looked at me curiously.

'I know what comes next. "Shut up and kiss me." Is that it? Am I doomed to a life of being a kissing toy to fellow male Genin?'

"Naruto, you're such a bother." I was ready to protest when Shikamaru grabbed my chin and forcefully kissed me. Something in my stomach said something bad, and I tried to fall back from the bad nausea.

Shikamaru's kiss wasn't soft like Sasuke's, and something was missing. Wait, what the hell? When did I think about kissing Sasuke so much that I knew something was not there when he kissed me?

Feeling an overwhelming wave of nausea fill my stomach, I grabbed Shika's wrists and forced him back, sharply inhaling a gulp of fresh air. Unintentionally, small tears welled up at the corners of my eyes.

Without waiting to see anyone's reactions, I tore out of the hot room as fast as I could, running up a staircase and searching for a bathroom, or at least an empty game room or something. Anything!

By the time I had reached an empty refuge, I sunk to the floor and curled myself up in a ball as I would have when I was a small child. I didn't even bother to turn on the light.

A thought that I didn't want to think, but thought anyway peeped into my thoughts that I was thinking that I didn't mind thinking at the time.


Damn. I must've hated that guy so much that I thought about him when I was miserable.

But my heart didn't quite understand what my mind was trying to tell it. Sure I hated Sasuke, but that was just a given. I remember all the times we jousted, testing each-other's skills in a comfortable fighting environment. Why did I never feel uncomfortable with him there?

Then another unwanted thought seeped into the stream of my mind-talk.

I wanted Sasuke.

Yes, I wanted Sasuke to come into this room and talk to me. Just talk. A small tear fell from my eye as I blinked and slowly rolled of the ridge of my nose. Stupid me and my wishful thinking.

I wrinkled my forehead as the overwhelming urge to burst into tears passed through my throat. 'Calm it, Uzumaki! What if your wishful thinking comes true and Sasuke comes through this door right now?'

What if...?

Well, then I'm just going to have to let him see me cry then, won't I?

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