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"Tell me you aren't serious."

"Yue, you know I'm serious. Would I be not serious to you?" Yue ignored the chuckle that followed.

"But Fujitaka face it, she is an annoying brat. No offense intended – at least not to you." Fujitaka looked up from his almost packed suitcase to give the 21 year old University student a dry look.

"Yue, you know you're the only one I can trust with her. Yes at times she may be a hand full but please try to bear with it." Yue sighed. He just knew Fujitaka would say something like that and no matter how hard he tried to resist Yue could always feel his resolve crumbling. "Look, I know you don't like her very much but you're the only one I trust to watch her for the next six months without taking advantage of her." Fukitaka locked the suitcase shut and straightened. "You've both known each other for so long; I know that I can trust you with her."

Now Yue was confused. Who, in their right minds, would try to take advantage of his daughter? At least he couldn't fault her father's judgement. He would have to be on something really stong and even then the chances were zero to none. Yue sighed in defeat "Fine. I'll watch her." He said as he hid his face in his hand. "I know I'm going to regret this."

Fujitaka's face broke in to a warm, fatherly smile. "Thank you. I know you two will get along," He paused for a second before adding. "Eventually." Before Yue could argue that there was no way he could get it along with his daughter, the sound of a door slamming down stairs caught both men's attention.

"Hey Dad; I'm home." Yue sighed again as Fujitaka headed towards the stairs to greet his only daughter, suitcase in hand.

"Hello Sakura how was your party?" From the top of the stairs Yue watched as Sakura Kinomoto went to hang her coat in the closet, waving a dismissive hand as she went.

"Oh it was the same as always." Her voice was bored; this was a ritual between father and daughter and as par the ritual Fujitaka nodded. Sakura noticed the suitcase in her father's hand and stopped. "Hey dad, are you going somewhere?" Fujitaka nodded

"Yeah I have some work to do in America and I'll be gone for a while."

"Oh." Sakura gave herself a mental pat on the back for not breaking grinning. She even managed a little frown. "How long will you be gone?"

"I'm sorry Sakura. The institute is going to have me gone for six months." She did her best to keep her nod solemn. Her father would be gone and she'd finally be able to spend some real time her boyfriend, Syaoran. Keeping her Dad in the dark about him was more annoying then she had initially thought it would be.

"That'll be hard it's the first time you've been gone so long. Who's going to watch me this time? Mrs. Mizuki?" Sakura inwardly smirked Mrs. Mizuki was a 61 year old woman living with her 64 year old husband, and she was a complete push over, with her around Sakura could do whatever she wanted. "Or, maybe you've decided that I'm old enough to take care of myself?" He dad gave her an amused look and she shrugged innocently, it had been worth a try.

Her father shook his head and Sakura had to work to keep her face blank 'Darn, if not her then who.' "No poor lady, she's fell and threw out her back. She'll have to keep off it for a while." Sakura nodded only feeling slightly bad for the elderly lady but feeling worse that he wasn't going to be around to 'watch' her.

"So, who'll be staying me then?" Sakura tried to keep her voice level; she would have really liked that old woman to watch her.

Fujitaka called up the stairs "You can come down now. I think I've braced her enough." He turned to give her a smile that reminded her of the smiles that looked strangely like the ones her brother used to give her right before he ruined the rest of her week. "No matter what happens, I want you to know that I love you." Now completely confused, Sakura looked up at the stairs, and watched as a black dress shoe came down the stairs followed by loose dark blue jeans, and white dress shirt. By now Sakura could see sliver-ish strands of hair swaying in time with each step.

"No. Dad would never leave me with-." The figure took one last step and came into full view.


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