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My Life My Magic

~Last Time~

He watched as her eyes slowly blinked open. In them, he saw her questions. She opened her mouth to say something when the thing that had been affecting his concentration came again. It was an effort for Yue to keep his annoyance from showing as he met Sakura's gaze. But he'd been right; someone was outside. And they were ringing the doorbell.

Chapter Sixteen

She frowned slightly for two reasons. The first reason was because there was someone at the door and she had no idea who it could possibly be. The second reason was because the man in front of her was no longer kissing her and - by the look on his face - he wasn't about to continue anytime soon. As soon as the frown appeared she brushed it aside and watched for a moment as his expression got steadily darker. Stamping down her rising disappointment, Sakura batted his arm, catching his attention. When he looked at her with those eyes she felt her heartbeat quicken. Just a moment ago she had been- she mentally shook her head to keep her thoughts on track. "Stop looking so suspicious, it's just the door." Before he could say anything she jumped up and beat a hastily escape under the guise of getting the door. She almost had her pulse and the color in her cheeks back under control when she got down to the front door; her effort hadn't been helped by the fact the Yue had been on her heels the moment she left. As she reached for the lock she wondered if her relationship with the man would ever be the same again. She caught a glance of him standing beside her facing the door and her heart fluttered (to her sudden annoyance). Nope. there was no going back from here.

The woman who was standing at the door was dressed in a peach-pink skirt and matching suit and had long red hair; the hung mid-way down her back. The first thing that struck Sakura was that she was a very pretty lady. The second thing that hit her was to wonder if Yue too thought that she was pretty. The younger woman had to keep herself from frowning at her inner monologue. She smiled at the woman standing in the doorway. "Hello?" She asked tentatively.

The woman stranger smiled at them "Hello. My name is Kaho Mizuki, I'm looking for a Sakura."

Beside her, Sakura felt Yue tense. Man, that guy was suspicions of everyone. A better question was when did he get so over-protective - and what did that mean for her? "I'm Sakura," She interjected before he had the chance.

The woman smiled at her before offering forward the small bag that she had been carrying. "Then this is for you." She tilted her head never losing her smile as Sakura took the small paper bag out of her hands. Sakura looked down at what appeared to be a package in the bag and then glanced back at the woman.

"What is it?" she asked.

The woman shrugged. "You can think of it as a gift or think of it as something that is being returned. However you look at it, it is yours. I was simply told to give it to you." With a small wave she turned and began to walk away. Sakura was about to close the door when something occurred to her, and her query was almost out of sight.

"Who's it from?" Sakura didn't like the way that her voice echoed in the night. She couldn't see the lady's face when she stopped and turned around, but Sakura was sure that Kaho Mizuki smiled before raising her hand an waving. Sakura just watched as she continued to walk away.

"Do you want me to bring her back?" Sakura looked over at Yue who was staring intently at the spot where the red head had disappeared. She was surprised at Yues suggestion. She lifted her hand and placed it on his shoulder, and she saw that his eyes had gone a silvery violet; his pupils, cat-like. She didn't think that she would ever get enough of those eyes.

"It's okay." After a long moment he nodded and his eyes fading back into their normal light blue color. She was startled at how easily he was listening to what she had to say. She, finally, closed the door. "Come. Let's go see what she gave me." She hefted the paper bag for emphasis and then turned around and walked towards the kitchen knowing perfectly well that Yue would be right behind her.

She flicked on the light as she entered the mid-sized room. Placing the bag on the dining table, Sakura walked past it to the fridge. She opened the door and looked inside. "Hey, what do you want to eat?" She didn't get a response, but she didn't really expect one. "I don't really feel like cooking tonight. How about this?" She backed out of the fridge holding a container of yesterdays leftovers.

"Why did you accept it?" Sakura froze for a moment and looked over at Yue.

"Huh?" She put the container on the counter. "What are you talking about?"

Yue was sitting at the table, his eyes locked on the paper bag. "You didn't know who that woman was - you didn't know what she was giving you. You just accepted it." He finally looked up at her, his eyes angry. "What if there had been something dangerous in it? What then Sakura?" She stared at him bewildered, for an instant wondering why he was acting like this. Slowly, she shook her head.

"That's not it." She approached the table and sat opposite him, the paper bad in the middle between them. "She didn't seem threatening to me." Yue opened his mouth but she ploughed in order to hold him off. "And there was something in here that seemed to be… I don't know, calling me." Yue gave her a disbelieving look, she just returned it with a smile and a raised eyebrow. "Is it really that hard to believe after all we've been through?" She saw the realization come over him and smiled smugly. With a sigh, she pulled the bag towards her and reached into it. Inside was a yellow-and-red book, and a small necklace with some sort of emblem thing hanging from it. She put them both on the table, but ignored the childish looking necklace in favor of the book.

The book was somewhat large with a gold clasp on the side holding the cover closed. On the red background at the top of the book was a ribbon with dark text in it that read 'The Clow.' She stared at the writing for a bit; there was something very familiar about that name. Below it was a small crescent moon - gold in color as well - and at the very bottom of the cover taking up almost half of the entire book was a large golden sun. Gingerly, she picked up the book with both hands and flipped it over to the back cover. Like the front the back cover was made red and gold where just above the bottom border was another golden ribbon with 'The Clow' written on it as well. Higher up there was a large circle that had both the sun and the moon on it and another half circle underneath the first one with yet another moon in it.

There was something about the book; something about it that seemed to call to her, and before Sakura had even thought about it, she was already trying to open it. She frowned at the clasp that held the covers closed and when she turned it back over, she finally noticed the lock on the front built into the clasp. She glanced back inside the bag and her frown only deepened at it's emptiness. If there was no key, then how was she supposed to... Her thoughts were cut off by the necklace which was suddenly hanging in front of her face. Her eyes travelled up the chain to the finger that the chain was looped around, and finally to the face of the person holding it. Yue was giving her a dry look.

"Maybe the key can get it open?"

She just stared at him a second before taking the necklace from him not completely making her pout. She examined the small charm on the end of the fine chain and realized that it actually was a key. After a moment of hesitation she inserted the key into the book and turned.

"Cards?" She frowned at the inside of the book which turned out not to actually be a book at all rather a block with an opening in it. And inside the small cavity was a set number of cards. "Why a book of cards?" Wondering she pulled the top, face down card.

He'd had a bad feeling about that book before he had even known what it was, and now, as the cover fell open, that feeling was only getting worse. In the back of his mind he heard the wind outside the house pick up suddenly. "Why a book of cards?" She had already reached for the top most card before he had a chance to stop her, and the bad feeling which he had been experiencing since the doorbell rang took a sudden plunge. The feeling of dread was so intense he wanted to cry out, so it was very anti-climatic when Sakura just uneventfully turned the card over and looked at its face. He had started to berate himself on overreacting when Sakura spoke. "Windy?" And then all hell broke loose.

As if the word had been a cue, there was a great slam that echoed throughout the house. Yue was on his feet in an instant, staring at the backyard door which had suddenly been flung open by some force he couldn't see. There was nothing for a long moment before the wind came. It was a strong typhoon like wind that roared within his ears . Unsure of what the hell was going on, Yue fought the wind to Sakura's side. The teen was gripping the table at the force of the wind - a table that looked on the verge of being swept away (as most things in the kitchen were starting to). Strangely, the book lay there untouched by the unnatural wind while, pieces of silverware were being lifted out of drawers that had opened, and were carried off in the air. Even as he used his actions to urge Sakura's head down he stared at the cards, suspicious of the fact that they had yet to move.

What looked like a miniature tornado began to form in the kitchen, made up of a number of objects that had filled the room. Yue heard a cry from below him, seconds before a spoon hit the side of his head. With a hiss he reached up to place a hand over the sore area. Even as the spoon was blown away, he wondered what would have happened if it had been a fork, or worse, a knife. The platinum haired man was only just able to dodge the next item that came at him - a mug - but got hit with what he suspected was a dinner plate in the back of the head. This was becoming not only annoying but dangerous and he couldn't protect both himself and Sakura from all the flying utensils. A few had hit her, and with the force that they had she would defiantly bruise in the morning. Only when he saw some of the frying pans come off their celling hooks and take to the air did he realize that they had to put some sort of stop to this. Yue relayed his thoughts to Sakura by shouting over the roar but she shook her head just as confused as him. He frowned: well first things first - getting out of here and getting his charge to safety.

Somehow they had wound up in the center of the storm, something that was initially a good thing but made getting out if the miniature hurricane quite difficult - and probably painful. On all sides it was just a wall of rapidly-spinning utensils and trying to get through them didn't seem to be the wisest or the safest decision. Briefly ,he glanced up - and like he suspected - the 'eye' just kept moving upwards and at the top there seemed to be the least amount of objects floating around. If they were going to go through the walls, he decided that trying to make it through top would be the best decision. Now the question was how?

Something tickled the back of his mind and he thought of his other form and its ability to fly. Once again, he raised his voice to Sakura, relaying to her of how they were going to escape. He did his best to hide his doubt from her - he wasn't sure that he could make the change, or that even if he did, that he would be able to make it out without hurting her. A hand on his arm brought his thoughts back to earth. Sakura smiled up at him and spoke. Even though he couldn't hear her, he could clearly read her lips: 'I trust you.' For a moment, he could only stare; how had their relationship changed so much? Mentally, he shook his head as he straightened, now wasn't the time for that. As quickly as he could while still trying to keep calm, Yue closed his eyes, his other self and 'let go'.

His eyes snapped open as the effects of the change released him. Even as he once again became aware of his surroundings with his enhanced senses, the wind around them suddenly stopped. Frowning, he stared at the objects hanging in the air and stared as they fell crashing to the ground. The echo effect of the crash told him that the same thing was happening all over the house: even if they had been able to leave the kitchen, there would have me more tornados of home furnishing waiting for them. Behind him, he heard a groan and turned to Sakura, pressing his wings close to his body so as to not hurt her or cause any more damage. The brunette was on her knees, massaging her hands as she stared around at the wreckage.

"What happened?"

Yue shook his head. "I have no idea…"

He stiffened as a breeze blew past him; Sakura must have also felt it by the look of worry that appeared on her face. Between them, a bit to the right, a very tiny tornado made up of a few papers appeared. Before their eyes, a woman materialized in the winds. Yue frowned. No, she seemed to be made up of the wind. He took a step forward, partially blocking off his charge from this creature in case anything happened. The woman seemed to sigh before her eyes focused on them She moved forward - Yue didn't think that a thing like her could actually take a step - and his eyes narrowed into a glare freezing her in place.

'Master. Thank you for stopping me. I have been so long without it… so long. I had forgotten what it was like.' She was looking at Yue.

"And how did I do that?"

The woman stared at him, a confused look coming over her delicate features. Realization appeared on her face after a long moment, and she shot him a gentle smile. Yue did not miss her glance at Sakura, who was watching the events from behind him.

'My apologies, Master. I have forgotten my place. I am known as The Windy; I am one of the four elements that exist in the Cards created by Clow. I have returned to once again serve the line of Clow.' She bowed her head, and Yue realised that her words were aimed at Sakura. 'Use me as you will Mistress.' Yue glanced over his shoulder in time to watch Sakura blink. The clueless look on Sakura's face was so familiar that Yue could only sigh as her returned his attention to 'The Windy'.

He crossed his arms over his chest. "She is your Mistress?" The Windy nodded. "So you were the cause of all this." He waved a hand at the mess around them and saw a flash of guilt on the elements face (at least the thing could feel guilt)."Then why did you call me master? And how did I stop you?"

The Windy turned to him.

'I call you Master because that is what you are to me. You rule over one half of the spirits of Clow, and since you are the ruler of the moon, your will becomes my actions.' Yue froze. What did she mean 'rule over the moon?'

"What did you say?"

'Each of us sprits is ruled by either the sun or the moon. As your brother rules the Sun, you rule over the Moon. I am one of the sprits that is ruled over by the moon.' Yue stared at her. Whatever this thing was, it had to be insane. What did he have to do with any of this madness? She had said 'brother'; she couldn't mean:

"Yukito?" She shook her head.

'Master Yukito is not the one I speak of. Your other half is now your brother in this incarnation, but it was not always this way. The one I speak of is your true brother. The one born from the same man.'

This was too much - yet he couldn't tear his eyes away from the serene-looking figure before him. What was this thing? And how could it say or know any of these things? What did it know? Why did it keep calling her master? Why did it know about Yukito? Why did it know about the moon? So much had been happening in such a short amount of time: first the change, and then now this. All this time he had known that there was something different about him - something wrong- but he had always had Yukito. His younger brother had always been his support and now she wanted to take him away. He felt himself clench his fist. He didn't want another - he only wanted Yukito, so what did it mean that he had another brother? What did it mean that Yuikito wasn't his? He jerked at a touch on his arm as the room slowly came back into focus.

At some point he must have taken a step back because now he was standing at Sakura's side. She looked up at him, concern in her eyes. It took an effort, but he pushed away the inklings of panic that were beginning to creep up on him. Swallowing the bitter taste in the back of his throat, he sighed and straightened, not bothering to move from his place beside her. Sakura turned to look at The Windy, as did he.

"So, you're here for me?" she asked. The figure promptly nodded as Sakura's question. "And you came out of this." From the corner of his eye he saw Sakura nod at the book still sitting at the table. "Then can you go back for now?"

'If that is what you wish Mistress.' There was a gust of wind, and a second later the woman-spirit-thing disappeared. With the disappearance of the spirit he felt something in him loosen. He let his shoulders slump as he turned away. This was all too much for him. He meant to leave the kitchen, but a hand on his arm stopped him. He turned to Sakura, taking care to keep his folded wings as not to hit her. She was staring up at him with what was obviously worry. The look had him feeling warm.

"What happened?"

He shrugged. "I don't know." Shaking his head, he added. "Something that she said was getting to me." He eyed the card in her hands. "Do you believe what it said?"

She followed his gaze and stared at the card as well. After a long moment she shrugged.

"After all that's been happening around here, you expect me to just ignore it?" At her words, she began to look around a kitchen which was now in shambles. He felt the wings on his back more prominently after the statement. "Besides, wouldn't it be cool?" She smiled, and he couldn't help but send a small one back to her. With an energy like only she could muster, Sakura sighed, stretching a bit as she turned away. "Well come on, lets get started. By the echoing I heard when Windy finally stopped, I think that we had a lot of work ahead of us."

If he hadn't been watching the girl, he wouldn't have seen the flicker of black that shot through the window and directly at her. He moved before his brain had fully processed what was going on. A large icicle pierced through what he was just realizing was a shadow and, where logic told him that the attack was just simply going to go through it, the icicle instead caught the thing in the side and slammed it into the ground. Sakura shrieked and spun, eyes moving from him to the thing writhing on the floor.


Yue held out a hand to her and she was silent. He watched intently as the shadow-thing fell still, and its form began to melt. Something in the back of his mind had him looking up and out the window. The sight of a mass of shadows on the horizon had him mentally sighing. Before he could acknowledge what he was doing, to icicles appeared in both of his hands. Instead of being short like the first, these formed into twin long shapes, each of which ended on one side with two deadly points and a pair of hilts. As interesting as this new development was he was just wondering how long this day would last. Absently he told Sakura to hide, and acknowledged when she moved to do so. Despite the fact that he had never actually held a real sword in his life, he wasn't worried about what he would do, both manifested blades felt natural to him. His biggest concern - apart from the force that was coming through the windows - was whether or not this would damage the house because that would really suck.

The blackness in the house had not let up for the ten minutes since those things had come through the windows. Strangely enough, apart from that first one, none of them had been apparently after Sakura. As soon as they had all come in, they leapt onto Yue. The man was dancing in a swarm of those things, but even from her brief glimpses here and there, she could see that his dance was beginning to slow - and on more than one occasion, she had heard a clenched gasp from Yue, which she could only suspect was the sound of him being hurt. Even from where she was, Sakura could see the occasional glints of his ice swords, and there was an occasional shower of icicles that rained down on the attackers and each time they were struck, they would melt off the icicle and launch themselves back into the fray.

'He cannot keep that up for much longer.' The voice was familiar but still had Sakura jumping. She looked around for a moment.


'I am here Mistress. You need not speak out loud for me to understand.' She frowned. Did that mean that she could read her mind? 'No Mistress only those thoughts directed towards me.' Sakura nodded: whatever this was now was, not the time to think about it. At least not much. She had to help him. 'Could Windy help?' 'I can Mistress. But you have to summon me.'

'Summon...' The image of the key that she had taken out of the bag earlier flashed in her head. She reached into the pocket where she had put the key when The Windy appeared. Her hand wrapped around the key, she pulled it out: 'Summon the wand and call me.' She had no idea how to 'summon the wand', but even as she stood there, staring at the tiny key and hearing the sound of Yue fighting, the words came to her. As they did she did the only thing that felt right: she spoke.

"Card created by Clow."

Even as the words were pulled from her lips she could see the light resonating around her - forming some sort of shape on the ground around where she stood.

"Abandon thy old form and be reborn-."

The light built into a warmth that moved from inside her to the tiny key in her hands - a key that had begun to glow and lift into the air above her open palms.

"Under the name of thy new master,"

It wasn't a key anymore but a staff - one that felt right in her hands. She could feel the power from it pulse in time with pulsing she could feel inside of her. It felt like something she couldn't quite remember. She swung the staff. This is what it was meant to do.


She swung down in a wide arch and hit something. She only had a second to recognize the card that had been in her pocket before it began to glow. She could feel the spirit of the card: pulsing, pushing to be free - she just had to release it and let its magic take over. 'Call me!'

"The Windy!"

It was a roaring burst which she sensed rather than felt. The Windy was on the attack, but she was not its target. Sakura saw the image of the ghostly woman charge forward for an instant before it was gone as the winds picked up. A tornado seemed to form around Yue if the actions of the shadows were anything to go by. Before she could fully understand what was happening, the shadows had all been lifted from Yue - who also watched as they were spun into a ball above both of their heads. Slowly the ball began to shrink in on itself, and disappeared entirely. She stared up at the celling for a moment longer before looking over at Yue.

"That was something, huh?"

With a sigh, he straightened, swords disappearing from view - and somehow flicking his hair back without actually touching it. Before he could reply, the Windy was back, her ghostly form materializing before them. At the female Clow Card, Sakura smiled. "Thank you for your help."

The card bowed slightly. 'It has been long. The pleasure was mine Mistress.' With that, the figure was gone, leaving a card behind that floated down towards Sakura. She opened her hand and let it fall into her grasp. She smiled down at the card. All of this was a rush out of nowhere, but she had begun to accept things as they happened. If nothing, her life had just become a lot more interesting. She looked up from the card to Yue, who was looking around the house, wings folded behind him, face blank. From somewhere in the house there was the crashing sound of something falling. She sighed. This had to be one of the downfalls of an interesting life. They had a lot of work to do. Darn magic.

"Key to the seal! There is one here who seeks a contract with thee!

A girl, by the mane of Sakura.

Key! Bestow thy power onto this girl!


There was a deafening silence before the winged beast slumped down panting. After what looked like a moment of consideration the guardian beast just decided to settle where he was. "It is done?"

Ceroberous nodded. "Yes. You can check if you want." Sitting at his velvet chair, Eriol closed his eyes even as Ceroberous continued to talk; "I've never done that from a distance before. Though I know my skill, I want to be sure." He could feel those golden eyes on him. "Did the spell take?"

Opening his eyes Eriol nodded. "Just in time."

A tension seemed to go out of the room at his words. The sun guardian nodded and put his head back down on his paws, white wings curling around him like a blanket.

"I'm pooped. Don't think I can stay with you much longer, Eriol; power's not replenishing fast enough. I'll have to go to her soon."

Eriol nodded, even though he knew his companion couldn't see - due more to the fact that he was fast asleep then because his face was buried in his wing. "Not long now, my friend. The others will be ready shortly."

He didn't need to see to know that his plan had failed. Something had gotten between his shadows and their target, and that ass was still alive. He had to rest this off, even now he could feel the energy required for such an attack draining from him. The shadows themselves were tiny in the energy they needed, but when he had felt the first fall, he had sent them in troves. Not a wise choice, for that tiny requirement becomes a lot larger when multiplied dozens of times over. He sighed and got to his feet. He stretched. Not only was he feeling the beginnings of magical drain, but the stiff position he had been in while casting had taken their toll. Next time he would plan properly.

Syaoron Li glanced once more at the Kinimoto household and, in his mind his target. Yue Tsukishiro was a bothersome human being. He was going to get rid of him. He'd run into something unexpected today, but would be better prepared next time. He would be rid of this irritant - he just had to figure out how.

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