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Summary: Another…

Charming desire

Fluttering blissfully along the field,

A soft voice that cradles my mind,

A meadow of flowers that bloom at the name,

A peaceful flow of the rivers crystalline,

Oh how I yearn for that gentle touch,

And feel the warmth of the sun,

Laughing in the garden of serenity,

Staring into the azure sky,

Wondering if one fine day,

If it will leave me here to cry,

I hear the ringing of a bell,

And the chirping song of the birds,

Hoping this image isn't a tall tale,

From a story that I once heard,

The clouds rustle up,

And I feel the calm raindrops pour,

I just want to embrace this moment,

What is this I feel inside?

My emotions burn like a fire,

A mind wants what a heart desires…