Morton: And noooowwwww…we're back!! And with a NEW and wonderful host!! MORTON KOOPA JR.!! ^_^

Jeshi: A LITTLE HELP HERE!!! * *still running from Bowser*

Morton: O_O…Jeshi!! What do I do????


Morton: Okies! ^_^ what?


Morton: RIGHTO!! ^_^ Okay, this round is worth all the beans, you got it? One wrong answer and you're OUTTA the game! Got it?

Luigi: O_O! But that's not how the Weakest Link is played!!

Morton: WELL, I, the great Morton was put in charge, so I get to decide how the game is now played! ^_^ And I say that if you mess up on one question, you're OUT! GONE, KA-PUT! GOOD-BYEEE!! AU REVOIR! SAYANORA! JA NE-

Everyone: SHUT UP!! **

Mario: @_@ I've got a headache…

Ludwig: -_-; You see what I have to live with?

Morton: Enough talk!!

Everyone: *sweat drops*

Morton: O_o?! WHAT?! Was it something I said? ANYWAY!! The first on our little list of people is….Yoshi!


Morton: Okay!!! You stupidly insane dino!! Who is the green and stupid mutt who likes to eat stuff?!

Yoshi: O_o….YOSHI!! ^-^

Morton: That is…correct?!?! O_O!

Everyone: O_O!!!

Morton: Hmph…okay, dino weirdo, you got it this time _..but definitely not NEXT time!! Mario!

Mario: *glares*…BANK…_

Morton: And he BANKS it! Looks like Mario ISN'T a lost cause!! He's finally proven that he can actually BANK something, but can he do it again?! Anyway!! _ Mario, a little problem solving question…what is 7 less than a number?

Mario: _ It's…it's…O_O…um….7 subtract a number??

Morton: NOPE! ^_^ Sorry, Mario…Yooooouuu'rrrreeeee OUTTA HERE!! ^_^

Mario: DAMN!! * *a lakitu flies out of nowhere, hooks Mario with the fishing line and flies away, knocking Mario into things in mid-air*

Morton: Next is Luigi!! Can he avenge his brother's dea-err..I mean..defeat? ^_^

Luigi: Of course I can!! _

Morton: _ Alright then! Then what colour was Mario's tie?

Luigi: O_O?! What?

Morton: -_-; Wrong! Sorry, Luigi, you're out too! BYE!! *Luigi gets sucked down a warp pipe that appears underneath him*

Luigi: DAMMIT!!! O_O!!

Morton: Princess Toadstool!

Peach: O.O!! What?????

Morton: Give a complimentary colour for red!

Peach: O.O!!…um…

Morton: NO!! ^_^ So sorry, PRINCESS! Looks like YOU lose too! =P *Peach is chased out of the stage/game place by a ton of Bullet Bills*

Peach: EEEEEK!! OoO!!

Morton: Okay, Iggy!! ^_^

Iggy: Um..okay….

Morton: How great is your adorable little brother, Morton?

Iggy: _ Actually, he's an annoying pain the ass…

Morton: WRONG!! ^_^ You lose, Iggy! *Charging Chucks run in and push Iggy out the door*


Morton: Too bad, I did!! ^_^ Larry!

Larry: O_o? What????

Morton: Peppermint tastes good with?


Morton: NO!! It actually tastes yucky!! You lose, Larry!

Larry: T_T Not fair, how was I supposed to know what you liked and didn't like?

Morton: *rolls eyes* What kind of brother are you?! Don't even take the time to remember your brother's likes and dislikes! Take him away!

Larry: *Mecha Koopas come and walk him out the door* But I have 5 brothers!!!! *

Morton: EXCUSES!! That's all I ever get!! Why won't it end? Why must I work with such insanity?! Why should-

Roy: Why don't you shut up and get on with the questions?!


Roy: O_O?! WHAT?! _ You moron!! That doesn't make any sense!!

Yoshi: Yoshi….¬o¬'

Roy: O_O?! WHAT did you say?!

Yoshi: Yoshi say YOU not make sense…'¬.¬

Roy: _ Oh yeah…LOOK WHO'S TALKING!!


Roy: _ I'm gonna kick your ass….*Piranha plants follow him to the door*

Morton: Won't we all? Lemmy!

Lemmy: Yeeeessss? _

Morton: Uuuummmm….aha!! In Super Smash Bros. Melee (A/N: I don't own that either) what is Popo and Nana's relationship?

Lemmy: O_O! Um…um…I don't know….

Morton: Wrong! You lose! ^_^

Lemmy: But!! Nintendo never classified if they were brother and sister, cousins, friends or a couple!!! * *falls in a pit of water filled with Rip Van Fish*

Morton: ^_^ Ludwig!

Ludwig: O_o? Yes?

Morton: Hmmm…how good can you speak Japanese?

Ludwig: O_o? I don't know…why?

Morton: Just testing…*flips through a Japanese dictionary* AHA!! ^_^ What does "baka" mean in Japanese?

Ludwig: -_-; Idiot/moron.


Ludwig: *sighs* It's pretty obvious that you'd pick something like that….and we were created by a Japanese person in the first place…

Morton: O_O…Oh yeah…^_^ Wendy!

Wendy: _ Now what?!

Morton: If an apple and a grapefruit rolled down a hill side by side together, which one will fall in a lake first?

Wendy: O_O Um…the grapefruit?

Morton: Nope!! ^_^ I didn't say there was a lake anywhere near there! You lose!

Wendy: * That's cheap!! That's not fair!!

Morton: Sorry, sis! ^_^ My rules ARE my rules after all! *Paratroopas fly away with Wendy*
Wendy: NOT FAIR!! *

Morton: Now, that leaves just Yoshi and Ludwig! Who will win? Let's see….I guess it'll have to be a tide-breaker now….*stares at them*..and now I have determined a winner!

Ludwig: O_o? Morton…did you just say a "Tide-breaker??"

Morton: O_O…*shifty eyes* No…

Ludwig: _ It's a TIE-BREAKER..not a TIDE-BREAKER…

Morton: O_O! In that case, I have determined the winner!

Ludwig: You already said that…

Morton: O_O…I have determined the winner! ^_^

Yoshi: Yay! Yoshi!!! ^-^

Morton: _…no…and it's not Ludwig either…

Ludwig: Then who is it then?

Morton: ME!! ^_^

Ludwig: O_O? That doesn't add up…

Yoshi: That not fair!! *

Morton: _ Too bad, I was put in charge, it's MY rules!! And I am the victor!! ^_^ And now…for my victory speech!!

Ludwig: O_O…I'm gone…*leaves*

Yoshi: YOSHI!!! YOSHI!!! *stomps feet wildly*

Morton: I don't know how I won, and I know that I certainly couldn't have done it without the little peoples' help! I'd like to thank you all for your support through the good times and the bad…*and he keeps going…*

*Jeshi comes bursting back into the room*

Jeshi: *panting* O-O…Wow, what a run!!First I ran down the street, took a shortcut through the park, ran into the middle of the street, fell in a sewer, ate a zombie, got out of the sewer, ate a blueberry muffin, ran into a 3-story hotel and jumped off the roof, landed in a truck full of Jell-O, which unfortunately, was STILL in the boxes, got run over by a pillow truck, stepped on a squirrel's tail, accidentally knocked an old lady down an escalator, tried to go up into a building in an elevator, but it got stuck, then I had to climb out and climb the rest of the way, then the elevator started working again and I was nearly crushed, then I jumped out of the window and landed on a cart full of empty coca cola cans (A/N: don't own either…) and THEN I realised that Bowser had given up chasing me like 2 hours ago!!! O-O *BIG breath*

Morton: O_O

Yoshi: O_O…Yoshi…

Jeshi: So what did I miss? ^.^

Morton: O_O…I won the Weakest Link!! ^_^

Jeshi: Good for you!! And I hope everyone enjoyed the story, though it seems to be quite short, but s'all good, we all had fun, right? ^.^

Yoshi: Yoshi! ^-^ Yoshi like fun…

Jeshi: Don't we all, don't we all? ^.^