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Fates and Choices

Part 18: Of Fates and Choices

Duo came awake in degrees, the first sensation he felt was something tugging at his breast. Thinking Heero was trying to wake him up in the most pleasant way possible, he slurred a sexy, "Heero, stop it, that's for our son." This was rewarded by a strangled laugh followed by uncontrolled giggling. The next thing that hit him was soreness around his hips and stomach.

The baby, he had the baby.

Forcing tired eyes open, he blinked blearily at the scene before him. He was home, with a blushing Heero and an amused Quatre standing next to the bed. Looking down, he felt innate joy filling him as his eyes took in the small creature nursing at his small, but well formed breasts. He smiled radiantly at his mate who scooted closer, helping him sit up, propped against a small mound of pillows. He still felt like his limbs were made out of lead, but the odd detachment that assailed him last night had disappeared. Was it last night? How long has it been?

Heero gathered his family close, kissing Duo's silken hair as he watched his son massage his mate's breasts with small fists as he ate his lunch.

"How long was I out?" A frowned furrowed Duo's brow as he instinctively rocked the small being in his arms.

"Two days." There was stark fear in Heero's tone and caused violet eyes to widen in disbelief.

"Two days? What happened to me?"

Quatre laughed. "What didn't? You had been kidnapped, attacked, slashed at and given birth all in one night. No wonder you body shut down."

Duo's joy dimmed at the memory of what happened. "Is he… dead?" He asked in a small voice, feeling guilt at causing the death of his brother, the one person who once meant more to him than his own life.

"I killed him," Heero informed his mate emotionlessly, then kissing the top of Duo's head, rubbing his cheek against the soft hair. "And I don't want you to feel any guilt in this." He forced Duo's head up, staring deep into the Healer's eyes. "Do you understand?" He said forcefully.

His mate just sighed shakily and leaned into Heero's warmth. One soft hand stroked the little one's head, marvelling at the softness of the hair there. "Why did he want me dead? I would have given him everything I had. I just wanted him to be happy."

Quatre moved into Duo's line of sight. "Jealousy is a horrible thing. Sometimes it eats at a person and he gets twisted by it." He reached out to clasp his friend's shoulder. "Heero is right; it is not your fault. Your brother chose the path he was on."

Not really wanting to argue and not really having the strength, Duo nodded, keen eyes studying their new son. No matter what they said, he would continue to grieve for the loss of his brother, but that could wait for a while. He needed to care for the small helpless creature that came from him. There would be ample time for grief later. "What do you think he will be?" He tipped his head up study Heero.

Heero's eyes drank in the enticing picture his mate made and they darkened with pride. "As wonderful as you are." He covered Duo's lips ruthlessly, drawing a small whimper of pleasure from his mate.

Quatre cleared his throat loudly. "Not yet. We talked about this, Heero." He glared pointedly at his tribe chief who darkened with a flush.

Duo smiled, understanding the by-play. Then another thought hit him. "Zechs, how is my cousin?" He asked, frantic, making to get off the bed.

"He's fine," Heero soothed, anchoring his mate down.

"Yes," Quatre rolled his eyes sky ward. "If Wufei has anything to do about it."

"Wufei?" Duo eyes widened with delighted shock. "And my cousin?"

Quatre gave his friend a short explanation of how the warrior had pinned the healing Zechs to his dwelling and refused to let him out until he was stronger. That had been two days ago. And from the sounds coming from Wufei's home, he was certain that Zechs was indeed 'stronger'. Seeing the other Healer tiring, Quatre took the small bundle from Duo's reluctant arms and settled him into a small cradle next to the bed. Then he quietly left the cuddling couple alone for his own mate and claim his own cuddle.

Heero settled his mate back onto the bed and tucked the covers around them. He decided a nap wasn't such a bad thing. The past few days' tension was getting to him.

"You frightened me, Duo," Heero gaze devoured Duo hungrily, knowing and regretting his mate was in no condition for the type of nap he had in mind.

Duo turned away, feeling his brother's betrayal acutely. "Did he hate me that much?"

Heero clutched Duo to his chest, and rubbed his back soothingly as he let his mate vent his grief. He needed to let go. Long moments passed and Duo had quieted, lying quietly in arms he knew would shelter him from anything he feared as Heero had promised.

"Your father would like to speak with you," Heero ventured and nearly lost his tongue when Duo's head came up in a flash. Duo narrowly missed connection with Heero's jaw as he stared agog at his mate.

"What for?" Duo asked, the fear was still there.

"You do know it wasn't your father all along, it was…"

"Solo," Duo finished sadly for him. "I know that now, but…"

Heero silenced Duo with a finger on his lips. "Just hear me out. Your father has lost one son, don't let him lose another?" He stared at the small being next to their bed. "Think of how you would feel if it was your son."

Duo followed his mate's gaze to the sleeping baby. "Is it true? What Solo said, I was named after my father?"

"I didn't sense him lying," Heero said cautiously. He didn't know the truth; only that Treize wasn't deceitful when he told Heero his story. It was an honour for the child to be named after the father and not the bearer. The child usually was named after the mother and more so in the case if a tribe chief was a bearer like Treize. So, Treize wasn't giving away his son, he was honouring his mate.

"So I've lived a lie for all these years?" Duo sounded forlorn.

"We'll learn from this," Heero promised, tucking Duo's head under his chin. "We'll not make the same mistake with our children."

"Children?" There was a smile in Duo's voice.

"Well, whatever the Ancient gives us, I happily take."

Duo nodded as well. He had to move on from this, there were more in his life now. He had a mate and a family now. He had friends and a tribe that cared deeply for him. He would like to think that fate has led him all this way to Heero Yuy's arms, but he remember his one meeting with the beautiful power of the Ancient. She was right, she listened when Duo spoke. So did that mean it wasn't fate after all, and all this came to pass from some conscious choice on Duo's part? Did he ask for someone to love and the Ancient had answered his prayer somehow? Snuggling deep into Heero's embrace, he thought sleepily, maybe the Ancient heard them both.

"What do you want to name our son?" Heero cut through Duo's thoughts.

"Hmmm…." Duo murmured sleepily. "You choose."

"I have always liked the name Odin Lowe," Heero announced. "Odin Lowe Maxwell," he repeated, testing the name on his tongue. "My heir and of my blood."

Duo tilted his head back and caught Heero's gaze. "Odin Lowe Yuy." He corrected.

Heero gaped at his mate. Then a tender smile graced his lips. "Thank you, my love."

"You're welcome," Duo yawned, cuddling under Heero's chin again.

The tribe chief felt his heart fill with love for his mate. So much that his heart would burst.

Duo wasn't giving his son away, he was honouring his mate.

And Heero Yuy was infinitely honoured.


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