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Little Wing

Perching atop the worn top of a picnic table, Donovan watched the buzz of students through the small park across from the small college. Carefully he tucked a wallet sized photo of Eric Merrill into the inner pocket of his jeans jacket, and headed for a small group of people seated at a round concrete table. He paid no attention to the stares and whispers that he was receiving from the three girls at the table, his target was the boy sitting with them. The boy was tall and lean, just like Eric; and had many of the same facial features as well. Donovan had no doubt that this boy would fool whoever it was that Merrill wanted to fool. Keeping his eyes on the target, Donovan casually dropped his well built frame onto the empty slab seat next to the boy.

"Hello," Donovan smiled at the young man, extending a hand to him.

"Hi," he said, sounding somewhat put off - and more American than Donovan had anticipated- by the man suddenly sitting by him, extending a hand to him as though they were good friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time. "Can I help you?"

"Actually," he said softening his accented voice slightly, "it's you I came to help."

"That so?" The boy scoffed at the large man, ignoring the thick hand that hung in the air for half a moment longer.

"I understand that you're interested in earning a little extra cash for spending."

"Little extra cash to burn is always a good thing," He said, closing the thick math textbook he'd been working in on his notebook; clearly becoming interested in whatever it was that the stocky man had to say. "See ya tomorrow," he addressed the three young ladies he'd been studying with, "What is it that you can do for me, Mr.?"

"Don Smith," Donovan said with a broad smile, once again extending his meaty hand to the thin jackass of a young man. This was going to be one job that he really wouldn't mind to do. Teaching jerk offs their place was one thing that Donovan particularly enjoyed.

"Well, Mr. Smith, what is it, exactly, that you can do for me?" His hazel eyes danced with excitement as he spoke to the man.

"You bare an uncanny resemblance to someone fairly well known. This person has been asked to do a brief cameo in a movie that happens to be filming near here. My job, Mr. Taylor," he explained as they walked along the tree lined campus, "is to find someone who looks like him."

"Where'd you get my name?" Taylor stopped, his feet refused to work; this entire encounter was beginning to get weird.

"I'm very good at my job, Mr. Taylor…"

"The answer's no," he said forcing his voice to be hard and defiant. Whatever it was that the man before him was selling was definitely something that he wasn't buying. "I'm sorry…"

"No is an unacceptable answer, Mr. Taylor." Shaking his head slightly, Donovan allowed an easy unfriendly smile to etch across his face before speaking again, "in fact, you never had much choice."

"What?" Fear had long ago taken hold and clouded his brain. Taking a step away from the stranger in front of him Taylor looked frantically for any exit point that he could find. There were people everywhere he could just blend into them and get away from the human wall before him. And then what? He thought harshly to himself. Whoever the hell the Don Smith, the guy knew Taylor's name and more than likely where he lived.

"It's all right, everyone has the same reaction," Donovan soothed the young man as he gripped the thinly muscular upper arm with his meaty hand. "Why don't we get going, hmmm? I'm sure that the butterflies will calm themselves on the ride." Pulling the shocked young man through the park, Donovan headed for his car.

This cannot happening. Taylor thought as he was pulled across the student filled park to a car that would take him to who knows where and probably never bring him back again.

"What're you gonna do to me?" He asked as they came to a rest next to a black sedan.

"Get in," Donovan ignored the kid's question as he opened the passenger door and gestured for the kid to get in."Don't scream. Don't fight back. You will get hurt or die if you do."

Staring the gray eyed man in the face, Taylor knew that what he'd said was true. Quietly he weighted his options. Push the guy into the car and pray that he can out run the thickly muscled man. Or scream like Jamie Lee Curtis and hope that someone would pay attention. Or get in the car and live long enough to find another way to get away. Staring at the man, Taylor vaguely heard him say, "get in," and show him the butt of a gun concealed within his denim jacket. Eyes wide with fear and now shock, Taylor let out a shallow breath and forced his lungs to draw in more air as he turned to get into the car.

"Good boy," Donovan said closing the door behind his captive.