A New Destiny
By The Eternal Dragon

Chapter 1: Assignment

It all started with a simple school assignment to research someone in their family who was no longer living and they didn't really know much about. The object was to have the students learn a little more about their heritage and hopefully themselves. A simple enough assignment for most except one, nothing is ever that simple for Ranma Saotome.

Ranma sat on the roof of the dojo with several small boxes that she got from her mother's house with stuff that belonged to her grandmother. She grumbled irritably to herself about the evil ladle lady as she opened the first box and looked through an assortment of photographs and books and other various objects including a small leather pouch that held a deck of some kind of weird cards and some kind of handheld game.

She settled on flipping through a diary looking at various passages talking about how much Ranma's grandmother hated herself and was so lonely, the only person who seemed to be there for her was her own grandmother. Ranma wished that her grandmother was still alive; it seemed like the woman would understand what Ranma was going through pretty well.

After getting farther into the diary it started to look more like some kind of science fiction novel. A monster had shown up and befriended Ranma's grandmother when she was young and turned out to become one of her best friends. They fought together with some kind of cards and some kind of device.

Device? Ranma sat the book down and picked up the handheld game and looked for a power button but there was none. Further inspection showed that there were no screws holding it together and no battery compartment. The friend that Ranma's grandmother was talking about must have been some kind of game on the thing the red haired girl was holding. There was a slot on the side of the game though with a slot that looked like a card could be slid through.

"Rikaaaaaa." A voice seemed to call out of nowhere as Ranma held the game. She ignored the voice though since her name was clearly not Rika.but her grandmother's was.

Ranma picked up the pouch and pulled a random card from it which was different than the others being that their wasn't intricate designs and weird pictures on it, instead it was mostly blue. Ranma sighed as she lined the card up with the slot on the game and slid it through. She was sure that she felt some kind of energy coming from the game when she slid the card but it disappeared as soon as the card was through.

She tried swiping the card through the game again but there wasn't a power surge that time. She tried a few more times but nothing happened so Ranma just put the card back in the pouch and slid it in her pocket along with the game.

"Dinner is ready, Ranma!" Kasumi's voice called from below.

"Coming!" Ranma called back as she put the diary back in the box and picked it up with the others and dropped to the ground and hurried inside and dropped the boxes off in her room before heading to the dinning room and the delicious smell of Kasumi's cooking.

One thought trailed through Ranma's head as she made her way to the kitchen. 'It can't be Akane's cooking if it smells that good.'

Ranma was right, Akane had nothing to do with the meal and in fact Akane wasn't even home. Apparently, Akane went to spend the night at a friend's since it was the weekend which for some reason was a little hurt. Akane didn't even bother to say bye or anything. And she called Ranma insensitive?

After dinner Ranma decided to get some fresh air instead of staying at the dojo to listen to another of her father's stupid lectures about how she treated her fiancée who seemed to hate Ranma more and more during each passing day.

Ranma sighed remembering how she first met Akane, "Want to be friends?" echoed through Ranma's mind as she walked. As soon as Akane found out about the curse though it was all over, she no longer wanted to be friends and in fact seemed to grow to hate Ranma very quickly.

"Rikaaaaaaaa." the voice from earlier called out again, this time it seemed to be closer. Ranma looked around for who it was calling but didn't see anyone to the girl's relief. She just didn't want to deal with anyone at the moment. It was getting dark and the street lights were coming on but the red haired girl just didn't want to go home yet.

The street lights overhead started flickering and the lights in the store window were going crazy along with the televisions displayed in the window. A thick white fog started to form around Ranma and engulfed the girl to where it was hard making out anything.

A strange shadow formed in the mist and Ranma fell into a lose battle stance as it moved closer. A shiver ran down the girl's back when she noticed the shadow was shaped like a large cat.

"N-N-Nice kitty." Ranma said, shaking with fear as the shadow moved closer, parts of the creature becoming clear. The cat looked like a tiger wearing modified samurai armor for it and had.wings?

"I am no kitty, human!" the creature said, growling.

"Wh-What are you?" Ranma asked backing slowly away fighting as hard as she could against the neko-ken but felt like she was losing that battle.

"Your new master." The creature said as light started coming from it's mouth. The light shot out at Ranma who barely dodged it. "Stay still human!!"

"Diamond shower!" the voice from earlier called again as a barrage of crystals struck the creature. The creature looked like it was falling apart then faded away as did the fog leaving Ranma face to face with a yellowish looking humanoid fox staring back.

"Rika?" the fox asked in obvious confusion.

I'm Ranma." Ranma said in disbelief.

"Where did you get her digivice?" the fox asked pointing to Ranma's pocket. The redhead pulled out the game which screen had come to life.

"This was my grandmother's." Ranma explained, "Her name was.Rika."

"Grandmother?" the fox asked, its confusion growing.

__________ Author's Note: Ranma ½ is owned by Rumiko Takhashi and Digimon is owned by.well, I don't know who owns Digimon but it's not me nor do I own Ranma.