A New Destiny
By The Eternal Dragon

I don't own Ranma or Digimon but Rumiko and Bandai does. Also, this is an AU with possible OOC so enjoy.

Chapter 2: Friends

Ranma yawned as he sat up in his futon yawning, it was early in the morning so no one was awake yet, not even his father. His thoughts drifted to the previous night and wondered if what had happened was real or not as the image of the fox like creature named Renamon forced it's way into the forefront of his memories. He hated to admit it but if what happened really did happen then Renamon had saved his life since he knew that he would have had a very hard time fighting the other monster. Of course he probably would of won if he went neko but something told him that he wouldn't.

Ranma climbed out of his bed and quietly dressed and headed to the roof of the dojo to find Renamon lying on her back gazing up into the early morning sky, the stars still easily seen as the sun hadn't really started to rise yet. He could see the sad look in the fox's eyes as she sighed.

"Good morning, Renamon." Ranma said quietly.

"Morning Ranma." Renamon replied as she sat up to look at the pig tailed martial artist as he sat down close to her.

"Sis you sleep here all night?" Ranma asked.

"Like I said earlier, Ranma, I don't want anyone to know that I'm here." Renamon said sadly, "I know what would happen."

Ranma shook his head but respected the fox's decision. Ranma looked at the fox and smiled as a thought crossed his mind, this may have been his chance to actually have a friend who treated him like a friend instead of a toy or trophy, someone who would respect and care for him and someone for him to return those feelings.

"Renamon." Ranma asked nervously, "Do you want to be friends?"

Smiling, Renamon nodded as she replied, "I'd love to, Ranma."

Ranma smiled at the sincerity in the voice and eyes of his new friend and got up and offered her his hand. Renamon took it and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet as Ranma lead her down off of the roof and into the back yard.

"Where are we going, Ranma?' Renamon asked, a little confused.

"Wait here, I'll be right back." Ranma said as he quietly sneaked into the house. Renamon waited patiently until Ranma came back out in his cursed form wearing a dark trench coat and holding another one with two large hats. "Put this on."

Renamon took the offered item curiously and put them on, the brim of the pulled down so it ran along her nose and hid her face though making it a little hard to see. Ranma pulled her hat on and started walking away from the dojo with Renamon following after a few moments. "Ranma.where are we going?"

Ranma's stomach growled as she answered, "I know a restaurant open twenty four hours a day and I'm hungry."

Several minutes later, Renamon sat across from Ranma in a booth off to a corner where no one else was around. In front of Renamon was a platter with a stack of pancakes, syrup and sausage and a large glass of orange juice. Ranma was inhaling his as Renamon tasted the strange food timidly. After deciding that she loved the strange food it was gone soon after as she inhaled it almost as fast as Ranma.

In a way the digimon was shocked that Ranma did this, Rika had never done anything like this at first and even believed the digimon to be nothing but a toy. In a way it hurt even now but Renamon knew that Rika had loved her deeply as the girl had shown after she started opening up to her feelings more.

"Thank you, Ranma." Renamon said with a smile of gratitude, she had been hungry when Ranma had come up to the roof where she was thinking about everything.

"No prob," Ranma said honestly, "I hope we can do this a lot. I liked getting away from the hell that is my life and spending some time with my friend."

Renamon smiled for a few moments when a commotion came from across the room where a young man was growling angrily asking where he was now. Renamon noticed Ranma cover her face with her hands and start shaking her head, asking, "Why me?"