A bloodcurdling scream filled the air as Ginny Potter shot up from her bed. Reflexively her left arm shot out for her husband. She turned to look as she realized his place in their bed was vacant and she was wondering exactly where he was. Harry normally slept very soundly at night, save when either of them had a nightmare. They always seemed to know when this was occurring through the bond they shared as soul mates. Panicked, sweat covering her body, her breathing still above normal, Ginny tossed the covers from her, grabbed her robe and proceeded to search for her missing husband. Ginny turned on the hall light and was about to proceed downstairs when a nagging thought crossed her mind.

Her dream had been so vivid that she was almost certain that she, and two of her children might have died. This nightmare was the first of its kind. Never before had she had one that didn't involve Tom Riddle or his Death Eaters. In the eight years since she had been married to Harry Potter she had never imagined a worse fate for herself or her family than the one she'd concocted this evening. Ginny decided to check on her children, to giver herself a sound piece of mind, and to ensure that it was only a nightmare.

Ginny entered Daniel's room first and found her son sleeping soundly in his bed. His room was dark and surprisingly tidy. Normally she had to yell at him constantly to pick it up and put everything away. The young man was the spitting image of his father, save for her eyes, brown eyes that were sealed tightly behind his eyelids. From the few pictures Harry owned, Daniel was an exact double of his grandfather. Not happy just seeing her son, Ginny decided to physically ensure her son was ok. She ran her hand over his head, checking his temperature and then placed it in front of his nose to check for air. She could see his lungs rising and felt ever breath he took while he slept. Satisfied she quietly crept out of his room and closed the door.

When the door was closed she let out the breath that she had failed to notice she was holding while she was checking on Daniel. Ginny then walked down the hall two doors till she came to Jasmine's room. Given the size of their home the twins, now that they were old enough, each had their own room. Jasmine was asleep, lying on her stomach, when Ginny peered inside. Ginny's heart warmed as she saw her daughter with one of her arms clutched a pillow, the other holding a stuffed griffin close to her. The griffin was a gift from Remus Lupin. He had given it to the little girl for her birthday in honor of her Gryffindor parents, and her love of the mythical creature. Ginny walked over and kissed her little double on her forehead. Jasmine, save having her father's eyes, looked likes her mother. Ginny pulled the covers of Jasmine, watching the girl sleep very soundly.

"Mummy loves you Jasmine." Ginny whispered before shutting the door to her room. She wasn't sure if her eyes were deceiving her but it looked like Jasmine smiled with her words. However she didn't want to risk rousing the girl so she didn't reopen the room.

Two down, one to go. Ginny thought as she proceeded on to Rachel's room.

Upon opening the door to Rachel's room her heart sank. The bed was empty, more importantly it looked as if it hadn't been slept in. Ginny looked in the closet, under the bed, everywhere a little girl might hide for some reason or another, and saw no trace of her daughter. She ran back to the bathroom, hoping she was there brushing her teeth, getting some water, or using the loo. Her heart began betting faster when she did not find her daughter there. Running down the stairs Ginny's heart was pounding like a fist against a door. She was in such a hurry she almost tripped twice down the stairs, luckily she was holding on to the rails. She checked the kitchen but did not find the little girl having a snack like she had hoped. She ran through the den and was reaching for the telephone when she looked up and saw Rachel; lying on the living room couch, sound asleep. Ginny placed the phone down, walked into the room one hand over her heart, the other wiping the sweat from her brow.

"Something wrong Gin?" Harry asked from a chair whose view was obscured by the wall behind him. Ginny jumped in fright almost screaming. She managed to muffle her own cry as she saw him.

"Harry James Potter you two had me scared to death." Ginny muttered in a low voice.

"What's wrong love?" Harry asked lowering the guitar in his hands and walking over to his wife.

He pulled his wife to him and gave her a loving hug. Ginny held him tightly to her, tears threatening to fall as she did so. Her breath was now returning to normal, as was her heart rate.

"I. I had a nightmare." Ginny replied.

"I'm sorry Gin." Harry replied. "Rachel work me up saying she had a nightmare as well. She asked me if I could play some music for her and I told her I would."

"So you brought her down here so you wouldn't make a lot of noise." Ginny said with a sigh.

"Exactly. I was too tired to go get my wand, perform a silencing spell, grab my guitar, sing her to sleep, put the guitar back, then come back to bed." Harry said ending the sentence with a yawn.

"I don't blame you, you made me tired just listening to that statement." Ginny said.

"Do you want to tell me about your dream love?" Harry asked.

*~*~*~ *~*~*~ *~*~*~

For the next hour Harry listened to his wife as she recounted, in great detail her nightmare. He found the beginning very amusing that Ginny would dream Dudley Dursley would ever help him. He was impressed that she would be willing to go to such great risks to free him from Azkaban (not that he'd done anything in his life to end up there, but it was nice to know she'd bust him out). Her recount of living in Barcelona, Spain was interesting. They had always wanted to travel there on a family trip (since Ginny already had her trip to Paris before the kids were born). The most disturbing thing was the grim description of how the Ministry Hit Wizards had killed the Potters, save Jasmine. While the ministry did not currently employ the Malfoy's, nor did they have any political power, Harry couldn't help thinking that what Ginny envisioned could happen if the wrong person were ever appointed Minister of Magic. Luckily Amos Diggory was the current Minister and next in succession was none other than Ginny's brother Percy. Although as he thought about it, he wasn't exactly sure if he should be happy that his stuffy brother-in-law was next or not.

After Ginny had relaxed Harry motioned for her to go sit with their daughter and relax. Harry lifted his guitar, he had started playing six years ago per the children's request, and began playing a couple of cord for his wife and his daughter. The five-year-old raven-haired girl, while not sound asleep any longer, was snuggled comfortably next to her mother. As Harry played for his wife and little girl Ginny recognized the music he played immediately. It was a haunting tune, one she'd never heard him practice or play before.. At least not while she was awake.

"Harry, where did you learn that tune?"

"I don't recall where I heard it, I just remember it and liked it. It's the same tune I played to Rachel when I was trying to lull her to sleep." Harry informed the startled red head.

"That was the tune in my dream." Ginny replied in shock.

"Maybe you subconsciously heard me playing it earlier this evening?" Harry stated.

"I don't know. but that was the exact tune you were playing in my dream."

"Maybe it's a sign love. I don't know dear, I was lousy in divination." Harry responded with a smirk on his face. Ginny smiled as well.

"I think we should go visit the family tomorrow. We haven't seen them in a while and I miss them." Ginny added changing the subject.

"Anything you want Ginny, besides the kids have been dy. anxious to see the family." Harry said. He figured saying dying wasn't a good thing to say to a woman who just dreamed her family was executed.

"Maybe during the holiday we could." Ginny paused "With the whole family. go to Barcelona?"

"You mean the Potters and Weasleys?" Harry asked in astonishment.


Harry thought about it for a moment then smiled. "Ok, but lets make the trip their big Christmas gift then and get them one little present as well."

Ginny smiled and nodded in agreement. For the first time since she woke up she finally felt relaxed. As Ginny sat with her daughter she could help but hope that her nightmare was just that, a nightmare, and not shadows of things yet to come.

The End

A/N: I know dream stories have been done (as it's been pointed out to me) but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of Ginny having a nightmare about her families demise.

Most dream stories I've read have been humorous ones so I thought I'd tell a dark one. You may note that per when you start to wake up from a dream you can start asserting control over the direction of a dream (then you occasionally wake up).

That is why it went from Jasmine being the only survivor to Harry being alive, to Rachel being alive as well.