Ever wonder why, at the end of Dracula 2000, Judas didn't just reach up and snap that cord he was choking on? I mean, come on, he's Dracula, right? Superhuman strength an' all that supposedly. Anyway, here's my little supposition as to why he did not.

"This is how you die!" And moving with her now supernatural speed, Mary threw herself and Dracula over the ledge. H e felt the give in the cord snap tight and then pressure, that awful pull and pressure on his neck that he remembered so well, despite the many long centuries since he had last felt it. He looked down and saw Mary, his beloved betrayer, dangling from his hand, their grip the only thing that kept her from plunging to the street below. He knew she probably didn't realize she could fly and even if she did, he knew her enough to know she most likely would not. She would rather die than live as he did. He glanced up and saw the painted face of the now broken cross staring down at him. He thought it rather ironic, really. He had so longed to die and now, here was his chance, to go out the same way he came in and watched by the painted eyes of the  very one who had caused it all in the first place. If he could have laughed, he would have. Then, his attention abruptly shifted as he felt Mary, slipping from his grasp. Why didn't she hold tighter? He knew she could have. Then she let go completely. She seemed to almost drift to the ground and the entire time she fell, she kept those beautiful, large dark eyes riveted on him. He willed her to fly, to change shape, anything but what she did, which was hit the pavement with a sickening thud. A fall like that would have killed her… if she had been human. Why would she do it? And then, as he stared down at her broken body, his own aching from the strain being placed upon it, he had his epiphany.

This was his chance. He now understood the message in her eyes. She knew he could have broken that cord with one good jerk, if he had really wanted too. But she had been in his mind all her life and he had given her the full measure of it only a short time ago. She had seen and realized what he would not allow himself to. His desperate desire to be forgiven.  His death wish. She had seen and now had and was doing all in her power to grant it. It was then he realized how much she truly did love him. Only a love like that would be willing to sacrifice everything, even life,  for the desire and betterment of the one it loved. And he knew he would not be able to let her think it was in vain. It was on that thought  he saw her gasp and move, and roll  her head to stare up at him. He could tell she was almost healed and he did the only thing he knew to do to show her that he understood her intention.

"I-re-lease-you." He gasped out. He freed her from carrying his curse. He gave her back her life. In that instant, he felt something he hadn't felt in so long, he wasn't sure what it was. But then he understood. Peace. Forgiveness. And as the sun shone its first beams of light over the New Orleans skyline, he spread his arms wide and looked up to the sun. And for the first time in nearly 20 centuries, the Son looked back at him…and smiled. The prodigal had finally returned home.