Chapter 6: Finding out

3 months later.

Max had moved in with Alec, they were now an official couple. Max rarely talked to Logan anymore, she could sense the jealousy.


Max woke up smiling to herself. She laid her head gently back down onto Alec's bare chest. She loved just laying here with him. She was in heaven. Until she felt the sudden urge to throw up. She jumped out of bed, waking Alec up in the process. Running to the bathroom, she just barley made it before throwing up in the toilet. She couldn't explain it, this had been going on for 2 months now. Today though, she had promised Alec she would go and see a doctor.

Alec came racing into the bathroom, "Max, are you okay?" he asked concerned.

"Yeah, I dunno what's gotten into me though, I've never been sick." She said shaking her head confused.

"I know, but we'll get through this. I promise." He said gently squeezing her hand.

Max nodded and went to get dressed. Coming out of the bedroom, dressed, she headed for the kitchen. She gave Alec a kiss and walked out the door.


Max rode to Dr. Carr's office. She got there and asked to speak to him. He came out of his office looking frustrated, until he saw her.

"Hey, Max. What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering if you could figure out if I'm sick."

"Sure, just go in room 7 and I'll be in, in a second."

Max walked into the room and took a seat in one of those plush seats. She didn't have to wait long, Dr. Carr came in the door and cautiously closed it behind himself.

"So, Max what's your symptoms?"

"Well, every morning I throw up."

His eyebrows came together in concentration, "Max, that usually means your pregnant, but just in case I'll run some tests."

Max spent hours with the doctor, running every test imaginable. Only one worked right, all the others went haywire because of her amount of hormones. As it turned out, he had been right. She was pregnant. With Alec's baby.

She thanked Dr. Carr and slid onto her motorcycle and slowly rode home. Trying to think about what she was going to tell Alec.

When she got there, Alec was pacing the living room. As soon as she had touched the door knob, he had been on her.

"Max, where the hell have you been?" his eyes blazing, she could tell he had been worried.

"I kinda got caught up at Dr. Carr's. The good news is that I found out why I've been throwing up." She paused.

Alec, waiting for her too continue, "Well, why?"

"Alec, I think you better sit down for this." She said motioning to the sofa, sitting down herself.

He sat beside her and gave him his whole attention. "Alec, I'm pregnant."


That had been 10 minutes ago. His only reply had been to blink and gape at her.

Max couldn't take it anymore.

"What?!" she finally yelled at him.

Slowly, a smile formed on his face, as if a realizing what she had said.

"I'm going to be a father?" it was more of a statement than a question.


Alec's only response this time was to throw his arms around Max and passionately kiss her.


Logan couldn't believe it, he had been tracking Max everywhere she went for the past 2 months. Now, today, he had finally gotten something. Max had went to Dr. Carr's, without asking him. He had saw the test she had taken. If he didn't know any better, his best bet would be that Max was pregnant.

So, he had gone to see Max himself. He was there, at their door, knocking on the door. He saw the shadows move under the door and Max opened the door grinning like an idiot. Her smile, however, faded when she saw Logan.

"Hey, Max. How have you been?"

"Good, you?" she asked stiffly.

"Good, so I was wondering if you had a reason to go to Sam Carr's this morning?"

Max's jaw dropped, how did Logan know she had been there. "How do you know I went to see him this morning?"

"I was trying to hack into a security camera at the building next door, but I hacked into their camera and saw you talking to Dr. Carr."


"Max, are you okay? You know even though we're not like that, doesn't mean I don't have your back."

"I know Logan. The reason I went to seem Sam this morning is because, um, because I'm pregnant."

Logan couldn't believe what he was hearing, the woman he loved was having another man's baby. This couldn't be good.

"Oh, well I better be going. Take care of yourself Max." he said leaving.

Max shut the door and walked over to Alec, "Well, that went well considering it was Logan."


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