I don't own any part of Weiss. I just make up the stories that come out of my head. Once again there are going to be things in this story that will relate to others that I have written.


Aya smiled to herself as she brushed though her hair. Pulling it back, her fingers moved quickly to braid her hair and she used an elastic to hold it in place.

Carefully choosing her red halter with her jeans she got dressed for the day and then applied her favorite shade of Lipstick, Sugar Plum Brad.

Aya hummed as she got breakfast ready for her and her brother. As she broke open the eggs and poured them into the fry pan she thought of her plans for later today. A boy that she had met, Shota, had asked her on a date and she was excited to meet him again.

As Aya was dishing rice into two bowls Ran entered the Kitchen.

"Good Morning" Aya smiled.

Ran yawned "Morning".

Aya set the table with two bowls of rice, two plates of eggs and sausage, two cups and a pitcher of fresh orange juice.

"Looks good" Ran smiled at Aya.

"Itadakimasu!"* They said in unison and proceeded to pick up their chopsticks and start to eat.

"So you're working at the flower shop today?" Aya asked.

Ran nodded "And what are you doing today?"

Aya's lips broke into a smile yet again that morning. "I'm going on a date!"

Ran's chopsticks dropped from his hands "You. You're what?!"

"I'm going on a date!" Aya repeated placing her own chopsticks gently on the table.

"With who?" Ran asked, his eyes darkening.

"Shota. He's a boy I met on the bus. We've taken the same bus for five months now. He's very nice!" Aya's eyes had glazed over thinking of Shota.

Ran didn't like that idea at all. But what could he do? He was working that day.

"Hey Ran! If you don't hurry you'll be late!" Aya said clearing up the breakfast dishes.

"Gochisosamadeshita"** Ran said as he got up from the table to leave for work.


*Itadakimasu is what is said in Japanese before a meal is eaten. Roughly translates to "Thanks for the food", "Let's eat!", "Looks Good", ect. ** Gochisosamadeshita is after the meal, "I'm done", "Tasted good", "Thanks for the food", ect.