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Chapter 1: There's a First Time for Everything

Rin, Jaken, and Sesshoumaru just happen to be resting by a lake. Rin is playing with Jaken while Sesshoumaru is heeling himself from an injury he acquired from a previous attack from Naraku.

"That damned bastard Naraku! He's as good as dead when I find him!" Sesshoumaru mumbled under his breath. "He's mine!"

"Rin, not so hard!" Sesshoumaru heard Jaken's voice and looked over to find Rin kicking Jaken. For some reason, Sesshoumaru found this very funny.

"Rin wants to play." Rin cried at Jaken, who was lying on ground next to Rin, with many brusies and bumps. "Please play with Rin some more." Rin was now in tears.

"Rin." Sesshoumaru called for Rin to come to him. Rin came slowly to Sesshoumaru, mainly to dry her tears. "Rin, why don't you go into the forest with Jaken to get more healing herbs for me." Sesshoumaru suggested, making sure that Jaken heard him clearly.

Jaken sighed. "Yes, Lord Sesshoumaru." And Rin cheerfully agreed.

"Come on master Jaken. Rin wants to play." Rin said cheerfully. "Rin will race you. GO!" Rin took off into the forest with Jaken right behind her trying to catch up to her.

That should give me some time to plan my revenge opon that fucking bastard Naraku! With that thought out of his mind, Sesshoumaru fell back into a deep sleep.

"I win, I win!" Rin said as she entered a clearing in the forest. "Did you hear me, master Jaken..." Rin faded off while she was looking around in a panic for Jaken. "Master Jaken?" Rin started to get scared. She didn't know where she was. She started crying out for Sesshoumaru or Jaken to come and get her. But no one heard except a figure standing in the shadows of the trees....

"Rin! Rin! Oh, Lord Sesshoumaru will be furious at me. I've lost track of Rin not to mention I've also lost track of my surroundings. I think I'm lost." Jaken had a look of panic on his face because of his misfortune is getting himself lost and being separate from Rin. " She couldn't have gone far now, could she? Rin! Rin!"

"Little girl, are you lost?" a strange voice had asked.

Rin was so scared that she didn't answer. All she did was muffle a couple of sobs and took a step back.

"Now now, don't be afraid of me. I'm just a spellcaster." Rin could recognize it now, it was a young woman's voice. "I'm here to help you. Just tell me your name."

Rin shook her head and took another step back, this time not knowing that there was a branch on the ground and tripped. Then it started to rain.

"Come now child. I'll tell you me name if you tell me yours. I'll start, my name is Tegaisaru."

As much as Rin didn't want to speak, she had to give in. "My name is Rin."

"Rin is it. That's pretty." Tegaisaru commented. This time it was Tegaisaru who took a step forward. "Come Rin, before you catch cold." Tegaisaru took another step forward allowing Rin to see Tegaisaru's face. It was a kind face. Tegaisaru had a lite black hair color and her lips seemed to come alive, they were so red. And her facial features, she strong check bones and the her eyes were the color of a bright greenish-blue. Her body had devine features as well, her body was slim and the kimono she was wearing was a beautiful shade of yellow which made every part of her body flawless.

Rin hesitated at first, but seeing Tegaisaru's kind face made Rin feel very relaxed. "Okay." Rin agreed to go with Tegaisaru. Tegaisaru took Rin by the hand and led her out of the forest and to a cabin just outside of the forest. Once inside the cabin Tegaisaru told Rin to get out of her, now soaking, clothes. While Rin was taking off her clothes, Tegaisaru laid out a beautiful lite blue kimono while red and yellow flowers printed on it. Rin gasped at the sight of the beautiful kimono.

"That is for you Rin." Tegaisaru told Rin as she left Rin so she may change. Rin happily put it on.

Once Rin was fully dressed, she went to find Tegaisaru.

"It looks like it's a little big on you Rin. Would you like me to get something else for you to wear? Something a little bit smaller perhaps?" Tegaisaru had asked Rin as soon as Rin came out.

"No, this is just fine, thank you."

"Suite yourself then. But just be careful not to trip please."

"Yes Miss Tegaisaru."

"Tegaisaru. Just call me Tagaisaru, Rin."

"Okay, Tegaisaru." Rin smiled at Tegaisaru and hugged herself as she felt the fabric of the kimono. Rin had completely forgotten about Sesshoumaru and Jaken, but that didn't bother her.

It wasn't until it started to rain really hard, did Sesshoumaru wake up. As he was waking up,he first relelized that neither Jakennor Rin had returned from their "little outing".

"It's raining." Sesshoumaru said. " I can't catch either of their scents."

Sesshoumaru stood up, in time that he took his nap, he had fully recovered from his injury. And Sesshoumaru was really glad that he had been able to heal so fast, because that meant that he would be able to challenge Naraku very soon.

"I guess I should get out of the storm. But first let me find Jaken and Rin...." As soon as Sesshoumaru had said that, he could faintly smell Jaken's scent. "Jaken......but I don't smell Rin's scent.....Hmm.." Sesshoumaru started walking into the forest, trying to keep Jaken's scent.

But it was hard for Sesshoumaru to keep tracking Jaken's scent, for the rain kept covering it. Damn the stupid rain. All rain does is slow things down Sesshoumaru noted that these unrelated were coming to him at full force. Soon he was so wrapped up in his thoughts he had completely lost track of the time. And soon he had slumped down next to a tree lost, yet again, in his foolish thoughts.

Rin had fallen asleep on the futon in Tegaisaru's cabin. Tegaisaru, who had crepted in to the room in which Rin slept, sprinkled a lite blue powerd all over Rin's body which caused Rin's body to glow the same color as the powder. Then Tegaisaru started mumbling an incontion, " Tever ni omoisha kish tiuy eniponamliod, fordejuf detre yuialp ko ni shi, growth!" Once the spell was recited, the bright blue light shot up from Rin's body and covered the entire room. It finally made it outside and disappeared into the night.

Tegaisaru looked at Rin, who was know glowing the same shade of blue that the light was, and them she smiled and said, " I know you're in pain right now, and I'm sorry but the pain won't last for long. Then you can go back to be your normal self. But until then you will have to suffer as well as your friends. They will expirence more pain than you will. Enjoy." The way that 'Enjoy' rolled off Tegaisaru's tongue, pleased her to no end.

Just as Tegaisaru has entered the room, she slipped out of the room. And Tegaisaru went to prepare for tomorrow. The joy of the thought of what tomorrow would made Tegaisaru giggle uncontrolably. She loved it.

It was the middle of the night when Sesshoumaru finally came to. He awoke finding himself in the middle of the forest, under a tree. He leaned forward and tried to get up but couldn't.

"What happened to me-" He was caught short of words as a terrible pain entered his head. The magnatitude of this pain made him groan in pain. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, tring to make the incredible pain go away. But he failed miserably. Leaning back only made the pain worse.

This time Sesshoumaru coundn't keep the pain inside. And he screamed as if there was no end to it. The only problem was that he couldn't control the rage inside of him from the pain. He started lashing out uncontrolably. Yelling and screaming and tore up everything in his way.

The worst part of the entire scene was that no matter how hard he tried, Sesshoumaru couldn't stop himself. Sesshoumaru felt like he was going to rip himself apart before.....before it stopped.Just as soon as it had started, it had stopped. Sesshoumaru fell to his knees, his hands shaking violently. He was terrififed that he couldn't stop himself, he felt out of control.

This was a new feeling for Sesshoumaru, he's never felt this way before. Every time he tried to get up, the horrible pain would enter his head, and he would be forced to sit back down.

He was getting very angery at this. He needed to do something about it, he wasn't going to looked at as weak. He wouldn't allow it.

Rin woke up to a terrible headache. She groaned in pain and winced at the sight of the light.

" head hurts so much." Rin sat up on her futon, staring at the the wall, trying to focus her vision.

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