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Chapter 16: Keeping a Bet is Hard Work


Miroku was panicking now. Not only had he been shoved into a corner without the possibility of escape, but also his hentai senses were working over time. He had two beautiful women sitting on either side of his being and they were all up for him to grope them. And yet, something in the far reaches of his mind screamed 'don't do it'. It had certainly been his conscience, reminding him of the bet he had made with Inuyasha. It was times like this that he asked himself 'why'd I ever agree to that stupid bet?'.

"Well monk? We're waiting." From the smug look on Inuyasha's face, Miroku could easily tell what he was thinking. "Are you scared now? Or perhaps you're just not the hentai you lead us to believe you are?"

Beads of sweat ran down Miroku's face as he was forced to choose between his current choices: 1. Lose control and grope Sango and Kagome and earn slaps from both of them and lose the bet, or 2. Uphold his dignity and fight off the temptation to grope the girls and be tortured. Well, being the well-mannered man that he is he picked… number 2. "T-t-t-that could be the truth. I could be leading you all on."

Not expecting his response, everyone just starred at him wondering whether or not he agreed to a bet or a vow.

"So if you three a done, I'll be heading off to relax myself." And with that Miroku casually got up off the ground and headed towards the forest.

  "Okay…not what I expected." Kagome almost forgot to blink from the shock. "I thought you said he would give in?"

"I thought that." Inuyasha was dumbfounded, plain and simple. "Why the hell didn't he touch you two?!?!"

"So you wanted him to touch us, is that what you're saying?" You could see tiny bits of steam coming out of Kagome's ears because she was so mad.

"Hell yeah! I would have won!"

Sango looked off in the direction that Miroku had went off in. Maybe he does have some control over it…or maybe he's just waiting until AFTER the bet to make his move. She turned to face Inuyasha and Kagome. "I'd rather him not touch me then actually touching me. You gotta think it's somewhat of an improvement, right?"

The fighting lovers looked at Sango with blank eyes. "Maybe you're right," the two replied in unison.

"I'm always right." Sango placed her hands on her hips and raised her chin into the air. Inuyasha immediately broke out into a fit of laughter. "What are you laughing at?"

"The fact that you think you're always right." Tears joined in as he was laughing so hard he was crying.

"Inuyasha, that's not right. You shouldn't laugh at Sango." Kagome just glared at Inuyasha.

"What? She laughs at me."

"Yeah, but it's okay to laugh at you." Sango looked over at Kagome, who was trying to stifle her laughter. "Right Kagome?"

Inuyasha turned his attention to his mate and saw her plight. "So you agree with her?!"

Kagome slowly nodded as she burst out in a fit of laughter. Sango soon followed.

"I don't see what's so damn funny! I mean I'M not laughing!!!!!" 

"Of course you're not laughing, you're too dense to get the joke!" Sango managed to get out threw pauses in her laughing fit.

Inuyasha crossed his arms and turned his gaze elsewhere. "You two are plain evil."

Miroku, who happened to be watching the entire scene from a safe distance, gawked. HE TOLD THEM?!?!?!?! How dare he! This means war!!!! No more Mr. Nice Guy! He began to plot his plan.


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