Evolution: Father of mine.

Chapter 1: Spring Break Smash

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The most dreaded days of school were almost over at Bayville high and the students couldn't be happier. Spring break was upon the students and this spring break would prove either very special or very troublesome (one of the two anyway), but that is too far ahead at the moment. A group of people walked out of the large brick building, these particular students were known in the underground as the X-men. They were all very happy to be free, well, for a week anyway. "So who's up for a level 3 training sim in the danger room?" the intrepid leader of the bunch, Scott Summers, playfully suggested

"Damn it Cyc, don't scare me like that!" chided his current girlfriend Jean Grey

"Yeah, Scott lets go to the beach or something" Kitty chimed in

"Dude, I've alvays vanted to go to New Orleans." Kurt suggested as the group continued to walk towards the now crowded parking lot.

"Ok," Scott capitulated "We'll check with the Prof and see if we can get some funds" he finished as they reached the old style red Shelby cobra that Scott had found in a junk yard and fixed up.

"Shotgun!" yelled Rogue as she jumped into the passenger seat while the others hopped into the backseat that was uncommon to the series of cars. The ride home was filled with the excited shouts of a group of teenagers high on the adrenaline that was freedom. They quieted down as they approached the mansion they had all called home for the past few years.

Everyone was on their best behavior as they entered the professor's office in an impressive display of unity. Even the prankster known as Kurt Wagner was silent. The group had earlier decided to let Scott do the talking. "What's this, has the world come to its end?" the Professor half joking poked "for you all to show such unity, it must be a desaster or you want something."

"Ahem," Scott cleared his throat; it was never easy asking the man that had done so much for him already, for more, "Professor, everyone of us here has made low B's to high A's and we where wondering that as a reward maybe we could go to spring break ,with your help monetarily, alone this year?"

The Professor just chuckled at the fact that the X-men could come together as team when it involved fun while not mustering the teamwork to get over level 3 in the danger room. Instantly, Charles scanned their minds only to find that they were all seriously focused on his answer. This made him chuckle again. "Lets discuss were it is you all want go." He smiled as the small group of teens let out yelp of excitement followed by the girls jumping in to hug him. They were all like his children and he loved to see them happy.

An hour passed before they all decided on Hawaii as their destination. Its was the Professor's idea, fortunately he had found some cheap fairs the day before on the internet. That did not matter at the moment for everyone had rushed to their respective rooms to hurry and pack because they would be leaving early the next morning in order to catch the right flight. After they feverishly packed their manliest swim trunks and cutest bathing suits they all began the anxious task of waiting to fall asleep, only to find that was a more difficult task than they expected. Excited insomnia had that effect on people. When morning of the next day came, the crime fighting team known as the X-men, was again struck with a fever. They were mad with the desire to hurry, because of the insomnia the night before they had all overslept. Finally, they managed to get underway without much incident. The drive was pleasant if not hurried. All of them played off of the excitement of each other causing the van to slightly shift from side to side.

"Hey settle down back there!" Wolverine yelled while ignored by the passengers "Shut up and sit down Damn it!" He continued. Suddenly a loud thud and the sound of broken glass rang out as a large object slid from the front of the van over the top and off the back.

"Oh my God! NATHAN!" A female voice from outside screamed as the x-van came to a screeching halt.

The X-men Quickly pilled out of the car to see what had happened. It turns out a young man no more than seventeen years old lay on the ground covered in blood while a girl that looked about a year younger stood over him trying not to touch him with tears streaming down her face. "Nathan, come on wake up, boy!" She was practically screaming at him

"Scott, Kurt get the boy into the van!" Logan ordered "Jean see if you can calm her down enough to get her in the van, we've got to get them back to the mansion, Go!"

Scott, Jean and Kurt acted on the orders without a word. Scott and Kurt easily got the boy into the van however Jean was having a problem calming the girl who was on the verge of hysterics. "We don have time fer this!" rogue exclaimed as she pulled her glove off and grabbed the girls flailing arms. Unexpectedly, Rogue screamed and both her and the girl fell to the ground unconscious. "What the hell?" yelled Logan as he picked up both girls and put them in the van.

"Come on, Come on!" Kitty hurried Logan

"I know Damn it!" Replied Logan as he jumped into the x-van and shifted into high gear and left streaks in the pavement as they raced back to the mansion hoping to make use of the better than hospital, medical facilities.

End Chapter 1

I didn't quite know what to classify this as when i posted it but this is going to be a Romance/drama and hopefully you'll laugh a couple of times. MORE TO CCOOOMMMMEEEEE!