"Judson?" Gabe's voice was slightly strained. "What . . ."

"Don't talk. You're okay." Judson leaned over so that Gabe could see him.

"How long?" He could feel the stitches itching along the deep wound on his chest. The iv drip made a constant beeping sound that he was sure would drive him nuts if he had to hear for more than a few hours.

"You've been here since about two a.m.," Mac said entering the room wearing a large smile and carrying a small white bag. "This is to say sorry about last night." She thrust the bag into his lap.

"Addison?" He opened the bag like a child opening a long awaited present.

"Haven't found him yet."

"Where I shot him, he should be good and dead."

"Thank you." He stuffed half of the glazed pastry Mac had brought him into his mouth as he spoke.

"That's my cue to head back the ship," she said leaving.

"The doctor said that after tomorrow you're free to go." He studied the look on Gabe's face. "Are there any more of those in there?" He peaked into the bag, pulling out a small donut looking pastry from the bag.

~** The End**~