Of Secret Military Organizations and Slayers…

Yes, it's little ole me writing another Buffy story. This one is an angsty romance between Buffy and Colonel Coburn, the SG2 leader. (To answer Catlimere's question, yes, it will definitely have a happy ending. )

The guy who played Colonel James Coburn is Steve Bacic. I'm calling him Jay as a nickname. There is a website to view him, e-mail me for the address, or you can go to google and enter his name…or if you are familiar with Andromeda he also played Gaheris Rhade, he also appeared in X-men 2 (brownie points for whoever figures out who he played). This will be a back and forth between Colorado Springs and Cleveland, set after the end of BTVS series. It will be rated R, (duh, I like writing romances).

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Stargate SG-1. Those who do know who you are. This is for all of the chapters that I am going to write. Otay?

So, settle back and enjoy, I've already written 16 chapters and have at least 16 more to type…K