20 years later-

Jay had retired as a Brigadier General. He'd brought the Initiative to Colorado Springs, though not to the mountain. Jack and he had agreed to keep the two top-secret facilities separate. Buffy was back to training new Slayers, and there had been several over the years that had joined the SGC, lending their talents to the SG teams. Jonah had been sent to the Asgard at the age of 19 for four years of intense training in preparation for becoming the 'Brygga', or the bridge between their two people.

Sam and Jack had retired, though Sam still taught at the Academy. Jack had implemented General Hammond's plans about International SG teams and the idea had worked wonderfully in promoting diplomacy between countries. He still tried to catch the elusive 'big fish', which made Daniel and Teal'c tease him mercilessly. Mia had gone through the Academy and graduated at the top of her class, then joined the SGC as one of its premier military scientists.

Jon O'Neill was the Commanding Officer of the SGC and under him it had seamlessly incorporated aliens into the SG teams that were now an international mix of people. The Slayers had really helped as well and the threat of the goa'uld was a thing of the past. Dawn was the in-house linguist, her knowledge of goa'uld and ancient languages almost equaling Daniel's. Their daughter Joyce, genetically a half sister to Mia (they were also best friends) was in her final year of college (her sixth), about to join the Initiative.

Xander had retired, and Cassie had left the SGC to travel the world with her husband. Their son Will went to Norwich College in Vermont and joined the Army so he could work at the SGC. He was a Lt. and cheerfully was called the 'Jolly Green Giant' because of his height of 6'4".

Daniel had never married again, though he and Janet had gotten close, especially since he taught her grandson Will. Daniel had ended up running a 'school' for the kids, Jonah, Mia, Will and Joyce, all of whom ended up as 'gifted'. His methods of teaching must have been pretty good for all of the kids were 4.0 or above students and all had gone to college early and graduated with honors.

Angel and Spike visited occasionally, helping out with the Initiative when asked. Jay's father had died soon after Jonah was born, but Giles was the ultimate grandfather, spoiling all four children, not just his two grandkids. He, Janet Frasier and Jacob Carter had gotten together and decided since they were the last surviving grandparents they would spoil the four kids rotten and they were much beloved.


Jonah Coburn was almost 24, broad shouldered, dark hair and hazel eyes, and with the excellent genes he had to work with, handsome as well. He looked at the Earth from the window of Thor's ship and smiled slightly. It looked beautiful from way up in space. He glanced at Thor who was regarding him silently. "You ok Thor?"

"I am well Jonah, I was about to inquire on your behalf. It has been 4 years since you left your planet. Are you anxious to see your family?"

Tapping his fingers nervously Jonah nodded, "I missed everyone, Dad and Mom, Grandpa Giles, Jack and Sam, Uncle Daniel and Janet, Teal'c, Xander and Cassie, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jon, Faith and Robin, Mia, Will, Joyce, everyone." He was suddenly anxious, 'what if they hadn't missed him, he'd been away for so long?' He'd been to the Nox homeworld, done some time with the Tok'ra including Grandpa Jacob, did training with the Jaffa armies, learned everything that there was to know about the Ancients, had long conversations with Shifu who he considered to be a kind of cousin and friend, and had become the 'Brygga' between the Asgard and his home.

Suddenly he was standing in the gateroom and being hugged within an inch of his life and knew that his fears had been groundless. He looked into his father's eyes and he grinned, "Dad, I'm home."

Jay gripped his son in a bear hug, "Yes you are, yes you are." Emotion overwhelming him. Buffy wrapped her arms around them both and cried a little before looking up at her handsome son, "So, you ready to do some good here?" she asked.

Jonah nodded, bending down to kiss his Mom and began to go from loved one to friend, giving hugs and receiving hugs in return. He answered questions, met the new SGC members and smiled a lot.

Upon reaching Daniel he smiled, "Hello teacher, Shifu sends his regards." The two men hugged tightly, the Daniel pulled back, "I'm glad you're back Jonah, I look forward to learning from you." His blue eyes shone and Jonah shook his head; "I wouldn't be here without you Uncle Daniel."

Daniel smiled, "Jack's making faces, go see him, we'll talk later." And he patted Jonah's shoulder.

He reached Jack who pounded the young man on the back, "Welcome back kid, we missed ya. Thor treat you well?"

"Yes Uncle Jack" Jonah said respectfully, then he hugged Sam. They talked quietly for a moment, he knew his Aunt Sam wanted to pick his brain for the technology he'd seen. Then his arms were filled with Mia, and he suddenly couldn't breathe. She had changed, yet he would always know who she was…her blue eyes met his and she pulled back, then took his arm, "Aunt B, Dad, we're gonna take Jonah and let him see what's changed, bye!" There were indulgent smiles from the adults as his cousins dragged him off.

"Mia!" Jonah scolded, waving as he was pulled out of the gateroom, but she brushed away his protest.

Will grinned, "Let's take him to the indoor arena, I think I can beat him at basketball now." Jonah grinned at his cousin, "You've got like 5 inches on me Giant boy, you'll wipe the floor with me!" Joyce laughed and hugged Jonah hard; "I'm so glad that you're home."

He closed his eyes, "Me too Joyeux Noel." He said, using his private nickname for her, "Me too." The four young people left the mountain, and were in Mia's rebuilt PT cruiser, Jonah in the front with Mia. He noticed, all of the sudden how beautiful she had become, her sandy blond hair cut short but highlighting her pixie face, a body that wouldn't quit and long legs like Joyce. "When did you guys all grow up?" He wondered out loud and there was laughter, "Same time you did grandpa." Joyce teased.

Will leaned forward, "You know that Mia and I work at the SGC now, Joyce is at college and is going to join the Initiative."

"I thing Mom mentioned it but Christ, seeing you guys made it hit home." Jonah shook his head, his eyes going back to Mia again.

Mia looked at him and his breath caught in his throat, then she smiled and he fell headlong in love and had no way to fight it. "You ready to see what's changed?"

His heart was pounding and he felt a little lightheaded, 'For cryin' out loud, pull yourself together!' he chastised himself. "Hey, I saw Ray'ac, he taught me some new moves if you guys are interested?" and there was noisy agreement.

Buffy looked towards the door her son had disappeared through, a slight smile on her face. "Did you see the look on his face when he saw Mia?" she asked Sam.

Glancing at her husband ruefully Sam nodded, "Our babies are all grown up Buffy."

Jack, a robust 65 year old looked over at his wife, "Now it's on to grandchildren!"

There was laughter and Jay shoved his old friend slightly, "Jeez Jack, jumpin' the gun aren't you?"

But Jack shook his head, "Just think, if Buffy hadn't thumped that goa'uld you'd never have met her, and none of this.." he waved his hand at the SGC and the people still inside mingling, aliens, old SGC and new, "would ever have happened."

With a smile Buffy leaned against her husband, "Yeah, me and secret military organizations, who knew?"

The end…..

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