Second Chance
Chapter 5

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Jadiete was dead. No one could dispute the fact. And no one mourned his death. Goku and Ami were too worried about their unconscious friends, while the troubled Tuxedo Mask puzzled over the mysteries of his existence.

But someone did mourn his death.

Not the death in itself, but the death of a comrade. Jadiete's death meant that the senshi had gained a lone victory.

The brown haired general watched through a crystal ball as his fellow general was destroyed.

"Jadiete...," he murmured angrily. "I will avenge you."

And so another threat emerged.


Ami held tightly to Goku, as they flew carefully through the cool, night air. Her mind was in a whirl. How could he be flying? Logically, she could find no suitable explanation for it. Humans didn't fly...infact, the only people she knew of that could even come CLOSE to it were people from the Dark Kingdom. But Goku wasn't evil....

A low moan escaped Usagi's lips. Goku turned his head sharply to glance at her, nearly dropping Rei and Ami in the process.

Ami closed her eyes, holding tight to his neck, willing herself not to scream as they dangled precariously in the air.

"Gosh! Sorry Ami.....I'm still not used to this body I guess," he mumbled absently. In this younger form of himself, he wasn't as big as before, and although the girls weren't exactly heavy, it was still awkward carrying them all like this.

Ami was hardly paying attention.

She was trying to locate the hospital without actually LOOKING down.

'I have to stay calm...Usagi and Rei-chan need me...'

So she muffled her fears and bit her lip. The hospital came into view.

"Goku!," she called above the roaring wind, "there it is!" She motioned with her eyes, afraid of letting go. Goku nodded, speeding up.

She held on for dear life.

He landed near one of the side entrances. Ami opened her eyes and stood shakily to her feet.

Goku smiled.

"You did great Ami," he appraised. She only nodded, just grateful for being on the ground again.

Walking in, she went straight to the front desk, asking for her mother. They'd get fast clearance that way.

After a few moments of explaining who she was, the intern doubtfully rang her mother, who was stationed on the third floor. Minutes later, a tall, pretty dark haired woman appeared, wearing the signature white uniform and looking worried.

"Ami honey....what's wrong? What are you doing here?" She then noticed Goku cradling the two unconscious girls.

"Oh my! We have to get these girls help immediately!" And she took charge, ordering for stretchers to be brought.

"What's the matter with you people?! Can't you see how this poor boy is struggling?!"

Goku blinked.

"Um..actually, I'm fine-" His voice was drowned out as the two girls were taken from him.

His eyes followed the bursling activity. He'd only been in a hospital twice, when Gohan was born, and after the fight with the saiyanjin. He didn't like all the bright lights, and the smell of sterility. And where were they taking Usagi??

He followed the hurrying doctors down the hall as they wheeled the unconscious girl to some unknown location. Now that they were in the light, he could see that the entire front of Usagi's uniform was soaked with blood.

The blue haired Ami watched him go. Of course he would follow Usa. But she would hate to see the disappointment on his face when they told him he couldn't stay.

And where was Luna? It wasn't like her to just disappear, right in the middle of something. Sighing, she returned to the front desk, giving the intern any information she might need about the two patients.


"She's hyperventilating!"

"Somebody get her stabilized!"

"This girl has 3rd degree burns!!"

"Are there any current medical files on her?"

Goku listened with confusion. He couldn't see the pigtailed girl anymore from the doctors crowded around her. They headed through a pair of swinging doors, and he was about to follow when that lady- Ami's Mother- noticed him trailing them. She gave him a stern look.

"Young man, this is a restricted area. You can't be here."

He looked beyond her, as Usagi disappeared behind the doors. The woman's look softened. "Don't worry," she comforted, "I'm sure it's not as serious as it looks. I'll let you know how she is." she turned and walked briskly after the girl.

He sighed. Ofcourse it wasn't as serious as it looked. He already knew that. It had only been a minor blast afterall...but Usagi hadn't been trained to take such hits. He sat down on one of the wooden benches that lined the wall.

That wound wasn't fatal....well, atleast not to him...but Usagi was so much weaker....he shook his head. If only he'd gotten there sooner! Why hadn't he used the Instant Transmission?

His head lifted sharply. That hadn't been there before. Why was he just remembering it? It had to be more than just your average forgetfulness. Something was going on.

A hand touched his shoulder gently. He looked up. Why was he having so much trouble sensing ki?

It was Ami's mother. She smiled down at him, and he rose quickly.

"Where's Usa??"

She gave a wry laugh. "Well hello to you too! Don't expect her to be up and about so soon. She'll have to recover her strength. And I'm afraid we'll have to keep her overnight."

She handed him a small plastic card with a picture of Usagi grinning listlessly into the camera.

"That's Usagi's school I.D.," the woman exclaimed, after watching him puzzle over it for several moments. "We used it to contact her parents."

She suddenly frowned.

"That poor girl was suffering from recent 3rd degree burns; not to mention the various small slivers of glass on her skin.... I'm wondering how a girl such as herself could come by those sort of injuries...and what was she doing out so late in the first place?" She seemed to glare at him.

He looked down.

The woman sighed. "Regardless of the circumstances, it's too late to worry over it now." She turned to go.

"I'm going to see about the other one."

Goku called after her. "Wait!! Could I see her?"

She watched his face carefully a few moments, then smiled slightly. It was against regulations, but...

"Alright...I suppose it wouldn't hurt...But...not for too long...and I must warn you, we gave her some pain killers, she may not be awake." She pointed to a door on the left.

"She's in there."

Goku smiled and eagerly started for the room. Dr. Mizuno watched him, shaking her head at the young man.

Goku didn't notice as he rushed into the room. Hospitals were serious, weren't they? And if Ami had thought Usagi and Rei needed to be here, then the injuries must have been more serious than he'd thought.

He gazed down at her still form. They'd taken off her School uniform; She was now wearing one of those hospital gowns, and was tucked safely under the crisp, white sheets.

Various small cuts ran across her face and arms, and her face was pale. He stood over her, gazing at her still form. Her face held so much innocence...but how long would that last? just didn't seem to fit this girl, this beautiful golden haired angel.

He gasped.

Beautiful? What was he thinking? She was just a child....he shouldn't be thinking of THAT....He was old enough to be her father! Or maybe that was it...maybe he was thinking of her as his own child...the daughter he never had.

Was he replacing her with Gohan?

But even as these thoughts circled his head, his hand was reaching up to gently brush a strand of hair from her face.

And then he felt it.

That feeling. That same sensation he'd felt, right before he died.

Once again, time seemed to stop, and everything froze around him. He turned slowly.

And there she was.

Standing across the room, next to the door. He straightened, shaking his head, eyes wide with shock.

"....It's you...," he whispered unbelievingly.

She smiled.


Luna ran.

How could this have happened? Her poor senshi....they'd tried their hardest to fight, but it just wasn't enough. And they were hurt! She'd never meant for that to happen. She knew that fighting would be dangerous, seemed that they had NO chance at all. Not to mention that they were still no closer to finding the Princess and the Ginzuishou. Or the forth senshi for that matter.

She'd been no help to them at all. Some guardian she turned out to be.

She stopped in front of the game arcade.

The Senshi were temporarily out of commission; they weren't powerful enough to go against these new Youma. And where exactly did Goku fit in all of this?

She was confused. Shaking her head, she made her way into the secret base under the arcade. Headquarters would know what to do. She typed in her password.

Unknown to the distraught cat however, she had been followed.

It's frog eyes bulged as it hopped after the racing cat.


He stared in shock at the woman.

She looked young, maybe two years or so older than his current self. But those eyes. Those eyes had seen. This seemingly young woman was definitely older than she looked.

She had long, dark green hair that came almost to her knees. Exotic, olive colored skin. Piercing Garnet red eyes. In her right hand, she held a long staff, with a strange red jewel on top.

But that wasn't what he was staring at. It was the way she was dressed. Dark green and white.....

She was one of them. A Sailor Senshi.

For a moment he just stared, to dumbfounded to say anything at all.

Finally he spoke.

"'re the one that........"

She nodded. "Yes, Son Goku, I am the one who brought you here."

Her red lips curled into a slight smile.

"I am the Senshi of Time, known as Sailor Pluto."

He gaped. ANOTHER one?! Just how many where there?

Sailor Pluto laughed, a soft mysterious sound.

"My job is to guard the gates of time, and therefore am not allowed to interfere in battles." She explained.

He sensed a great ki force from this lady. A dark ki. Not EVIL exactly, just....dark. He stared at her, puzzled.

She regarded him calmly.

"You've been adapting quite well under the circumstances," she praised. "Hiding your true power. Very well done. You must never let anyone know the true depth of your strength," she cautioned.

"It's very important." He frowned.


"It could destroy the balance of this entire universe...a power such as yours wasn't meant to emerge here so quickly." She paused, staring into his eyes. He had so many questions he wanted to many things.

"Why did you save me?," he blurted suddenly.

Her face was expressionless, giving nothing away. He had a feeling that this woman could read him like a book if she chose to.

She seemed amused.

"I've been watching you for quite some time now," she revealed. He blinked, surprised. He'd never FELT her ki before.

"You see, as the Guardian of time, I am able to look into any universe or world, be it my own, or another. I witnessed your battles...watched you grow. As I watched, I began to realize something- through it all, the reason you fought never changed. The reason that you fought, always, was for your friends and the sake of the earth." She paused, observing his expression, which was clueless.

She continued. "I thought it ironic, that you'd been sent to the earth to destroy it, but had ended up it's savior so many times."

He listened, confused. What was she getting at?

"And so, I witnessed the fight with the being called Cell," she exclaimed. "I saw him, as he destroyed your friends one by one...and I saw how desperate you helpless and miserable." She stopped, staring into Goku's now narrowed eyes.

His gaze burned into her angrily. Sailor Pluto winced from it's intensity.

"If you knew all this, if you knew what would happen, then why didn't you DO anything?! Why didn't you WARN me??!!!!!," he shouted.

She smiled sadly.

"Because....I saw no future for that world."

He gasped.

No....future? But...Kami-sama....Dende...wouldn't they have known?

She sighed. "I felt as if I knew you, watching everything that happened. And then it hit me; You reminded me of our own little Usagi-chan, here on this earth." She smiled, and her gaze flickered to the frozen girl.

"I couldn't let such a kindred spirit as yourself just die...and so I broke the Rules of Time...I stole your dyeing soul from that world, and brought it back with me here."

She shook her head. "I'd never done that before...and I hadn't counted on..." she trailed off. "I can no longer see a future for this world..." she murmured almost to herself. But Goku heard.


She looked up, seeming to have forgotten him.

"I'm sure you've probably noticed by now, that certain abilities of yours were lost." He nodded.

"What's happening to me?" He couldn't sense ki straight...couldn't remember some of his most important techniques.

"When I brought you here, it was with the intention of giving you another chance at life. You had had such a horrible ending weren't supposed to remember it...or your previous life. But your will was much stronger than I had counted on....and as a result I wasn't able to erase your entire memory... It was unfortunate." She looked almost apologetic.

He smiled slightly. "If you don't mind, I'd rather not forget." he said quietly.

His friends. His son. No. He didn't want to forget them. His entire life...the future of his friends...He would carry the guilt with him for the rest of his days as a reminder.

Sailor Pluto nodded. "You were supposed to be reborn into this world as a child...but....something.... went amis...and as a result, I was only able to decrease your age..."

He nodded, absorbing the information.

"Son Goku," she began, but he interrupted.

"Um...Just Goku would be fine," he stated.

She continued.

"The enemy is growing stronger. The events of this world are not falling into place as they should. The two outer Senshi, Neptune and Uranus, weren't due to appear for another year or so. The Neptune and Uranus you see today are infact from an entirely different future."

Goku looked taken aback. He was about to ask about the two senshi, when Pluto went on.

"Also, I must warn you."

Goku tensed.

"Warn me of what?"

"The King of the earth may be coming."

Goku stared on cluelessly. The king of the earth? The earth had a king??

"No. This this king is from the future. As a result of the changing events that are taking place in this timeline, the future timeline has been completely destroyed. Consequently, everything the King has ever known is now gone."

She exhaled, remembering the distraught King.

He'd come to the gates demanding entrance to the past. Ofcourse, she wasn't permitted to allow him through...even if he WAS king. She'd felt so badly for him. Having his life destroyed. Just like the young man standing before her. There was nothing she could do to help either of them. And The King....he'd gotten angry then. Stalked out.

No, she hadn't seen the last of him. There were other ways to the past besides the time gates. Dangerous ways, but ways none the less.

"This King," Goku asked slowly, "Is he an enemy?"

"I don't know." she replied. "But he will definitely be here. I must warn you. Do not draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. If he does come, he'll be on the look out for things or persons that weren't here before....and he grew up in this time...he'll be able to tell if he comes as his final self, The King. If you stand out, he'll notice you right away."

Goku glanced thoughtfully out the window.

"Is he here? As his past self I mean. Have I seen him?"

She smiled mysteriously. "I cannot reveal this to you."

"AW! Why not?" he whined, a childishly innocent expression on his face.

She laughed. That was Usagi alright. Through and through.

He turned suddenly serious. "You don't have to worry. I won't let this world be destroyed."

He would fight. The senshi weren't strong enough, so he would do it for them. Yes. He was wrong before, to try and let Sailor Mon fight on her own. And he'd almost made the same mistake as before in this world... but no more. He would find the Enemy, destroy it.

"NO!" he looked up, startled.

Sailor Pluto was watching him sternly.

"You MUST let Sailor Moon destroy the enemy! It's crucial. Even though the future timeline has been destroyed, it's very imperative that we let things run as naturally as they were supposed to, and there might be a chance to save it."

However, she didn't mention the other things.

She smiled.

"I must leave you, Goku. The Gates must not be left unguarded. Take care!"
Turning abruptly, she paused.

"Do not tell the other's about me...."

"Huh? Why not?," he asked, puzzled. This lady wanted to keep an awful lot secret.

"All will be revealed soon. And Goku-" her face wore an odd expression, and her gaze fell to the sleeping Usagi.

"Live life to its fullest here."

And then she was gone.

Time resumed it's normal flow, and Goku let out his breath, which he'd been unconsciously holding.

Man. That was weird... To think that there was actually someone GUARDING TIME......

He didn't envy her though. It must be a really lonely job.

"OH KAMI!" he kicked himself mentally. He should have asked her about the Princess. Oh well......he'd figure something out. If he couldn't fight the enemy himself, then he'd just have to train the senshi as he'd originally planned.


He smiled. Yes. That would be best.

He returned to Usagi's bedside.

Just as soon as she was able, they would began. Those other two senshi... Outers, she'd called them, they'd somehow managed to manipulate their blasts. They'd been able to concentrate their powers into small tightly concentrated balls, resulting in more damage.

These senshi had the potential to do that too. But Mars' fire was just too wild and untamed. And Mercury's attacks were too defensive. She need some OFFENSIVE attacks if they were going to get through this.

And Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon didn't seem to be able to manage Ki at all. She'd only so far used that tiara of hers, and the only reason it had been so powerful was because she'd been able, somehow, to concentrate her energy-

He suddenly grinned. That was it! It wasn't the tiara that was emitting the was Sailor Moon herself! Always she'd had to power-up before she used it; The longer she powered up, the more powerful it became... That meant that Usagi had already unconsciously mastered a form of ki. Manipulation.

'Now all I have to do is get her to bring it out without using that tiara of hers...'

He stopped. He'd felt something just now, a sudden spark of Ki.

He scanned the room, stopping at the bed.

Usagi had turned, her hair tousled cutely around her. Her face wore a concentrated expression.

He stepped closer.

"Usagi?" he whispered uncertainly. But she didn't answer. It seemed infact that she was still asleep. He stood beside her bed, watching her face, when suddenly her forehead began to glow. His eyes grew wide, and his jaw dropped. Usagi was emitting an ENORMOUS amount of energy.

He shielded his eyes as the light grew brighter.

When he looked again, he was shocked.

On her forehead, where the light had been concentrated, was a strange symbol. He'd never seen one of those before...the silvery glow of it reminded him almost of-

He felt strange, drawn to it somehow.

And so he leaned closer, his face inches away from hers. Vaguely he wondered what he was doing. Something inside him felt...

He could feel her soft breath tickling his face. Was it supposed to be like this? He was almost afraid of this feeling, whatever it was. But then Usagi mumbled something.

Goku......she'd called his name.

And then the light was gone. He straightened, thoroughly confused. Had he been about to...?? No. He shook his head, Carefully brought his eyes to Usagi and met with another surprise.

The cuts on her face were gone.

No bruises, no blood....

But how??! He could have sworn....

Nevermind. He suddenly had a thought. If the cuts were gone from her face and neck, then perhaps the wounds on her stomach were gone as well.

And so without thinking he reached out, carefully untucking the sheets from around her small body until he came to the thin hospital gown. Split down the side, it barely concealed the girl.

He gently lifted the gown, intending only to check her stomach, but at that moment, Usagi opened her eyes.

There was a moment of shocked silence, and then she screamed, slapping him across the face as hard as she could.

Goku jumped back, startled.

The hospital shook with her wailful screams.

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