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Kiniro Sakura

Chapter One: Giniro Churippu

A young female kitsune walked slowly along the river. A little ways back a female okami was trying to get the kitsune's attention. A small, snow-white male fox watched as the wolf yelled at the fox to try and get her out of la-la land. After several minutes of trying the wolf resorted to beating the fox on the head. Suddenly the wolf was flung into a tree. The kitsune staring at her.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry Suzuran. I didn't know that you were there!" The kitsune said to the wolf whose name was Suzuran. The kitsune and the small fox walked over to where Suzuran lay. "Are you all right?" The kitsune asked. Suzuran sat there staring into space for a moment before jumping up and grabbing the kitsune by the collar of her kimono.

"What the hell was that for Sakura!? I was trying to get you back into this world and you had to go and hit me. Some friend you are." Suzuran huffed and then turned away. Sakura stared at her back for a moment before bursting into a fit of laughter. Suzuran turned around angrily. "What are you laughing about!?" She asked. After a few minutes Sakura had calmed down. "Well, I didn't realize that you could be that serious unless it was involving food or fighting!" Sakura jumped up and started jogging before Suzuran had a chance to retaliate. "Come on Hokiboshi, we'd better get away before she decides to hurt us!" Sakura called over her shoulder. The snow white fox looked at Suzuran before trotting after his master. Suzuran stood there for a minute before running after Sakura and Hokiboshi. "Get back here you stupid fox!" She screamed while chasing them. She almost ran into Sakura who had come to an abrupt stop. Suzuran was about to ask what was wrong when Sakura put a hand over her mouth. Suzuran glared at her but Sakura returned it full force. "Be quiet! I hear someone coming and I think that there are..." Sakura sniffed the air before finishing her sentence. "Two youkai and a hanyou." She said. Suzuran nodded and Sakura removed her hand. They hid in the bushes as the group got closer. In minutes there was a dog hanyou that was yelling at a young human girl that had the strangest clothes on. Soon after there was a little kitsune that jumped onto the hanyou's head and started biting his ears. Sakura and Suzuran watched in amusement when two more humans and a cat youkai came into the clearing.

"Why the hell did you 'sit' me wench!?" The hanyou yelled into the girl's face.

"You deserved it you big jerk!" The girl yelled right back. Sakura and Suzuran were more than a little surprised that a girl would yell at a hanyou.

"Lady Kagome is right Inuyasha. You were going to attack the villagers because they wouldn't listen to you." One of the humans, a monk, said as he stepped in between the two. A young woman then stepped up next to the girl named Kagome and put a hand on her shoulder. "I agree with Miroku, Inuyasha. If you had killed the villagers we wouldn't have gotten any information anyway." She said. The hanyou who they called Inuyasha looked at them angrily. But he soon looked away and jumped into a tree. Kagome looked towards him and sighed. The monk called Miroku turned to the woman who stood up for Kagome. "Ah, Lady Sango. I am so glad that you see it my way." He said. Sakura and Suzuran watched as he snaked his hand south. Sakura was about to jump out and grab the monk but the woman called Sango was already at it. She was beating the monk to a bloody pulp. Sakura had to repress the urge to laugh at the monk's state. Instead she looked towards Suzuran and nodded. Suzuran nodded also. It was time for them to make themselves known.


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Japanese Vocabulary

Kiniro- Golden

Sakura- Cherry Blossom

Kitsune- Fox demon or just plain fox

Okami- Wolf demon or just plain wolf

Hanyou- Half demon

Youkai- Full demon

Suzuran- Lily-Of-The-Valley

Hokiboshi- Comet

Giniro- Silver

Churippu- Tulip

Kimono- Japanese dress