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Kiniro Sakura

Chapter Thirty-One: Prophecy of Death

Sakura silently watched the rain pour as she sat on a covered deck area outside. She knew what was coming, and she was truly ready for it. The dreams that had been haunting her for the past few nights, the death that she felt coming closer. She flinched when she heard someone walk towards her. She barely glanced at Sesshoumaru as he stood next to her. The two were silent, before Sesshoumaru asked the question that had been burning his mind for weeks.

"Why are you being so distant from us? From me?" He asked quietly, the tiniest hint of sadness in his voice. Sakura didn't respond, so Sesshoumaru asked her again. She still didn't respond. Sesshoumaru tried a few more times, but he always received the same answer. Silence. A few minutes later he gave a short, frustrated sigh and walked back into his castle.

Sakura wanted to respond, she really did. But something was holding her back. And she knew exactly what it was. Finally deciding that it was time to go eat, she trudged back into Sesshoumaru's home. She grinned slightly as she felt two arms encircle her legs.

"Mama!" The two children squealed as they stared up at Sakura with big gold eyes. Sakura ruffled the silvery hair of the boy while she picked up his sister.

"What is it, Kimiko? Tatara?" She asked. She soon found out when a giggling Rin and a fuming Jaken ran towards her. She suppressed a laugh when she saw Jaken in a dress, covered in make-up from Kagome's time. Her laughter was cut short, however, when Suzuran and Kouga appeared in the doorway, out of breath.

"Sakura! Naraku's been spotted just outside the border. He has an army with him. We do not know if it is a puppet or not. And..." Suzuran was hesitant to say the rest, but at a sharp glare from Sakura, continued.

"Your father is with them." Sakura's face paled at her words and she quickly barked an order to a nearby servant to go get Umi. She then told Jaken to give Rin, Kimiko, and Tatara to Umi when she arrived. Jaken opened his mouth to refuse, but quickly snapped it shut when Sakura bared her teeth at him.

"Suzuran! Where are the others?" She snapped. Suzuran flinched at Sakura's tone, but answered.
"At the front gate, preparing for battle." Sakura nodded and ran off, Kouga and Suzuran hot on her trail.


As soon as Sakura arrived, she knew that this would be her final battle. Naraku, her father, and their troops were already fighting with Sesshoumaru's army. She silently wished that the other Lords and Ladies were here to help them, but they had gone back to their own lands and problems. Sakura fought, all the while getting closer to where Naraku and her father observed the battle. Sakura was wounded, but quickly healed as she and her father silently acknowledge a fight to the death. He stepped towards her and brought out his sword. By now Naraku's army had been defeated, but the loss was evident on both sides. Thousands of humans and demons alike had their blood spilled. Sakura took a quick glance around and found that none of her friends were severely hurt.

She then turned to her father.

She observed him silently as he kicked a dead carcass out of his way. Sakura pulled out her sword as well, and the battle started.

Sakura charged at her father, her sword aimed at his throat, but he parried with his own sword. She quickly jumped back, but not before his sword grazed her shoulder. Sakura winced as she held her bleeding shoulder. She barely had time to react before her father came at her again.

She knew that he knew that she was not fighting her best. But Sakura tried to fight. But something held her back. The knowledge of the Prophecy. So absorbed in her thoughts, she did not noticed the sword enter her stomach, nor her own sword enter her father's stomach.

Two screams echoed throughout the night.


Sesshoumaru felt Sakura's death long before he heard her scream. He ran over to her side and knelt down. Her breathing was labored, but she was still alive. He quickly turned to get his Tensaiga, but Sakura's weak voice stopped him.

"D-Don't." She said as she started coughing up blood. Sesshoumaru gazed at her with uncertain and questioning eyes.

"I-I knew this was coming, S-Sesshoumaru. It's in t-the prophecy." Sakura started coughing again.

"Prophecy?" He glanced back at Suzuran, Kouga standing next to her. Sesshoumaru barely noticed the tears flowing freely from her eyes.

"Yes." Sakura said as she willed herself to say the prophecy.

When evil is dead, good shall live.

But the one who is in between,

Will die either way.

Sesshoumaru, Suzuran, and Kouga stared with wide eyes at Sakura. Sesshoumaru moved closer to her, ignoring the rain burning into his open wounds.

"Sesshoumaru....I love you." Sakura said before she slowly closed her eyes, her body going limp.

"S-Sakura?" Sesshoumaru whispered as he touched her face. Sakura did not respond. She was gone.

Sakura was dead.

And for the first time in Sesshoumaru's life, he cried. He didn't bother to stop the tears that came as he held Sakura's bloodied body to his chest. He didn't pay attention to Suzuran's scream of anguish and Kouga's words as he tried to comfort her. He did not notice Naraku fleeing the scene of the battle, knowing that he had lost.

All he saw was Sakura's face. He whimpered as he nuzzled her cheek, and it was then that he noticed the small, content smile on Sakura's lips. He knew that she did not die in regret.


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