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Robin banged on the door. Something wasn't right. Raven was in trouble. He could feel it.

"Raven let me in!"

"Hey Robin what's going on?" Cyborg asked walking up to him.

Beastboy closely followed. "Is everything okay?"

"No, something's wrong with Raven, but she won't let me in."

"How do you know something's wrong?" Beastboy asked.

"I'll explain later, but Cyclops can you?"

"No problem, watch out."

Cyclops walked over to the door and lifted his fist. Then he very lightly tapped on it, knocking it down.

The three of them ran into the room, but Raven was no were to be seen.

"Where'd she go?" Beast Boy asked.

Robin walked over and picked up a hand mirror. He sighed. "Do you remember what happened when Raven got angry and you guys found that meditation mirror?"

They nodded.

"Ravens angry again and I don't think she can control it." He showed them the mirror. "She's trying to handle this herself."

Cyborg and Beastboy exchanged a worried glance.

"Ah Robin," Cyborg began. "When we told you what happened, we didn't exactly tell you everything."

Robin raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Beastboy scratched his head. "Raven said last time that something got loose and if she couldn't put it back she'd be trapped in the mirror forever."


"But she figured out how to beat it!" Cyborg argued. "She should be able to do the same thing now."

Robin shook his head. "We can't take that chance. We have to help her."

"What's going on?" Starfire asked walking into the room.

"Ravens in trouble," Cyborg told her.

"Oh my, we must help her!"

"We can't all go," Robin said. "Some of us have to stay behind in case the alarm goes off."

Cyborg nodded. "Starfire and I will stay behind. You and Beastboy go and help Raven."

Cyborg had thought it best for Beastboy to go along since he and Raven had become somewhat of close friends. He might be able to get through to her if need be.

"Fine," Robin said.

He turned the mirror and looked inside and the next thing he knew he was being sucked in. Beastboy sighed and grabbed on to Robins feet following him in.

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