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::Somewhere on the edge of nowhere::

Hushi: ::Closes her eyes and holds her giant spoon out in front of her:: Powerful spirits that live on the other side, beyond the veil of time, hear my wish and grant it! Restore to this world those who may be of service to me in my quest for love and justice!

::A giant flash of light appears at the end of the spoon and when it fades, Ghetto Melon, Lucky, and Barney appear out of nowhere::

Hushi: Wait a minute, I didn't ask for the stupid leprechaun and dinosaur thing!

Lucky and Barney: How might we be of service to you, oh beautiful highness?

Hushi: On second thought, maybe this could work.

Ghetto Melon: Yo yo yo, wassup mama?

Hushi: That's the Ghetto Melon I remember! Yes! YES! With your help I can finally conquer the world!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Er-hem. One step at a time, though, and first things first: I gotta get rid of that Nonno chick.

Ghetto Melon: Foshizzle yo.

Barney: Why can't we all be friends? We can sing songs together!

Hushi: Shut up stupid purple...thing. Or face my spoon.

Barney: Violence is never the answer! Let's all play nice.

Hushi: ::smashes Barney over the head with her spoon until he's just a crumpled pile of purple::

Barney: You could use some lessons in kindness!

Hushi: ARGH! ::smashes him over the head again::

Barney: Then again, we could just play "Everyone Follow Hushi's Orders."

Hushi: Now you're getting the hang of it.

Lucky: Aye. Now let's all have a bowl of Lucky Charms. They're magically deli-

Hushi: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT SUGARY BREAKFAST CEREALS! ::smashes Lucky over the head as well::

Lucky: Aye..

::At the clubhouse::

Genie: ::still trapped in wine glass:: 23 bottles of beer on the wall, 23 bottles of beer, take one down and pass it around -

::There's a knock on the door::

Genie: Come in.

::john comes into the clubhouse::

john: I was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd drop in - where is everyone?

Genie: I dunno.

john: Why are you inside a wine glass?

Genie: I dunno.

john: That's pretty dumb. ::removes the wine glass::

Genie: THANK YOU!!! MY HERO!!! ::hugs him::

john: Righty-o...well, I best be going now...

Genie: WAIT!

john: What?!

Genie: Since this is your only cameo in this chapter, well, besides a small bit at the end, we should at least sing a song or something!!!

john: Uh...

Genie: Do you know "Freak Out" by Avril Lavigne???

john: Uh...


::john quietly slips out of the clubhouse while Genie continues singing horribly::


::then the door bursts open and Boss, Nonno, and Steffers come in::



Nonno: It sounded like someone was being murdered in here.

Genie: What? Oh, that was just me singing.

Everyone else: --U

Steffers: I'm bored. Wonder what's on TV. ::plops down on Boss's armchair and turns on the TV:: Hey look!!! It's the Newlywed Game!

Boss: Sweet, I love this show. Hey, what the - Is it just me, or do we know those people?

Steffers: Hamsters?

Boss: Hamsters.

Steffers: Yeah, those are definitely our friends on the tube...and why the heck is Panda hosting?

Panda: ::on TV:: Hello and welcome to the Newlywed Game! Today we have six cute couples here to attempt to win the extra special GRAND PRIZE!!! Our first couple is: Hamtaro and Bijou!

Hamtaro: HI!!! I like game shows. I've never been on a game show before. This is a game show, right? Do I win? What do I win? What do I have to do again?

Bijou: You're embarassing me.

Hamtaro: I - oh. Sorry Bij. It won't happen again. I promise I'll shut up. I'm gonna be real good from now on. I won't embarass you anymore. You still love me right? I love you Bijou. We're gonna win aren't we?


Panda: Indeed...Our next couple is...uh...only half a couple...


Panda: Kindly refrain from using profanities, please.

Sandy: Er - sorry. BUT WHERE IS HE??!! AARRGGHH!!! ::hurls a chair at Panda::

Panda: ::ducks:: on, our next couple is Dexter and Pashmina.

Dexter: ::is asleep and also snoring quite loudly::

Pashmina: WAKE UP!!! ::whacks him over the head with a frying pan::

Dexter: Ow...where'd you get that??!!

Pashmina: I'm not sure...but you snore like a derganed mutant cactus on steroids.

Dexter: Uhhmmm...what's that supposed to mean?

Panda: And our fourth couple is 009 and 003!

009: Where's my cake?

Panda: Uh...

009: You told me there'd be cake.

Panda: I...did?

009: Well, SOMEone did.

003: Is your head screwed on right...sweetie?

009: I want my gosh darn cake!

Panda: Moving right along then, let's meet Kirbykat and Spat.


Kirbykat: BE QUIET, MUFFIN!!! YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEADACHE!!! ::bouncing around in her seat::


Kirbykat: Don't you remember? We're married!!! Married, married, MARRIED!!! ::starts singing 'Here comes the bride'::

Spat: PPPPFFTTPTTHH?????????!!!!!!

Kirbykat: Don't you remember?

Kirbykat's flashback

7:00 PM the day before

::Kirbykat is following Spat around::

Kirbykat: HEY SPAT, CAN I -


Kirbykat: Oh yeah. Well, wanna -


Kirbykat: Well, will you at least -


Kirbykat: Oh come on! Pretty please? With sugar on top?


Kirbykat: What if I bought you a couple drinks down at the pub?

Spat: Eh?? Now that's a different story, pppftthpthh...

7:23 PM

::At the pub::

Kirbykat: Hey bartend, how 'bout a drink for my buddy here?

::The bartender turns around and it is...dun dun dun...Lucky the Leprechaun!!::

Kirbykat: AAAHHHHH!!!

Lucky: AAAHHHH!!!

Spat: Ppfffttptth??


Lucky: Hushi's magic spoon.

Kirbykat: Ah...well, we'll deal with that later, right now Spat needs his al-cy-hol.

Lucky: Aye. ::serves Spat up a tall cold one::

7:38 PM

::Spat is passed out on the floor after downing 57 drinks::

Kirbykat: Thanks Lucky.

Lucky: You're welcome...I mean...wait a second, I'm supposed to be helping Hushi...

Kirbykat: Well, ta ta for now! ::drags Spat off to the nearest chapel::

7:46 PM

Priest: And do you, Spat, take Kirbykat to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Spat: ::now awake but drunk as crap:: Er...::hiccup:: I errrrrr fffrrrrgggg...Yeah, wha- uuhh whatever. Jus- ...Just put it on ::hiccup:: on my, my tab...ppfttppthh...

Priest: Um...

Kirbykat: That was an "I do."

Priest: In that case I now pronounce you man and wife. You may...uh...kiss the bride.

Spat: ::falls on his face::

Kirbykat: Um...I'll take care of that later...::drags Spat away::

Kirbykat's flashback ends


Kirbykat: ::smiles sheepishly:: YEP!! We got the rings to prove it!!! ::holds up her paw, showing off her wedding band:: And also I taped it!!!!

Spat: YOU TAPED IT??!!

Kirbykat: Yep, and you know what that means? You have to do what I say or else I can blackmail you! HAHAHAHA!!! BLACKMAIL MY OWN HUSBAND!!! HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

Spat: Dang...pffttptthh...

Panda: Heh...::sweatdrop:: And our last couple, Tian Sirki and Jingle.

Tian Sirki: I'm the Flying Hamster of Doom!!! GET IT RIGHT!!!

Panda: Yeah. Sorry.

Flying Hamster of Doom: Also, please excuse Kirbykat's horrendous behavior, she's a bit high on caffeine at the moment, too much coffee before the show.

Panda: Right, I could tell she seemed a bit whack.

FHOD: And also, me and Jingle, we're not actually married...

Panda: WHAT??!! Then what are you doing on this show??

FHOD: ::shrugs::

Kirbykat: She was jealous cuz I got Spat, so she took Jingle even though they're not married cuz you know how Jingle is, he'll go along with anything!!! Hahaha, stupid jealous Tian Sirki! JEALOUS! JEALOUS!!! YOU'RE SO JEALOUS!! NA NA NA NA NAAAA NA!!!


Jingle: Don't be embarassed to say how you feel, showing your colors and keepin' it real. For you to be jealous is not a crime, even if you are jealous all of the time.

FHOD: JINGLE!! YOU'RE NOT HELPING!!! ::throws a coconut at him::

Jingle: Ow.

Panda: Indeed...well now that we have met all our couples, we'll return after these messages.

Nonno: ::back at the clubhouse watching TV:: This is boring. Let's turn it off and go find everyone else.

Genie: NOOO!!!

::both of them dive for the remote and in the process end up changing the channel by mistake::


Genie&Nonno: Eh??

Boss: Look, isn't that Maxwell?

Genie&Nonno: Eh? ::look at the TV::

Reporter on TV: We're live at the 25 Cent concert (A/N: Heheh...clever, aren't I? You know, like the rapper 50 Cent? Never mind...) where police have discovered a group of hamsters with illegal marijuana in their possession...

::The police are surrounding a group of 3 hamsters, including Maxwell, all of whom look incredibly stoned::


Police-Ham: ::on TV:: Alright, I'm afraid we're gonna have to bring you three in for questioning...

Maxwell: You can't make me! I - heheh. I can fly! Heheh. You'll never catch - haha. Hahaharharharhar heheh ha. ::passes out::

Everyone back at the clubhouse: OO

Sandy: ::suddenly appears on that channel:: MAX!!! WHAT THE - ?!! MAXWELL HOW COULD YOU??!! I TOLD YOU TO HIDE THE POT SOMEWHERE AND ONLY USE IT IN PRIVATE!!!

Everyone else: OO

Police-Ham: Ma'am, he's out cold. He can't hear you no matter how loud you scream. Also, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take him back to the station, and after what you just said I'll have to ask you to come with -

Sandy: NO!!! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! ::whips out a whistle and blows it as loud as she can, and the Monkey Cops' helicopter comes out of nowhere and lands beside her, and then she picks up Maxwell and throws him over her shoulder:: WELL, SO LONG LOSERS!!! GET US OUT OF HERE, MONKEYS!!!

MC1: Your wish, you see, is our command

MC2: As long as you keep your whistle at hand

MC3: We will come whenever you call

MC4: And help you make it through it all!!!

Sandy: Yeah, yeah, can we just, like, go now?

Boss MC: ::at the cockpit:: AWAY!!! ::flies off into the distance::

Nonno: ::back at the clubhouse, still watching TV:: Okay, someone please explain to me what just happened.

Boss: And if the monkey cops are actual cops, and Max and Sandy were just caught with illegal drugs, how come they're trying to help them?

Steffers: Hey now, whose side are you on anyway??!!

Boss: I was just sayin'...

Genie: ::casually changes the channel back to the Newlywed Game::

Panda: We're back, with our husbands ready to answer our first round of questions! Unfortunately, during the commercial break Sandy ran off to find Maxwell and neither of them has shown up, so we'll have to go on without them.

Steffers: BOO!!!

Genie: Shut up, I'm tryin' to hear the question!

Panda: Our first question, guys, is: Would your wife say she is more of a neat freak, a fitness freak or a freak of nature? Hamtaro?

Hamtaro: you repeat the question?

Panda: No.

Hamtaro: Uh...sausages?

Panda: Right...okay, moving on then, Dexter, would your wife say she is more of a neat freak, a fitness freak or a freak of nature?

Dexter: Pashmina is definitely a neat freak. Yeah...that's it.

Panda: Okay, 009, what would you say?

009: 003's kind of just an overall freak...

Panda: So...freak of nature then?

009: Yeah I guess...I mean, she's not very neat and cyborgs can't really be yeah. Freak of nature.

Panda: Okay then, Spat. What would you say?


Panda: Right-o, and lastly, Jingle, your response?

Jingle: Everyone's a freak in their own kind of way, and each shall discover their inner freak one day.

Panda: Okay then...well, that completes round one, we'll return to find out the wives' responses after this commercial break.

::At that moment, back at the clubhouse, the door suddenly bursts open and Hushi appears, riding a hamster-sized Chocobo!!!::

Hushi: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YOU DIDN'T THINK I'D EVER BE BACK, DID YOU??? WELL HERE I AM!!! I CAME FOR YOU, NONNO, AND NOW YOU MUST PAY!!! Oh yes, I also brought along my evil companions Ghetto Melon, Barney, and Lucky. The HAMSTER TORTURERS!!! So resistance is futile.

Nonno: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Genie: Everyone be quiet, the show is back!!!

Hushi: Ooh, what are you watching?

Genie: Newlywed Game.

Hushi: Sweet. ::sits down on the floor in front of the TV::

Nonno: I thought you were trying to kill me.

Genie&Hushi: SHH!!!

Panda: Okay, it's time to hear the wives' responses and see who can match their husband's answers. Bijou, you first. Does your husband think you would say you're more of a neat freak, a fitness freak or a freak of nature?

Bijou: Moi? Je suis un neat freak, I guess. I don't like things to be messy.

Panda: Okay, let's see how Hamtaro responded.

Hamtaro: ::holds up card that says 'Sausages'::

Bijou: Eh.................sausages?

Hamtaro: Well, I don't know.

Bijou: YOU IDIOT!!! ::punches him::

Hamtaro: hit hard, for a girl.

Bijou: For a girl??!! FOR A GIRL??!! WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??!! ::punches him again::

Panda: Er. A-hem. Yes well, moving on, Pashmina.

Pashmina: I am most definitely a neat freak.

Dexter: ::holds up card that says 'Neat freak'::

Pashmina: Huzzah!!! ::hugs him::

Panda: Alright, 003, what would you say?

003: I guess I'm a neat freak as well...I mean...I don't know, I just hope he didn't say freak of nature...

009: ::holds up card that says 'Freak of nature'::

003: AAAUUUGHHHHH!!! HOW COULD YOU??!!! ::whips out a ray gun and blasts him with it::

009: ::sizzle::

003: Dang. I think I broke him.

Panda: Uhm. Okay, Kirbykat, what would you say?

Kirbykat: Me, I'm a fitness freak!!! WEEEEE!!! Excercise 3 times a week, that's what I always say!!! Let's exercise now!!! WEEEEEEEE!!! ::jumps up and starts doing jumping jacks::

Spat: Hence my answer, ppfffthpphh. ::holds up card that says 'Freak of nature'::

Kirbykat: Oh darn, we didn't win either? Oh well!!!! I guess I am kinda weird!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! ::continues doing jumping jacks::

Panda: And finally we come to you, Flying Hamster of Doom.

FHOD: I'd say...hmmm...well, I am a flying hamster of doom after all, so we'll go with freak of nature.

Panda: And Jingle said...

Jingle: Live life your own way, make your own choice. We all have a dream, and we all have a voice.

Panda: Uhm, right, where's your response?

Jingle: Who needs those cards, the sky is our canvas.

Panda: Right. I don't think Jingle gave an actual response, so that brings our score for everyone, except Dexter and Pashmina who have 5 points. We'll continue after these messages.

Hushi: Right. Where was I?

Genie: You were gonna kill Nonno.

Hushi: Right, thanks. Where is she?

Boss: She made a run for it during the show.

Hushi: Aw dang. Now I gotta go. Well, I'm off then. Good bye! ::hurries away on her Chocobo with Lucky, Barney and Ghetto Melon following her::

Boss: Hmm. I guess I should probably follow her and make sure no one gets hurt.

Genie: You do that... ::still glued to the TV set::

Steffers: I'm going to look for Sandy and Max. I'm kinda worried about them.

Genie: You do that... ::still glued to the TV set::

::Somewhere not too far away, where tons of news reporters and cameras are at the scene of a devastating helicopter crash::

Reporter #1: I'm Sparklegirl Sassy with HTV6 News and like OHMYGOD we're here at the scene of a devastating helicopter crash!!! Right, Moonflower??

Reporter #2: Right!! Can you believe what just happened?? Luckily two hamsters and a bunch of monkeys managed to escape!! Hey look, here's the two hamsters now!!! Can you tell us what happened???

Sandy: Like, we were just flying along fine and smooth and suddenly BOOM! And we were going down!!

Maxwell: Heeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Sandy: Sorry, my husband's stoned, he can't answer any questions right now.

Moonflower: OHMYGOD you mean he's like into drugs?? Like hippies?? Is your husband a hippie??!!

Sandy: Look, I'd rather not -

Sparklegirl Sassy: HEY LOOK IT'S THE MONKEYS!!!

Moonflower: OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!! Am I seeing things, or is that giant monkey PURPLE??!!

Sparklegirl Sassy: OHMYGOD you're right!!! HEY MONKEY!!!

Boss Monkey Cop: Eh??

Sparklegirl Sassy: Like OHMYGOD purple is our favorite color!!!

Moonflower: Besides pink!!

Sparklegirl Sassy: Right, obviously! Can we have your autograph??!!


Boss MC: Someone get these girls away from me!! Monkey cops, help!!!

Sandy: They're gone...

Boss MC: What?

Sandy: Like, okay, I figured it out. You know that one chapter where everyone kept falling through holes in the space-time continuum?

Boss MC: Mmmhmmm.

Sandy: Well, like, it happened again. That was why the helicopter crashed, we ran into the hole but the helicopter couldn't go through for some reason, Max would explain it to you but he's passed out again...


Sandy: And anyhow, now somehow all the other monkey cops fell through it!!

Boss MC: Maybe they should put police tape around it or something...Well, I guess I better follow them in case anything bad or important happens...

::Somewhere in Japan::

C0021: I've had a really nice time tonight, 005.

005: too...

C0021: The movie, the nice fancy sushi place for dinner...

005: Yeah...

::brief romantic silence in which C0021 and 005 slowly get closer to one another and are about to kiss very romantically...::

C0021: Kiss me, 005.

005: Okay.

::when suddenly, the monkey cops fall through the hole in the space-time continuum::


005: "Saru"? Those are monkeys!

009: ::pops up out of nowhere:: Saru means monkey in Japanese.

C0021: Shut up. ::throws 009 through the hole in the space-time continuum::

Saru Cop 1: You're under arrest I'm sorry to say

SC2: For taking an anime character today

SC3: From Japan to U.S.A. this crime is heard

SC4: From squirrel to tree, then monkey to bird

SC1: So come quietly to jail today

SC2: Cuz we'll catch you anyway.

C0021: YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME! ::grows a pair of angel wings and grabs 005:: I didn't do it, Black Ghost opened up the space-time continuum! ::flies away through the hole in the space-time continuum::

SC1: I guess they slipped through our grasp

SC2: Especially since our copter crashed

SC3: And we've no way to catch them now

SC4: So we'll have to sit here and figure out how.

::brief awkward silence::

Boss SC: Anyone up for sushi?

::Back at the clubhouse::

Genie: ::still glued to the TV set::

Panda: ::on TV:: Once again, we're back, and this time the wives will answer a question about their husbands worth 10 points, and then the big bonus question worth 25 points!!!

Audience: Yay!

Genie: Yay!

Panda: Okay, Bijou, you're first. How would your husband complete this sentence: If my wife had more (blank) and less (blank), she'd be perfect!

Bijou: Vell, I should hope Hamtaro thinks I am perfect just as I am...but if he could change me, I suppose more free time to spend vith him, and less sexiness.

Panda: Uh...less sexiness?

Bijou: Oui. I am too much woman for him to take sometimes, I think. He's a bit young for his age, if you know what I mean.

Panda: I see...okay, Pashmina, your turn.

Pashmina: If I had more...hmm...I guess more patience and less...less...uh...less frying pans.

Panda: Should I even ask?

Pashmina: It's his fault I've had to buy so many! If he wouldn't say such dumb things sometimes, I wouldn't have to waste pefectly good frying pans on his head!

Panda: Right...okay...moving right along, 003, what would you say?

003: Hmm...this is a toughie. I guess, if I had more of a sense of humor, and less of a sense of style. You know, sometimes I think I make 009 feel inferior because he knows I have better fashion sense than he does...

Panda: Indeed...Alright. Kirbykat, your response?

Kirbykat: More coffee!!!!!!!!!!

Panda: Uh. Right. And less...?

Kirbykat: Less...less...less coffee!!!!!

Panda: I don't understand, and I won't try to understand. Flying Hamster of Doom?

FHOD: If I had more vocal capacity and less coconuts. Yeah.

Panda: Vocal capacity?

FHOD: Yeah, you know, him being a musician and all, he likes me to sing along with his playing. But I'm not exactly someone you'd pick to sing a solo on Broadway, if you know what I mean.

Panda: Alright then. And now for the bonus question: French fries or onion rings?

Bijou: French fries.

Pashmina: French fries.

003: French fries.


FHOD: ::rolls her eyes:: Everyone's favorite, French fries.

Panda: Okay, that's the end of that round and we'll be back with the husbands' responses after this.

::the door of the clubhouse opens and YAY and Stan come in holding paws::

Genie: Hi YAY! Hi Stan! Wanna watch the Newlywed Game with me?

YAY: Oh darn, there is someone here...I mean, um, no, actually we had other plans. And the name's Falle.

Stan: ::starts drooling:: Falle...such a beautiful name...

Falle: ::whispering:: Come on, Stan, since Genie's in here let's go in Boss's room. ::drags Stan off towards Boss's room; however, the door is closed and Falle walks right through it and Stan crashes into it::

Falle: ::opens the door from the inside:: Right, sorry, I forgot you can't walk through walls.

::back at the scene of the helicopter crash::

Sparklegirl Sassy: Like OHMYGOD this is turning into a really big news story, wouldn't you say, Moonflower?

Moonflower: Definitely! I mean, the horrible helicopter wreck! The hole in the space-time continuum! The disappearing monkey cops, including the giant purple one! The stoned hamster!

Sandy: Could you, like, leave Max out of this?

Sparklegirl Sassy: And like OHMYGOD I think our story's about to get even more interesting!

Moonflower: What do you mean?

Sparklegirl Sassy: I mean, a crazed-looking hamster riding a chocobo is headed this way, and what's more she's being followed by a leprechaun, a cantaloupe and a purple dinosaur!

Moonflower: PURPLE!!!

::Hushi, Lucky, Ghetto Melon, and Barney appear on the scene::

Hushi: Have any of you seen Nonno come this way?

Sparklegirl Sassy: Nonno? Never heard of her! Can we interview you?

Hushi: No.

Moonflower: PLEEEAAASSSEE???

Hushi: NO!


Hushi: NOO!!! Lucky, Ghetto Melon, are we going to have to teach these girls a lesson?


Lucky: Aye, I'll avenge me own death with these POISONED LUCKY CHARMS!!! They're magically disgusting!

Ghetto Melon: Yo yo my homies, what it is witchu?

Sparklegirl Sassy&Moonflower: AAAIIIEEEEE!!! ::run away::

Hushi: Haha! That's more like it. All shall bow before my presence!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now, onward and upward! Giddyup, faithful chocobo! ::rides off into the sunset::

::back at the clubhouse::

Genie: ::still glued to the TV::

Panda: ::on TV:: Welcome back to the Newlywed Game, and the final round which will decide the winners of our extra-special GRAND PRIZE!!!

Audience: YAY!!!

Genie: YAY!!!

Panda: Okay, husbands, we asked your wives how you would complete this sentence: If my wife had more (blank) and less (blank), she'd be perfect. Hamtaro?

Hamtaro: Uh, well, I guess if Bijou had more sexiness and less free time...

Bijou: WHAT??!! ::holds up card that says 'free time / sexiness' and then starts beating Hamtaro over the head with it::

Hamtaro: What? Ow! Why - OW! - would - OW! - you - OWOW!! - want - OOWW!!! - less - OW! - sexiness? OW OW OW!

Bijou: You don't think I'm sexy enough, do you? ::continues beating him:: And why would I want less free time?

Hamtaro: Well, you're always - OW! - messing with - OW!! - your hair and - OW! - stuff and I just - OW! - thought you'd want - OW! - more of a - OW! - life than that. OWOWOW!!!

Panda: Bijou, please. Put down the giant cardboard thingy.

Bijou: Sorry.

Panda: Okay, Dexter, what would you say?

Dexter: Well, the one thing I can't stand about Pashmina -

Pashmina: ::glares at him::

Dexter: that somehow no matter what I say she finds some way to get mad at me, which often results in my being beaten over the head with a frying, I'll say more patience and less frying pans.

Pashmina: Huzzah!!! ::holds up card that says 'patience / frying pans' and then starts beating him over the head with it::

Dexter: OW!! Why are you - OW! - hurting me? OW! We - OW! - got it right! OW!

Pashmina: ::tears streaming down her cheeks:: I'm just so utterly happy!

Panda: Er. Pashmina, please.

Pashmina: Right. Sorry.

Panda: Okay, 009. What's your answer?

009: Um...I guess more of a sense of humor...and less memory.

003: What?? What's wrong with you?? ::holds up card that says 'sense of humor / sense of style'::

009: Me? What's wrong with ME??!! What's wrong with YOU??!! You have no sense of style whatsoever!!

003: Well what the heck is 'less memory' supposed to mean?

009: I mean you remember things like the back of your hand and you're always finding ways to get on my case about things I did or said a long time ago! Like this! I bet fifty years from now you'll say ' Hey, remember that time on the Newlywed Game when you were so dumb...'

003: ::sigh:: I give up! ::hurls the card at his head::

009: Ow.

Panda: Please, EVERYONE, stop the cardboard violence.

003: Sorry.

Panda: Okay, Spat, your go.

Spat: Pfftppthhh!!! More brains, less insanity. Pfftpht.

Kirbykat: HEY! THAT'S MEAN! I CAN BLACKMAIL YOU, Y'KNOW! ::holds up card that says 'coffee / coffee'::


Kirbykat: AAAAHHHH NEED MORE COFFEE!!! ::starts eating her card::

Panda: Right...well, at least she's not using it as a weapon. And finally we come to you, Jingle.

Jingle: If only my love had more of a voice, and far fewer coconuts would be my choice.

FHOD: Jingle, you did something right!!! ::holds up card that says 'vocal capacity / coconuts' and then hugs him::

Jingle: Right is in the eye of the beholder.

Panda: And that brings us to our final, 25-point BONUS QUESTION! And here it is: French fries or onion rings?

Hamtaro: French fries!

Bijou: Hoorah! ::holds up card that says 'French fries'::

Dexter: French fries.

Pashmina: Huzzah! ::holds up card that says 'French fries'::

009: French fries?

003: Yay! ::holds up card that says 'French fries'::

Spat: French fries, pfftpht.

Kirbykat: HAHAHAHAHA!!! ::holds up card that says 'Onion rings'::

Spat: Idiot, pfftpthh.

Jingle: Whatever a new day brings, whether fries or rings, it makes no difference when there's a song in your heart and food on your plate. So I'll go with the fries, Mac.

FHOD: Would you like to supersize that? ::holds up card that says 'French fries'::

Panda: Well, that means everyone gets the bonus except Spat and Kirbykat! Bringing our final score to: Hamtaro and Bijou with 25 points, Maxwell and Sandy with 0 points since they kinda disappeared, Dexter and Pashmina with 40 points, 009 and 003 with 25 points, Spat and Kirbykat with 0 points, and Jingle and Flying Hamster of Doom with 35 points. And thus our winners for this episode are: Dexter and Pashmina!

Dexter&Pashmina: YAY!

Panda: Do you want to know what you've won?

Dexter&Pashmina: YES!!!

Panda: You have won: A SET OF GIANT STEAK KNIVES!!!

Dexter&Pashmina: HURRAY!!!

Genie: This is getting boring. ::changes the channel::

Clinton: Welcome to 'What Not To Wear.'

Genie: Oh boy.

Stacy: Today we have with us Pashmina, who insists on wearing her horrid pink scarf 24/7.

Genie: Dude, Pashmina's getting a lot of air time this chapter.

Pashmina: But - but it's a special scarf! It has special memories in its very stitching!

Clinton: Right, right. Well, scarves can be a very attractive accesory.

Stacy: But not if they're PINK!

::Moonflower&Sparklegirl Sassy appear out of nowhere::

Moonflower: PINK!!! I LOVE PINK!!!

Sparklegirl Sassy: ME TOO!!!

::they attack Pashmina and attempt to steal her scarf::


Genie: There's too much violence on TV these days. ::changes the channel:: Oh boy, Star Trek is on!

::Suddenly the door opens and everyone who was on the Newlywed Game comes in::

Genie: Hey, you guys sure got back fast.

FHOD: Yeah, well, the hole in the space-time continuum helped.

Spat: Which I created, pfftppthh.

FHOD: I know, you're so cool! ::looks at Jingle:: I wish Jingle did more than play his guitar and write poetry...say, Kirbykat, wanna trade boyfriends?

Kirbykat: We can't, I'm already married to Spat, remember?

FHOD: Well, you could get a on, you can have Jingle!

Kirbykat: Really?! SWEET!!! ::tackles Jingle::

FHOD: So I get Spat, right?


FHOD: Then you can't have Jingle!!!






Kirbykat: ::holds up the blackmail tape::

Spat: Oh...right...pfftpthh...


Kirbykat: Okay, let's settle this once and for all!

FHOD: Right. So, if I - oh wow, hey Cappy! Hey Penelope!

::Cappy and Penelope are approaching the clubhouse, Cappy carrying the remains of Adrienne in a plastic Ziploc bag::

Cappy: Oh. Hi Kirbykat. Hi Tian Sirki.

FHOD: Uuurrghhhh.

Kirbykat: What's the matter? Why the long face, eh?

Cappy: Ever have one of those days when you would have been better off if you hadn't ever gotten out of bed? But for some reason your girlfriend comes and decides to drag you off to the clubhouse for no reason...

Penelope: It's for your own good, Cappy. We can't have you moping around for the rest of your life, gotta get your mind off that dumb banana. Honestly, I wish you'd just get rid of it, it's nothing but a pile of crap now.

Cappy: ::starts crying::

Kirbykat: Uh-oh.

FHOD&Cappy&Penelope: What?

Kirbykat: What day is it?

FHOD: Friday.

Kirbykat: It's not the third Friday of this month, is it?

FHOD: I think so...yeah. Why?

Kirbykat: Oh no...yes, I can feel's coming on again...

FHOD&Cappy&Penelope: What??!!

Kirbykat: It happens on the third Friday of every month...I become...I become...

FHOD&Cappy&Penelope: WHAT??!!

::suddenly there's this huge flash of light and when it subsides, Kirbykat is wearing a lab coat and her hair is all crazy::


FHOD&Cappy&Penelope: AAAHHHHHH!!!!

FMSG: What? It's not like I'm evil or anything.

FHOD: Well, with 'mad' as part of the title, you never know what to expect...

FMSG: Shut up, you.

Cappy: Hey, if you're a freaky mad YOU BRING ADRIENNE BACK TO LIFE??!! ::holds up Adrienne's remains::

Penelope: ::smacks herself in the forehead::

FMSG: Well, I should think that would be possible...SINCE I AM ITS CREATOR!!!

FHOD: What? You mean YOU created the Banana of Doom?

FMSG: Yep!

FHOD: Then how did the Monkey Cops get it?

FMSG: They beat me at poker.


FMSG: But now - to do the impossible! Restore life to that which is dead! ::takes Adrienne's remains from Cappy:: Now I must go to my Freaky Mad Scientist lab. I'll be back in a bit. Ta-ta. ::runs away::

FHOD: Oh great, this can't be good...I'll be back shortly. ::flies off after her::

Cappy&Penelope: ...?

::suddenly, over the horizon comes HUSHI on her miniature CHOCOBO, followed by LUCKY, BARNEY and GHETTO MELON!!!::

Hushi: Hey, you there!

Cappy: Eh? Me?

Hushi: No, the giant polar bear standing behind you.

Cappy: WHAT??!! ::turns around and sees there's nothing there:: There's no giant polar bear.

Hushi: Duh, don't you know sarcasm when you hear it? What I meant was, who else would I be talking to?

Cappy: Well you coulda been talking to Penelope.

Hushi: Penelope?

Cappy: Yeah. ::looks around and realizes Penelope's gone:: OH DANG! SHE LEFT TOO!! How come I seem to lose everyone I love??!! ::starts crying again::

Hushi: Hey, cheer up. I'll give you this marshmallow ::holds out marshmallow:: if you tell me what I need to know!

Cappy: MARSHMALLOW!!! ::starts drooling:: You got it! Anything at all!

Hushi: Where is NONNO??!!

Cappy: Uh...oh, she was just here. She went...uh...that way. ::points left::

Hushi: Thanks. ::throws Cappy the marshmallow:: CARRY ON, MEN!

Lucky: Aye.

Ghetto Melon: Foshizzle.

Barney: Super-de-duper!

::they leave in the direction Cappy indicated::

Cappy: Yay! Marshmallow!

Penelope: How did you know where Nonno went? And why'd you tell them?

Cappy: Oh, that? I just lied - HEY! WHERE'D YOU COME FROM?? YOU WERE GONE A SECOND AGO!!!

Penelope: No I wasn't. I was right here the whole time.

Cappy: But I looked, and you were gone, and - oh, forget it. Marshmallow time. ::looks at the marshmallow:: You know, I was gonna eat this thing all by myself...

Penelope: But you're going to share with me because you love me, right?

Cappy: NO! I'm just starting to realize how beautiful it is! So I'm not going to eat it after all!

Penelope: ::falls over anime-style::

Cappy: Yep, maybe I don't need Adrienne back after all, as long as I have...uh...Marcia!

Penelope: OH NO YOU DON'T!! NO MARSHMALLOW IS GOING TO TAKE MY PLACE IN YOUR HEART!!! ::grabs the marshmallow and makes a run for it::

Cappy: NOOOO!!! COME BACK!!! ::chases her::

Penelope: HUSHI!!!!

Hushi: ::far off on the horizon, hears her name called and turns around:: Eh?


Hushi: ::comes back:: Why not?

Penelope: You don't understand! He falls in love with every piece of food he gets his paws on! Take it back, quick, before it's too late! ::throws the marshmallow to Hushi::

Cappy: NOOOOO!!!! ::runs up and tackles Hushi::

Hushi: AAAHHHH!!! GET OFF ME!!! ::starts beating him with her spoon::

Cappy: OW! OKAY OKAY!! ::gets off her:: BUT PLEASE, UNHAND MARCIA!!

Penelope: Don't do it, Hushi!

Hushi: Hmm...well you know, there's only one thing to do in this situation, with this nice of a marshmallow.

Cappy&Penelope: What?

Hushi: ROAST IT!!! Help me build a bonfire, Penelope.

Penelope: OKAY!

Cappy: NOOOOO!!!!!

Hushi: Here, hold this, Lucky. ::gives Lucky the marshmallow::

Cappy: NOOOO!!! I'M AFRAID OF LEPRECHAUNS!!! ::huddles in a ball on the ground:: Why me? Why me?

::Hushi and Penelope gather a bunch of wood and start a bonfire::

Hushi: Nothin' like a good marshmallow roast, eh, Penelope? ::takes the marshmallow from Lucky and gives it to Penelope::

Penelope: You said it. ::sticks the marshmallow on a stick and starts roasting it::

Cappy: ::laying on his side on the ground with tears streaming down his face:: M...Marcia...

::outside the clubhouse::

Jingle: ::sitting on a rock playing his guitar:: Love cannot be traded, like the precious jem it has come to represent in the hearts of those who feel it so deeply every day...I wonder what's with those two girls anyway. And where they went.

::suddenly the rest of the hamster 00cyborgs appear::

C0021: Hey Jingle! ::holding 005's paw:: Where is everyone?

Jingle: ::shrugs:: Places.

0016: Hey Jingle, I brought someone who's been wanting to meet you. It's my twin sister, 000!

000: Hi!

Jingle: Well, hello gorgeous!

000: ::blushes::

0016: Hey hey hey, you're sounding like Stan. Can't have you hitting on my sister, you know.

000: Why not? I don't mind...

0016: ::rolls her eyes::

::then Penelope comes back to the clubhouse, dragging Cappy behind her, who is still sobbing::

Penelope: Hello everyone. Cappy's a bit depressed because I roasted and subsequently consumed his friend Marcia the marshmallow.

Jingle: Tragic.

Penelope: Hey, 0016, you're back! And...there's two of you...

000: YEP! Meet my twin sister, 000!

0016: --U

Penelope: Cool! I didn't know you had a twin.

::then everyone inside the clubhouse joins the rest of them outside, except for Genie, who is still watching Star Trek, and Falle and Stan::

Hamtaro: HI EVERYBODY!!! Cyborgs! Jingle! Cappy! Penelope!

Everyone: Hi, Hamtaro.

0016: Hey guys, meet my twin sister, 000.

Penelope: Hey, wait a second, I thought you were 000 and she was 0016.

000: I am 0016.

Penelope: GAAH!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!! MY BRAIN'S GONNA EXPLODE!!! ::starts running around in circles::

Jingle: I know which is which. ::points at 000:: You're 000.

000: Hey!!! You ruined it!

Jingle: I could never forget who you are, because you left your mark on my heart when I first saw you.

000: Awwww.....that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me...::bats her eyes at Jingle::


000: Gladly. Come on, Jingle. ::grabs Jingle and starts to run off but when they go behind a tree a little ways away they run directly into Boss and Nonno who happen to be making out::

Boss&Nonno: AAAHHHH!!!

000: Oops. Sorry.

Boss: It's okay, 0016, you just scared me there, you know, thought you might be Hushi or someone...

000: I'm not 0016, I'm - I mean, what was I thinking, of course I'm 0016, what I meant was - you know what, I'll leave you two alone now. ::rushes off with Jingle::

Nonno: How very odd.

Boss: Indeed.

::brief awkward silence::

Nonno: Well don't just stand there, I know you wanna get back to business.

Boss: Heck yeah.

::they start making out again::

::back outside the clubhouse::

C0021: Aaaaah I'm bored.

005: Me too. Let's get some food.

C0021: You just ate fifteen boxes of Pocky.

005: Oh. Right.

Mysteriou voice: Hey, C0021!!!

C0021: Eh? Who's there?

::Ham-Ham Yoh Asakura jumps out of a tree and lands in front of C0021::

YA: Weren't expecting to see me, were you?

C0021: Hey! What are you doing here?

YA: I challenge you to a shaman battle! ::summons his guardian Ham-Ham ghost, Amidamaru::

C0021: You're on! ::summons her guardian Ham-Ham ghost, Lilona::

::while they begin to battle, not too far away Hushi is becoming suspicious::

Hushi: I still haven't picked up Nonno's scent...I bet that little punk lied to me! And I even gave him the marshmallow!

Lucky: Aye, and then you helped Penelope roast it.

Hushi: Shut up! I'm going to have to go kick his butt anyway...

::back outside the clubhouse::

C0021: Haha! I win!

YA: Poop ::turned into a mouse::

Hushi: ::appears on the horizon:: AARRGHHH!!! WHERE IS THE FOOL WHO LIED TO ME??!!

Cappy: ::whimpers and hides behind Penelope::

Penelope: ::sigh::

Hushi: HIM, LUCKY!!!


::suddenly Ham-Hams Kenshin and Sano appear on the scene::


Lucky: Try me Lucky Charms! ::holds out a bowl of Lucky Charms::

Kenshin: Hey, thanks. ::takes them from Lucky::

::suddenly Moonflower and Sparklegirl Sassy appear::

Moonflower: DON'T EAT THEM!

Sparklegirl Sassy: THEY'RE POISONED!!!

Kenshin: Really? Thanks for the warning. As for you, leprechaun man...

Lucky: ::gulp::

Kenshin: ::shoves the bowl of poisoned Lucky Charms down Lucky's throat::

Lucky: ACK!! ::starts twitching and then falls over dead::


Ghetto Melon: Foshizzle. 'Sup dawgs?

Kenshin: NOOO!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!

Sano: Leave it to me. ::whips out a melon baller (A/N: You know, one of those things you use to make little balls of melon, like for fruit salads and stuff?)

Ghetto Melon: Yo, I ain't down with that yo.

Sano: HAHA! TAKE THAT! ::lunges at Ghetto Melon::

Ghetto Melon: Dang, yo. ::rolls out of the way and simultaneously knocks the melon baller out of Kenshin's paw::

Sano: it be? Could this piece of fruit have beaten me?

Dexter: Here, use this. ::holds up a steak knife::

Sano: Eh...?

Pashmina: We won them on the Newlywed Game.

Sano: Uh...okay, whatever works.

Dexter: ::throws him the steak knife which Sano miraculously catches by the handle::

Sano: HAHA! THIS ENDS HERE, STUPID FRUIT!!! ::hurls the knife into Ghetto Melon and it pierces completely though him::

Ghetto Melon: Yo, what it is? ::dies::

Hushi: this be possible??? I'm...LOSING??!! ALL I HAVE LEFT IS BARNEY!! GO, STUPID DINOSAUR!!

Barney: Heehee! Let's sing our favorite song! I love you, you love me...


Penelope: I'll take care of this. ::transforms into SuperHamHamGirl with her yellow cape and pink light saber thing::

Barney: With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you...

Penelope: HOW ABOUT A DEATH BLOW FROM ME TO YOU??!! ::swings her light saber into him as hard as she can::

Barney: Won't you ::dies::

Hushi: DARN IT DARN IT DARN IT!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN??!!! Wait...I do have one ultimate secret weapon left...BLINKY THE PAC-MAN GHOST!!! HAHA!!! ::jumps aside and Blinky is standing there::

Penelope: What the - ?

Hushi: Unbeknownst to Tian Sirki, the Pac-Man machine she was playing before was ENCHANTED! And upon achieving the high score, BLINKY CAME TO LIFE AND FOLLOWED HER HOME FROM THE ARCADE!!! Luckily, I found him and was able to bring him under my power! SO GO, BLINKY! FULFILL YOUR CALLING AND DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES!!!

Blinky: ::glides towards Cappy::

Penelope: ::steps on him::

Hushi: Well that was pointless.

::suddenly Sandy, Maxwell, Steffers, and the Monkey Cops fall out of the sky::

Sandy: Ow! ::looks up and shakes her fist at the sky:: STUPID SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM!!!

Maxwell: Hey, what's going on?

Sparklegirl Sassy: Hey, you're not stoned anymore!

Maxwell: Heheh...yeah, about that, uh...::scratches the back of his head:: Y'know, I think I'll just be going now -

Sandy: Oh no you don't. ::grabs his arm::

Steffers: I completely missed like this entire chapter cuz I was looking for Max and Sandy. Urrr THIS SUCKS! I mean, what's going on?

Boss Monkey Cop: HEY, IT'S THAT HUSHI GIRL!!!

MC1: We've been looking all over for you

MC2: Because there is something that we have to do

MC3: For all of the crimes you've committed so foul

MC4: We're taking you to jail now.

Hushi: NO!! YOU CAN'T!!! ::tries to run away but the monkey cops grab her::

Boss MC: Hushi, you are hereby placed under arrest for the murders of Lucky, Adrienne, and Sparkle the hamster.

Hushi: Crap.

MCs: ::drag her off to jail::

Hushi: BOSS, WHEREVER YOU ARE, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, I'LL COME BACK FOR YOU I SWEAR!!! YOU SHALL BE MINE!!! As soon as I finalize my divorce with Billy- Bob-Joe-Lenny-Smith-The-Turtle the 11th...

Boss: ::a little ways away still making out with Nonno, suddenly stops and looks up:: Did I just hear my name?

Nonno: ::shrugs::

::back outside the clubhouse::

Hamtaro: Well, that was fun!

::at that moment the clubhouse suddenly bursts into flames for no apparent reason::

C0021: HOLY CRAP!!!

Steffers: What's going on???

Hamtaro: Well that's not good, Genie and Stan and Falle are in there. Hahahaha.


::inside the clubhouse::

Genie: ::still watching TV:: Haha, I love Captain Kirk.

::the door bursts down and Steffers runs in::

Steffers: GENIE! THERE YOU ARE! COME ON, WE GOTTA GET YOU OUTTA HERE!! ::grabs Genie's paw::

Genie: No, no, Star Trek's not over!!! ::the TV explodes and starts flaming like crazy:: Oh. Now it is.


Genie: They're in Boss's room, making out or something.

::Steffers and Genie break down the door to Boss's room and Stan and Falle are playing Monopoly::

Falle: Haha, you landed on my Park Place! You owe me -

Steffers: Come on, guys! The clubhouse is burning down!

Stan: Dude, it is?

Falle: Oh wow. I had no idea. ::grabs Stan and they all make a run for it::


::Jingle and 000 come back::

000: Look everyone, me and Jingle got married! And holy crap, what happened to the clubhouse?

0016: It caught on fire somehow. And why the heck did you get married??!! You just met Jingle!

Jingle: Nothin' like old-fashioned love at first sight...

0016: ::sigh:: I wonder what Kirbykat and the Flying Hamster of Doom will have to say about that...

::in Freaky Mad Scientist Girl's (aka Kirbykat's) secret hidden laboratory::

::Adrienne's remains are on a big table thing like in Frankenstein::

FMSG: Okay, Tian Sirki, throw the switch!

Flying Hamster of Doom: WHY am I doing this? ::throws the switch::


Flying Hamster of Doom: ::pokes Adrienne's remains:: Looks the same to me.

FMSG: Shut up, I'll get this right eventually.

::in a courtroom::

Judge john: Hushi the hamster, you have been convicted of murder in the first degree by the state of Hawaii.

Hushi: Hawaii?

john: I hereby sentence you to 141 years in a state correctional facility, or 36 hours of watching 'The Brady Bunch.' Pick your poison.

Hushi: How come Boss only got 47 years or 12 hours?

john: He killed one guy. You killed three. The sentence is tripled.

Hushi: Okay, then I'll take the Brady Bunch.

john: Okay, your funeral. ::lifts up a screen revealing a giant TV and turns it on::

TV: Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls...

john: Well, I'm outta here. ::leaves quickly along with the jury and everyone else:: Oh yeah, and don't try to leave, because all the doors are locked from the outside. Very securely. Ta-ta.

Hushi: Well, this stinks.

Phew, that was a long freakin' chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, took me many long hours to write it. Also, please don't kill me Maxwell fans!!! It wasn't my idea to have him be stoned!! Hahaha...although I must admit it was a pretty good idea, thank you Hushi! And, everyone else who gave me ideas, of course: C0021, Sparklegirl Sassy, Kirbykat, Tian Sirki, john, YAY!, and Brittany. THANKS ALL!!!

As always, send me your reviews and ideas, and I PROMISE the next chapter will be up faster than this one was. Heh. U