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Nightmares– A Yuffie/? Romance (have to find out on your own! :P)

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Bunkai Itchi°: Lost Memories and a Loon

            Vivid motions played through her mind. First she was on the bottom and then on the top. Then she was aroused and then she wasn't. Was this real or fantasy, she thought. She thought she had finally caught a glimpse of her friend on top of her. Was he her friend? Lover? She didn't know, she had never seen him before, yet he felt familiar. His ebony hair fell to his shoulders as she felt him against her. She felt a thrust and then instantly reality flashed before her eyes and she bolted up.

            She no longer saw that man, nor was she scantily clad under the sheets covering her pale body. She breathed quickly; trying to remember it was just a dream. Sweat dripped down the back of her neck and it made her cringe as the sweat drop stinging her back. Movements caught her attention as she saw a woman walk in. She was young, pale skinned, wearing pretty revealing clothing. Her hair was long, and she envied to have hair like hers. However, what really stood out were her eyes, a beautiful garnet and burgundy, she just gazed as the woman walked over to her bed. She could not help but look at the woman now sitting on the bed, feeling her forehead. She blushed slightly at her touch, and tried to shake the feeling she felt.

            She looked familiar, her touch was familiar, but she still could not remember why. Just as that man in her dream, he was so familiar yet just as much as a stranger was to her. She could not put her finger on it. The woman started to examine her arms, and stopped when she winced.

            "Yuffie, I'm sorry. I did not mean hurt you. It is just you have cuts and bruises all over, and every one is worried about you, especially Vincent. Well, fever has gone down. Still have injuries all over. Glad to see you awake" the woman said looking at yuffie's neck, back, and shoulders after her arms.

            "I'm Yuffie?" Yuffie asked quietly.

            "Why of course you are Yuffie, my best friend. What other hyperactive, material-stealing girl named Yuffie would there be?" She said cheerfully.

            "I guess I'm Yuffie…a horrible name in my opinion, but I guess it will have to do. Who are you? You mentioned us being best friends, I don't remember that." Yuffie asked.

            The woman chuckled at the part about Yuffie's name and then spoke, "I'm Tifa, Tifa Lockheart. We have been best friends for about two years now. We helped save the world before with the rest of the members of Avalanche. You must have been hit pretty hard if you have memory loss." Tifa spoke.

            "I see." Yuffie replied and started to climb out of bed, wincing.

            "Yuffie, your hurt." Tifa stopped as she saw Yuffie throw the sheets off her, seeing the rest of her body.

            Cuts, Scars, Bruises, Dirt, and dried blood covered her body, barely showing her radiant skin underneath. Yuffie just gasped as she saw her body, and not even remembering what had happened to it.

            "Why am I like this?" Yuffie asked, now standing with difficulty.

            "I don't know. I found you like this huddled up against my bar, crying, injured, running a fever, and in scraps for clothing." Tifa explained.

            Yuffie started to walk toward the door, stumbling at times, trying to keep her balance. Tifa looked worried and rushed over to her, to be pushed by her.

            "I don't want help, I need to walk on my own." Yuffie explained, as she grabbed a robe off a rack she saw.

            She pulled on her robe carefully and walked out of the door followed by Tifa. Yuffie instantly saw more people. One big dark-skinned man, a blonde man smoking a cigarette, a blonde man with spiky hair, a reddish dog on the floor, a stuffed animal, or at least Yuffie thought, she rubbed her eyes and looked around the rest of the room. She scanned the room some more and her eyes stopped when she saw one more figure in the back of the room, a pale skinned, black haired man in red. Yuffie felt her heart beat as her dream came flashing back as if it was only yesterday it actually happened.

            The rest of the group AVALANCHE looked over to see Yuffie, smiled at her, and said hi to her. This brought attention to Vincent in the corner, who saw Yuffie was up. He walked over, a big smile on his face.

            "Yuffie, your alright." Vincent said slowly.

            Yuffie was about to ask him who he was when she felt his lips against hers, moving against hers.

            "I wouldn't if-" Tifa had started to protest but stopped seeing it was too late.

            Yuffie felt panic come over her, he was kissing her and she did not know whom he was. She gasped and pushed him away, taking quick breaths as though he had taken them away from her. Tifa pulled Yuffie back a bit and then pulled Vincent aside as the rest of AVALANCHE looked shocked at Yuffie's reaction, knowing she used to have a crush on him.

            "Why is she acting like that? I mean, unless she doesn't like me in that way…I would think something could suddenly pop up." Vincent said, feeling hurt.

            "Look Vincent, I tried to warn you, when I found her she was in bad shape, she's lost her memories. It may take awhile for them to return, if they return. When she has done bathing and I cure since she is awake now. I will have her sit down and talk to every one, so she gets reacquainted." Tifa explained.

            Vincent just nodded slowly and slumped away, his head down. How could the girl he loved forget who he was? He was confused as he walked to his room and locked the door. Tifa walked back over to Yuffie who was talking to Nanaki, about why he could talk, and Yuffie seemed fascinated.

            "Yuffie, I think it's time that you bathed. You may have a robe on, but underneath your filthy." Tifa said pulling Yuffie away from Nanaki.

            They reached the bathroom where Tifa started to fill the tub with hot water as Yuffie, not to her knowledge started taking off the robe. Yuffie then glanced in the mirror and saw the marks on her shoulders, mostly bruises from fingers. She touched her left shoulder and instantly, she remembering how that mark happened. It was man, he looks familiar, he was Wutainese, griping her by the shoulders and yelling at her. As quickly as it had come, it was gone. She let out a gasp from the impact of the flashback, and bit her tongue when Tifa looked at her strangely.

            "Your bath is ready. If you need help just let me know. Don't be afraid to ask" Tifa said pointing to the tub holding water.

            "Thanks Tifa" Yuffie replied and waited for her to leave before she carefully unraveled the cloth covering her bust and then her upper thighs. The cloth was stinky from the streets, blood and more. She threw them in the small wastebasket in the bathroom and then carefully placed a foot in the tub, wincing as her cuts hated how hot it was. She then stepped in all the way and sat down, letting the hot water sterilize her body. Will I ever know what happened to me? What was that weird flash black I have? Could it be that I am starting to remember? She let her head go underwater and then back up as she thought a lot

            When she was done, she dried herself off and pulled the robe back over her as she felt another flashback come toward her. This time, it was a different Wutainese person, older, old enough to be her father, yanking at her top, yelling. Yuffie just gasped and dropped to the floor in tears, holding her head. She cried for a solid ten minutes before wiping her eyes and realizing she could not let those people know.

            She stepped out of the bathroom to see the man in red. He smiled and started to come toward her. Yuffie became scared and started walking fast in the opposite direction, not knowing where she was going.

            "Yuffie wait! I just want to talk" Vincent yelled after her.

            Yuffie stopped for some unknown reason inside of her and slouched against the wall. Vincent caught up with her and glanced at her.

            "Tifa told me you don't remember me…is it true. How can you not remember me? Right before you left you go back to Wutai, the night before…do you remember it?"

Vincent asked and added, "I need to know"

            Yuffie thought and instantly that night did flash back quickly, it was her dream, he was with her, consummating the love they had for each other, love Yuffie felt no longer. It was just a memory to her, nothing more. She did not want to pain the man more.

            "Do you?" Vincent asked snapping Yuffie out of her trance.

            "I'm sorry, but I do not…" Yuffie lied.

            "But you must…" Vincent replied inching closer.

            "I am sorry, I do not…I do not remember anything" Yuffie explained again, feeling uncomfortable.

            Vincent slowly came closer and put his lips against hers as Yuffie struggled. He held her with a grip that made Yuffie wince in pain as tears cam down her cheeks. Some of her cuts had started to bleed through her robe and he had not noticed. Yuffie still struggled but his grip was strong. When he let go he backed away in horror as he saw her bleeding and crying.

            "I didn't mean…" Vincent trailed off realizing what he had done.

            "Monster…" Yuffie whispered.

            Yuffie just glanced at him in shock, more tears flowing, she winced more in pain as she started to run down the hall crying. Vincent still stood there, shocked that he had done was he had done. Yuffie continued running down the hall past Cloud, who had seen everything, nearly knocking him over. Cloud just glanced at the running Yuffie and then at a figure in red down the hall. Cloud shot him a glare and then started to walk to where Yuffie was heading, intending to get some answers.

            "Wait Cloud. I can explain!" Vincent yelled and then realized he was in trouble now.

            Vincent started to run, until he reached the entrance to the place and then left.

            Yuffie still ran, until she reached where the other were. Tifa saw her instantly and reached out for her. Yuffie instantly ran into her embrace and sobbed harder. Tifa then saw Cloud come in the room. He walked toward them and sat down on the couch.

            "Keep Vincent away from her." Cloud said sternly, his eyes full of anger.

            Tifa helped Yuffie sit on the couch as she pulled out her Cure and used it on her. Yuffie continued to cry.

            "What do @*#$%&#@ mean Strife?" Cid asked

            "He's losing it…. he doesn't want to accept the fact that she doesn't remember him. She is bleeding because of him, he was holding into her tight and that claw of his reopened some of her wounds, hurting her immensely. I saw it…the pain and fear in his eyes, he violated her in my opinion. Bastard." Cloud spat.

            "Violated, what do you mean by that?" Tifa asked her eyes wide at what she thought he meant.

            "She was against the wall, with his tight grip on her, he was kissing her, you could obviously tell she wanted him off of him, if he hadn't noticed she was bleeding he probably would have gone farther!" Cloud yelled hitting his hand on the table.

            By this time, Yuffie had come down a bit, and wiped her nose.

            "He's upset because I didn't remember the night before I left for Wutai." Yuffie said quietly to Tifa.

            Tifa nodded softly and then explained that Yuffie needed to be kept away from it at all times and that later they would talk to him.

            "I didn't think he would snap like that, I thought he was reserved. I volunteer to talk to him." Nanaki commented, being the closest to Vincent out of the entire group.

            Nanaki stood and started to head toward Vincent's room hearing the group saying thank you. Tifa then decided to get back on track by having Yuffie talk to the other members to help her memories.

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°Bunkai Itchi mean Chapter 1.