Hello All! This is an AU challenge story, of the Hiei/Kagome persuasion. AU means that it's likely that characters will not be in character for those of you who are obsessive about it, so please don't flame me because of it. I have now warned you. Don't like it, don't read it. Another warning, I'm notoriously slow with the updating.

Perimeters: A/U Kagome gets sent to a weird old boarding school when her mom and step dad decide to have their honeymoon in London. The entrance exam is abnormally strange and the school seems perfect but there's something that's just not quite right. Chaos is a certainty and love is sure to blossom in a school of hardly any adult supervision and students looking for a wild ride. YYH/IY x-over (Preferably Kag/kur or Hiei/Kag)

Disclaimer: Not mine. And if you sue me, all you'll get is a share of my student loan debt. Joy for us all.

Chapter 1- Kagome's POV

Seriously, why did mom have to marry a man who could actually afford to spend a year in England for their honeymoon? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her, but it only leaves me with two options: a year in boarding school or a year in England.

Souta and Kohaku chose England, something about soccer gods. I wouldn't know. I'm not a soccer freak. Sango and I chose boarding school. Thank god I have Sango or I would totally freak out. Sango and Kohaku are my and Souta's cousins. They've lived with us since their parents died five years ago.

Mom, Souta, and Kohaku left yesterday and Jin left the week before to make sure everything was ready for them. He's a great guy, but he worries too much. Sango and I leave tomorrow for XSTG, or to be more precise, Xanadu's School for the Talented and Gifted. We got the brochure in the mail and it's the only school we could both agree on. That's why we were so upset about the entrance exams. We both had to get into this school, and the exams were, well, not normal...


"Hello I'm Headmistress Genkai. I run this school along with Headmistress Kaede. This is a small school and, provided you get in, we will be your only teachers. Now, on to the exams, your first test will be--the drawing of lots. Now please form a single-file line and draw your envelope from the box. Do not open them until I say."

After this proclamation a looong line formed amidst the grumbles of the crowd. By the time it was almost our turn to draw an envelope the nervousness (and the bag of Gummi Bears I'd snuck past Sango) was starting to get to me.

"Sango, it's the penguins again! They're out to get us!"

"You got sugar past me again didn't you?" she said exasperatedly; then sighed, "Kagome, how many times do I have to tell you there are no penguins in Japan?"

"That's what they want you to think." I looked around surreptitiously then whispered, "I think the Headmistress is a penguin in disguise."

At this point the rather rude guy standing behind us felt the misguided urge to speak out of turn, "Oi wench, you've been in the sun too long."

"What did you just say to me!"

"I said you were crazy."

"No, not that, everyone knows that; did you just call me wench?"

"Yeah, whatcha gonna do about it?"

"First of all, my name is Kagome. KA-GO-ME. Got that? Second, if you call me wench again, I'll use my insanity to think of evil things to do to you."

"Don't you mean you'll use your imagination?"

"No, I meant my insanity. Muahaha-chokes"

During my rather unsuccessful rendition of my famous evil laugh, the guy was slowly edging away from me, wide eyed and a little pale. When I finally stopped choking he just eyed me warily and said, "Riiight."

Of course he was basically drowned out by the feminine screech of, "PERVERT!" and the loud, rather painful sounding, WHACK that followed shortly thereafter.

"Sango!" I said reproachfully, "No attacking innocent bystanders!"

"He was groping me!" she exclaimed indignantly

"That's what you said about the last one."

"That guy was thinking about it!" Sango muttered crossly in reply.

Just then the unconscious guy sprawled at Sango's feet came to; blinked a few times; noticed me, and then kneeled at my feet and took my hand, saying, "Excuse me fair lady, allow me to introduce us, this baka is Inuyasha and I am Miroku. Would you perhaps do me the honor of bearing my child?"

"Hmmm, let me think about that..." I tapped my chin with a finger for a second or two, giving the appearance of being deep in thought, then I suddenly brought my fist down on top of his head, knocking him unconscious and crushing about six bones in my hand in the process.

It's times like this that I wish I were a character in an anime and I could just pull a frying pan out of thin air. I tried carrying one around for a while but unfortunately, for the purpose I had in mind, the cast iron skillet was most effective, and for those of you who have never been fortunate enough to have the experience, those suckers are heavy. So it ended up as more of an around the house weapon, mainly used on bratty brothers and pesky cousins. Ohhhh yesss. Souta and Kohaku have faced the wrath of the cast iron skillet many a time. Bwahahaha. Ahem. Er. Yes.

Then I stiffened and my eye started twitching, as Miroku, who had apparently come around, placed his hand on my ass and asked, "So is that a yes?"

I swung around and slapped him hard across the face shouting, "That is a definite NO!"

Then as I stared at his twitching form lying prostrate on the ground, I calmed and decided to be generous, so I added, "But I will ask the penguins if they will bear your child. You deserve each other."

At this point Genkai interrupted, "AHEM," she said loudly to get everyone's attention, "Has everyone drawn their lot?"

Everyone nodded in response.

"Very well, you may open your envelopes. If your paper is red' follow me; if it is not, you are not suitable for this school and must leave immediately."

I closed my eyes, ripped the envelope open, then held out the piece of paper and asked Sango what color it was. Unfortunately, she wasn't the one who replied.

"It's red wench, just like the rest of ours."

"Oh no, yours is red too?"


"It's the penguins Sango. The penguins!"

"Yes Kagome. I know," she said rubbing her hand against her forehead in exasperation; then she muttered, "I also know that it's going to be a long time before you get your hands on sugar again. We'd better get going or we'll be left behind."

We caught up with the group just as they entered a room filled with video games.

"Video games!" I exclaimed, clapping my hands happily

"These are no ordinary video games. They measure your awareness, strength, and potential for growth," Genkai informed us.

Sango, Miroku, and some guy with a long ponytail scored the highest on the Jenken (paper rock scissors) machine that was supposed to measure your awareness. Inuyasha, the guy with the ponytail and some pretty girl scored the highest on the punching machine that was supposed to measure your strength. What was really odd was the fact that this big beefy guy had a really low score, even I scored higher than him, in fact I scored higher than a lot of people, which is saying something, because I'm a weakling. I scored the highest on the karaoke machine that was supposed to test your potential for growth; a short red headed guy came in a close second. You know, for minute there, I could have sworn he had a tail. Strangely enough, a little albino girl came in at zero on everything. We eight were the only ones who got into the school.

End Flashback-Sango's POV

I sighed. There is so much to do before we leave tomorrow, and there Kagome is, staring off into space. If we would have started packing yesterday like I suggested then we wouldn't be in this mess.

"Kagome!" I said sharply

"Hmmm?" she asked absently

"Is the laundry finished?"

"One more load and we're done with clothes."

"All right, we have to leave by 9:00 tomorrow morning, so we really need to finish up soon."

"Besides the clothes, all we have left to do is gather the electronics and toiletries; then we do a quick check of the house to make sure we've got everything. So relax, it's no big deal."

"If you say so..."


"SANGO! Where's my hairbrush? I can't find it!"

"I don't know! What did you do with my toothbrush?"

"It's in the blue case."

"Kagome we have to GO!"

"I know that Sango!"

And that brings us to the present. After an hour of speeding we've reached our destination, and Kagome is trying to simultaneously calm me down, and make me release my white knuckled death grip on the door.

"You can stop hyperventilating now Sango, we're here on time."

"Not...why...hyper...ventilating...almost hit...tree...sign...kid...car...post... dog...policeman..."

"Yeah, but I didn't, did I, and that policeman didn't even give me a ticket," she stated smugly.

"Oh, it's easy for you to be so calm! We left my stomach somewhere back near Osaka, my heart is in my throat, and my nerves are stretched to the breaking point." I lifted a shaking hand and jabbed my index finger in the general direction of her face, "Never again, never ever again, will I let you drive."

"Aw c'mon Sango, how else am I going to pass my driver's test? The instructor hates me."

"Near death experiences will do that to you. Personally, after this, I don't think he's wrong to never let you loose on the road. You're scary."

She sighed; then said, "All right Sango, we better hurry or we'll be late for orientation."


"All right students, this is a relatively small school. However, we don't think that's any reason for new students to wander around the school alone. So, for the first week or so, you will have a student guide. Please come forward when I say your name.

Kagome Higurashi your guide will be Hiei Jagan.

Sango Taija your guide is Botan Kame

Miroku Houshi will have Yukina Jagan.

Kouga Nouta guide will be Ayame Kizu.

Inuyasha Taisho's guide will be Yusuke Yurimeshi

Kagura Kaze will have Kuwabara Kazuma as her guide

Kanna Kaze will have Sesshoumaru Taisho.

Shippo Minamoto will have Suichi Minamoto.

Now please proceed to the back of the room to get your schedules and dorm assignments."

After a short wait we got our schedules and room numbers.

"What's your room number Sango?"

"C25, you?"


This news was received joyously and thus we started doing a happy dance to celebrate.

"I have C25 as well."

I stopped dancing "You! But how!"

For a split second there was a look of pure panic on Kagome's face and then her 'I couldn't possibly have done anything evil, just look I'm too innocent' mask appeared on her face

If I were in an anime there would have been flames a mile high behind me as I said, "What did you do Kagome!"

"Well I know you aren't very good with members of the opposite sex, so I thought it might be good for you to be in a co-ed dorm and get used to being around guys that aren't related to you."

"And it never occurred to you we might get stuck with the pervert!"

"Wellll... No, not really."

"Idiot! C'mon we better go see Mistress Genkai about getting new rooms."

"Don't even bother. The school has a policy about not letting students change rooms until they've lived together for at least two months," said the guy with slicked back hair that was standing beside us.

"Who are you?" I inquired.

"I'm Yusuke. I heard you guys yelling C25 and figured I'd better come see who my new room mates were."

"You aren't a pervert too, are you?" Kagome came right out and asked.

"Err...not really. There's this one girl back home I like to bug but..."

"Okay! Never mind. Just wanted to make sure you weren't another Miroku."

"You called Miladies," Miroku said as he came up behind me and Kagome again.

SLAP! "PERVERT!" we said in unison.

Kagome sighed, "I'm sorry Sango. Since I got us into this you get first choice of weapons. Do you want the frying pan or the baseball bat?"

"I think I'll just keep Hiraikotsu handy."

"You mean I get two weapons?" Kagome asked starry eyed.

"Sure do, but try not to go overboard like you did with that Hojo guy."

"I'm still convinced he was in league with the penguins. He just wouldn't leave me alone..."

"C'mon Kagome, let's get our stuff out of the car. Yusuke, would you come with us and show us where the dorm room is?"

"It's kinda supposed to be your student guide's job, but Boton's busy, Hiei is, well, Hiei, and it looks like Inuyasha's going to be tied up arguing with Sesshoumaru for a while, so sure, why not?" Then he whispered to me, "So what's her deal with the penguins."

"Loooong story, but here's a bit of friendly advice that will improve all of our lives, keep her as far away from sugar as possible," I said as we were walking to the car.


"Look, here's our car."

"Sango, we should have brought Miroku along and made him be our pack mule."

"Kagome, he's still unconscious."

"Oh. Right. I forgot."

"Ditz." Yusuke said tauntingly

"What did you just say!"


"Grrr...what is it with the guys at this school.. Of the first three I meet, one's a pervert and the other two call me names," Kagome sniffled, then apparently decided to do the full on crying thing, because this ungodly sound came from her mouth, "WAAAHHH"

I sat back and watched as Kagome and Yusuke fought. The people at this school will probably never really understand us. There's much more to us than this stupid act we put on. Our pasts have shaped us beyond these facades we put on everyday...