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Author's Note: Ok this story idea just popped into my head one night and I started writing it and of course because I'm long–winded it is now taking me forever to finish. So here's the first part and I will have the second part up whenever it's written. Quick note when there are words in italics it's the characters thoughts.

"Only One Blanket"
Part One

"I'm bored." Max stated. "And I'm talking to myself." Max rolled her eyes at the surrounding silence. She proceeded to throw another piece of wood into the fire. She glanced around at her almost peaceful surroundings. The crackling fire provided just the right amount of warmth in the sparsely furnished living room of the small cabin. Moonlight provided the only light besides the fire. It shone through the windows illuminating the driving rain that pounded down.

"Here I am stuck in sweet old Uncle Jonas' cabin…with no electricity…no phone…and nobody." Max laughed. "How do I get myself into these things?" She got up from her spot on the floor in front of the fire wincing in pain slightly and curled up on one end of the couch. "Oh that's right I work as a cat burglar for Logan Cale who is undoubtedly an idiot." Max groaned as she thought about the events of the day that had landed her at this cabin.

"I go do some favor for Logan stealing some disk to bring down Satan's newest lapdog. His sources screw up the security info again. He ends up with his disk and I end up with a bullet in my side." Max snorted. "Me an X-5 getting shot…I must be losin my touch." She shifted into a more comfortable position.

"So then I can't stay in the hospital because I can't risk my blood being tested. I can't work because of this hole in my side. Logan suggests taking a vacation at his Uncle's cabin. So I pack a bag climb into the Aztec and am all excited. A real vacation for me and Logan. So we drive and drive finally get here and he drops me off the idiot. He leaves me here alone! I asked him if he was comin and he looks at me like I'm crazy because yea I'd be the crazy one. He has computer hacks to do god forbid he take a vacation. So I grabbed my bag and stormed away from the idiot." Max smiled. "I guess a little different then how I said goodbye when he took me here last time and I thought I was losing him for good."

Max's face fell into a frown as she thought about the sadness she felt at the aspect of never seeing Logan again. She shuddered and tried desperately to push that thought out of her mind instead trying to focus on what an idiot he was for leaving her there alone and bored when he could be with her.

"Cause no matter how much I tell Original Cindy we ain't like that. I can't help but wonder what it would be like if we were." Max sighed "I don't think I'll ever find out though…" she thought sadly. "Not with the way me and Logan's lives go."

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a car driving up. Max looked up immediately alarmed. She listened to hear a car door slam. Max got up and tried to discretely peer out the window but she could see nothing through the storm .

She crouched in her fighting stance next to the door thinking, "Who could know I'm here to look for me? Could one of the bad guys from today have followed me this far?" Max heard some muffled curses and banging as a person worked their way up to the door of the cabin. She tensed at the sound of the lock clicking then the knob turned and the door flew open by the force of the wind. Max jumped out ready to face her attacker head on but before she pounced she got a good look at him and gasped in shock. "Logan! What the hell are you doin here?"

Logan Cale otherwise know as the idiot sat in his wheelchair soaked to the bone from the rain, wide-eyed and holding his hands up in innocence.

"I came to visit you." Logan answered.

"It's 3 a.m. I could have killed you." Max shouted.

"I thought you'd be sleeping and I could sneak in." he stated sheepishly.

"You know I don't sleep." Max said in disgust. "Now get in here before you catch pneumonia."

She stepped out of the way so Logan could wheel himself into the room. Water dripped off of every inch of him. "Come on by the fire you have to get warm and dry." Max said exasperated. "What were you thinking coming up here in a storm like this." She ranted as she went into the bedroom and got a blanket and towels. "You could have gotten yourself killed driving." She spread one of the towels in front of the fire. "Sit." She commanded Logan who had been remarkable silent during Max's tirade.

He slid from his wheelchair to the towel already beginning to shiver from his waterlogged clothing. "I wanted to see how you were. I thought about it and felt bad about leaving you alone." Logan muttered looking down at the towel.

Max froze for a second as the thought of Logan's guilt melted her anger slightly but the sound of his sneeze just brought it back more. "And now you feelin bad is gonna make you wind up with some disease." Max moved mechanically as she took a towel and used it to dry Logan's face.

"Max..." Logan tried to get her attention but she just kept going.

"He felt bad! He felt bad! And I'm gonna end up takin care of him." Max continued on and grasped the hem of Logan's soaked shirt and pulled it off of him before he could blink.

"Max…" Logan gasped but Max was still oblivious lost in her own little world as she continued to towel dry Logan now working on his chest and arms mumbling to herself.

"O.C.'s right men are dogs maybe I should switch to the all girl team."

"Max!" Logan yelled.

Max's head snapped up and her movements ceased. "What?" she asked hotly.

"You don't think maybe I could handle this myself." Logan said gesturing to his half-naked body that Max was still touching. Max looked at her hands on Logan's skin.

"Oh.." She mumbled as she suddenly realized what she had been doing.

Max became aware of the smoothness of Logan's shoulders where they were not covered by the towel. A new tension filled the room as Max remained frozen in place her hands still holding the towel across Logan's shoulders. She felt Logan's hand running over her right arm to gently pull loose her grip on the towel and lay her hand on the bare skin of his chest right over his heart which was beating faster then any heartbeat she had ever felt before. He used his other hand to play with a couple curls of her hair.

"I missed you." He whispered huskily.

Max looked into his eyes for the first time that night and felt her heartbeat match his as she saw the fire burning in them the real one and the emotional one. She could feel his warm breath as he drew nearer to her cupping her face in his hands. Max started to close her eyes as she let the cascade of emotions wash over her. Then her eyes snapped open as she heard Lydecker's voice in her head, "Emotions are weakness."

She jumped backwards out of Logan's arms before he could kiss her knocking him off balance.

"What?" he choked out in confusion as he caught himself and leaned back on his hands to steady himself.

"I better let you handle this." She muttered getting to her feet. "I'm just gonna go to bed." She turned and made a beeline to the bedroom.

"Max." Logan called out in desperation but it was too late she was already in the bedroom with the door closed. He sighed, "Don't run way from me…I can't even run after you." Logan stared down at his useless legs.

"Way to go Cale. You finally get a few days completely alone with this girl without any drama and you scare her off in the first five minutes." Logan thought to himself.

He reached around to the back of his wheelchair to grab his bag of clothes which had thankfully stayed dry in their plastic bag. He picked the towel up from his lap where Max had dropped it. He ran it across his body taking off the last of the moisture. He sat there for a few extra seconds as he remembered from just minutes ago how gentle Max's hands had been as they had dried his face and shoulders. He hadn't been able to stop himself from trying to kiss her. Her skin had felt so soft underneath his fingertips. He shook his head to clear its thoughts.

"Well I can't dwell on that now she's probably not going to talk to me for the rest of the night. I better focus on getting dressed before I do get sick and then the only way Max will ever touch me again will be to kick my ass." Logan laughed to himself.

In the Bedroom

Max sat on her bed clutching a pillow. "Great job, Max. Nothin like sendin a guy some mixed signals. First, I strip him and I'm not even in heat and then he tries to kiss me the one thing I probably would have wanted and I jump up and run away." Max punched the pillow at her impulsive actions.

"How could I react like that thinking my emotions were weakness. Haven't I learned that emotions don't make you weak they can only make you stronger. Isn't that what Original Cindy, Kendra and Logan have taught me?" Max asked herself.

"The only weakness is fear and that's what's wrong with me. I'm afraid. I'm afraid Logan would have kissed me then sat back and realized he kissed a freak and regretted it. So instead of letting it happen and denying it like before I just stopped it. I ran away from him and left him alone. Now he probably won't even talk to me." Max sighed.

"I guess I'm afraid he won't talk to me if I go out there but I have to face my fears. I left him out there cold and wet and I don't even know if he has dry clothes. I do know he has the only blanket though and I'm not sleepin without one so here goes nothin."

Max flung the pillow away from her and got up to go back out and check on Logan. She opened the door cautiously and soundlessly to make sure he was dressed. Max could see him sitting in dry clothes in the same spot where she had left him staring into the fire appearing to be deep in thought.

In front of the fire

"I wonder why she did pull away from me. I thought maybe we had finally moved passed that denying our feelings stage." Logan thought.

He ran his hands through his still slightly damp hair, "Maybe she wasn't denying her feelings maybe she never really did have them."

Logan caught sight of the firelight reflecting off his wheelchair. "What could she see in me? I'm an old man compared to her…a cripple. She needs someone who can fight next to her, protect her and I'd only slow her down." Logan could feel the sadness welling deep within his stomach.

"If it had just been a few years ago things would have been so different. But I can't change the past and I don't blame Max for not wanting someone like me. She deserves so much better."

While Logan was lost in thought he did not hear Max approaching behind him. "I'm supposed to believe the universe is right on schedule but what good can come from this." Logan angrily punched at his unfeeling leg.

"Hey hey you might need that later. Don't go all crazy on it." Max said gently.

Logan jumped at her voice surprised to see her back, "Don't worry I have another one." He joked to cover his frustration.

He watched as Max sat down next to him in front of the fire. There was silence for a few minutes. Finally, Logan couldn't take it any more glancing at Max out of the corner of his eye he asked her, "I thought you were going to bed? What happened?"

Max shifted uncomfortably, "I was but…well…you had the only blanket."

Logan laughed glancing down at the blanket he had wrapped around himself, "Oh so I guess you came out here to collect."

Max cocked her head to one side, "Well…I mean that would be the right thing for you to do and you always do the right thing. So…"

They both laughed then suddenly Max doubled over in pain, "Owwww," she groaned clutching her side.

"Max? Max, what's wrong?" Logan asked sliding himself next to her.

"I forgot to take the pain medication the doctor gave me. My sides just acting up. Even X-5's need a little help recovering from gunshot wounds. I just need to go get my pills." Max moved to get up but Logan tugged on her arm.

"You don't move. I'll go get them. You better lay on the couch stretch out your muscles." He said sliding back over to the wheelchair.

"I can do it Logan." Max protested weakly.

"Hey stop and let me do this for you. You lay down and tell me where your pills are." Logan commanded.

"Yes sir, they're in the kitchen."

Logan rolled off to get the medicine. Max got up and then laid down on the couch feeling a slight twinge of pain as she stretched out. She shifted to get comfortable.

Logan came flying back into the room with pills and water. "Here you go." He handed them to her and then picked up the blanket from where he'd left it. He gently covered Max with the blanket tucking it around her.

Max handed him back the glass of water when she was finished. "Thanks Logan." She said smiling softly leaning back against the pillows.

"No problem." He answered returning her smile. She sought out his hand with her own.

"I mean it I am grateful even though I didn't sound it earlier. Thanks for everything for coming to check on me, taking care of me—"

"Shhh I know," Logan said smoothing her hair off her forehead, "Just rest now let the medicine take effect." He continued to stoke her forehead and Max held tightly to his other hand. She closed her eyes slowly then they popped back open.

"I feel bad I'm takin up the whole couch. Let me make room for you." She started to move but Logan stopped her.

"I'm fine Max. I come equipped with my own chair." He joked. "You just concentrate on resting. Don't worry about me." Max nodded to tired from the effects of the painkillers to talk anymore. Her eyes closed and she drifted off to peaceful sleep.

"Good night angel." Logan whispered dropping his head onto his arm content to watch her sleep for now.

To be continued…