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"Only One Blanket"
Part three

Max lay flat on her back her head facing away from the doorway trying to control her thoughts. "Ok, Logan's gonna come back though that door any second and get in bed with me. This is definitely not what I thought would be happening tonight when this day started out."

Max let out a deep breath and closed her eyes figuring sleep would be the best way out of this. Then, Max heard the quiet creaking of Logan's wheelchair as he entered the room and wheeled himself over to the bed. Max noticed the tell-tale click of the brakes locking and then the bed sinking slightly as Logan shifted his upper body out of the chair so he was sitting on the bed.

She turned her head to look at him and watched as he pulled off his boots and then one by one moved his legs to the bed. Then he slid his body up to the head of the bed and pulled the covers up around his body.

Logan took off his glasses and left them on his wheelchair. Then, he squirmed his way under the covers until he lay flat on his back. As he moved he felt eyes watching him. He glanced over and caught Max's steady gaze. He blushed slightly as he thought about the embarrassing situation he'd been caught in.

"Sorry," He mumbled to Max as he settled his head on the pillow.

"For what?" Max questioned raising her eyebrows and giving him that half-smile that said if you're apologizing for who you are I'll kick you.

"For waking—" Logan started to answer but was interrupted by his own huge yawn. "…You up." He finished smiling sheepishly.

"Logan quit being sorry and get some sleep." Max laughed. Logan nodded his eyes already closing. Max listened and heard his breathing deepen. Max no longer tired simply watched him sleep for a couple seconds.

"How could you do this to me? Yes, you. That person out there who doesn't want to see me happy. How could you do this?" Max thought to herself as she shifted to lay on her good side and get a better view of Logan's face.

"How could you give me everything I could ever want in a man? Someone who's sweet, kind and accepts me for what I am and laying right in front of me, literally, when you know I can't have it. I'll never have Logan. I'll never have this every night. This whole feeling in my stomach. I'll probably never have this feeling again. I'll never have this chance to watch him sleep and be at peace. This is like the purest form of torture giving me something for one night but for tonight this is a torture I'll enjoy enduring." Max smiled.

She reached out wrapping the blanket that was around her around Logan as well. She smoothed the covers up around him her hands lingering on his broad chest where she knew the smooth skin she had felt earlier that night lay.

"Well if I only have tonight I might as well make the best of it." Max grinned and waited a few more seconds to make sure Logan was definitely asleep. Then, she scooted closer to him reveling in the warmth that came off his strong body.

She nestled her head very gently against his chest inhaling his scent deeply. She sighed as she listened to the steady beat of Logan's heart. The sound of it comforted her and she could feel herself getting drowsy again. She burrowed deeper into Logan's body and wrapped her arm around his stomach. As she started to doze off her last thoughts were, "I wish this moment could last forever."

A few hours later Logan felt himself starting to wake up. At first confused as to where he was but then the sound of the crackling fire and the smell of the fresh pine reminded him he was at the cabin and the events of the night came rushing back to him. At that moment he became aware of the warm body curled up next to his.

He lifted his head and peeked down surprised to find Max half on top of him. "Well this is new." He thought. He stared in awe at Max's beautiful face. He couldn't resist gently reaching out and smoothing her hair back so he could get a better glimpse of her face. She murmured slightly at his touch and wrapped her arm tighter round him. Logan looked on in amazement at this sleeping beauty next to him.

"I can't believe this. I am actually getting my moment with Max the problem being that she is asleep. I wonder if we'll ever get to be like this awake. Will I ever actually get to hold her and just be with her? Is it something I'll ever have? This is like torture only having this for one night. But it's the sweetest torture I've ever faced and I plan on giving myself a little more of it." Logan thought as he reached out and wrapped his arms around Max of course being mindful of her side.

Suddenly, Max jerked out of his arms. Logan jumped in surprise. Max tossed restlessly moaning incoherently. Logan rolled over to his side trying to steady Max, "This isn't a seizure. I think she's having a nightmare." He shook her gently, "Max…Max wake up." As he grasped her shoulders her eyelids fluttered then she shot up gasping for breath.

Logan sat up next to her. "Hey," he started as he watched her try to catch her breath and struggle to hold back tears. Logan tried to gather her in his arms.

"No, don't touch me!" Max cried out moving away from him.

"Max…it's me. I won't hurt you." He said softly.

Finally, Max looked at him, "Logan…I'm sorry I didn't know it was you that nightmare was so real."

"What happened?" Logan asked carefully.

"It was Lydecker Logan. He came here and found us together…he threatened to kill you unless I left with him." Max's voice shook as she fought to get the story out. "I agreed to go with him and he grabbed me and started to drag me away but then…Oh god…He just turned around and said, "I lied". And he shot you while you were sleeping. You didn't even have a chance and I couldn't even save you." Max broke down completely then her shoulders heaving with sobs.

Logan had sat there quietly throughout her talking. He snapped out of it when she started crying. He cautiously approached her again wrapping his arms around her gently, grateful when she leaned against him.

"Shhh, it's ok. We're both safe. I'm not going anywhere." He tenderly stroked her back trying to relieve her fears. "It didn't happen Max. It won't happen don't worry."

Max sniffled and wiped her eyes, "How can you be sure?" Logan hesitated because he wasn't sure. "See Logan you don't know. Something like that could happen especially in my life. I could get you killed. I should get out of your life. Get out of Seattle to keep you safe. I'm to much of a danger to you." Max claimed.

"You could get me killed?!? Max, I got you shot today. Do you really think you should be worrying about putting me in danger. I put you and myself into as much danger without thinking. Besides I won't let you leave me. I won't let you take away everything you've given me."

"Everything I've given you. Logan I've done nothing but bring you trouble. Look where you are tonight because of me." Max stated gesturing at the cabin.

"Max, how can you not see everything you've done for me? You've given me back my life. My reason to be. Without you I wouldn't have any of this fight left in me. I wouldn't know how to go on. Besides how could I regret where I am right now in bed with a beautiful woman." He whispered leaning close to her.

Max gulped at the intensity in Logan's eyes.

"You made me feel, Max." He murmured stroking up and down her arms.

Max closed her eyes at the feeling of Logan's caresses. Every inch of her skin where he touched her burned like fire. "Logan…" she whimpered the fear showing through in her voice.

"Tell me you don't feel it Max." he whispered brushing his lips across hers. "Tell me you don't feel it and I'll stop."

He kissed her again gently slowly then leaned back searching her face for a sign, an answer. He started to release her arms.

"No, I feel it Logan. Don't stop. Don't let me go. I feel it too." Max said softly to him opening her eyes and staring straight into his.

"Max," Logan said his voice thick with emotion hesitating over what to do next.

"Logan…" Max breathed slyly leaning forward and capturing his lips with hers. Logan returned her kiss hungrily tangling his hands in her hair. He explored the warmth of Max's mouth savoring every taste and every moment.

Max pulled away finally breathless, "I know I'm supposed to be superhuman but I can't breathe." She laid her head on Logan's shoulder breathing deeply, running her hands up across his chest and down his back.

Logan smirked and trailed a path from her lips to her neck nuzzling against her and dropping feather light kisses along the way. Max shivered and pressed herself closer to him willing him not to stop. "Logan…" Max whispered after a few seconds.

"Yea, Max" Logan responded resting his cheek on top of her head.

Max pulled back and looked up at him, "This changes everything doesn't it?"

"Yea, I guess it does. Is that a bad thing?" Logan questioned.

Max ran her hand over Logan's spiky hair and down his face to rest back on his heartbeat. "I'm pretty sure over the years I've learned that change is a good thing." Max said smiling.

"Yea?" Logan implored eyebrows raised.

"Definitely a good thing." Max responded laying a sweet kiss on Logan's lips.

Logan attempted to make a response but his own yawn cut him off again. "Excuse me. I think this old man needs more sleep." He joked. "Care to join me?"

Apprehension showed in Max's eyes, "Yes and no."

"What do ya mean?"

"I'm afraid I'll have another nightmare." Max confessed. "I don't' think I could take seeing you that way again."

"Oh." Logan wasn't exactly sure what Max wanted him to do to help. "What can I do Max?"

"Maybe…um maybe you could hold me like you did just now. You know protect me from the dreams." Max pleaded.

"Of course Max. C'mere." Logan said softy lying down and opening his arms to her.

Max crawled into his open embrace gratefully. She rested her head against him again as he wrapped what had become "their" blanket around them. Logan wrapped his arms tightly around her urging her to relax.

"Sleep, Max" he coaxed.

"You won't let go will you?" Max requested.

"No, I won't."

"You promise?"

"I promise." Logan stated tightening his arms around her. There was silence for the next couple of minutes and Logan was sure Max had fallen asleep until he heard, "Hey Logan."

"Yea, Max" "I'm really glad there was only this one blanket or I might have never gone back out to you tonight and you wouldn't be here right now."

A frown crossed Logan's face for a second, "You know Max I've been wanting to ask you something but all the events of tonight made me forget. What exactly gave you the idea there was only one blanket?"

"Well this was the only one in here." Max alleged confused.

"Oh really, well did you ever think of I dunno checking the linen closet."

"There's a linen closet here?"

Logan laughed. "Yea there is."

"Oh…you know Logan Cale I should get very angry with you for laughing at me on the same day you got me shot and told me you liked me but I'm to sleepy. Damn these pills!"

Logan laughed again, "Then, Max…"


"Go to sleep."

"I wanna stay up and talk with you." Max whined playfully.

Logan pulled her hand up to his mouth and kissed her palm. "For tonight sleep. After this we have all the time in the world."

"How can you be so sure?" Max repeated.

"Because I promised not to let you go and I don't ever plan on going back on that." Logan said his voice deep and serious.

"Good because I don't plan on letting you go back on it. Till tomorrow, Logan." Max whispered drifting into a dreamless sleep.

"Till tomorrow, Max." Logan returned and allowed himself to drift off to sleep his angel in his arms.

The end…wow I didn't know I had all that fluff in me. It may have been a little too fluffy at the end but too much fluff is better than no fluff at all… by the way if you want to know what those tomorrows bring…be on the lookout for a sequel in a few weeks.