"Jack? What are we doing here?" Ana-Maria asked, her hands stretched out in front of her while Jack lea her across the beach. A red blindfold was tied around her eyes, and she kept tripping up in the sand.

"Ana-Maria, we came back to Port Royal to drop Lizzie and Will off. You know that." He said, grinning. He'd taken to calling Elizabeth Lizzie, rolling the 'Z' with an unbearably evocative way that had the new groom slightly worried.

"Jack!" She yelled, trying to hit him, but he darted out of the way and she ended up just hitting thin air. "I mean, why are we on this beach?" He raised his hands, which of course she couldn't see, so the whole gesture was wasted.

"We're here, luv," He said, removing her blind fold from her eyes, revealing the view of the night waters, with the reflections of the stars overhead and a heavy moon rippling in the water. "Because you asked to be here, savvy?"

She gaped at the beauty of the spot, and then turned to Jack, still confused.

"When, Jack, did I ask you to bring me to beach at midnight?" Jack raised a wine bottle, passing it to Ana-Maria who was still shaking her head in a daze.

"We're having a romantic walks on the beach, like you so desired, poppet." He said, grinning, raising his eye brows suggestively. A beaming smile formed on Ana-Maria's face.

"You bought me to the beach, for a moonlight walk?" She asked slowly. Jack nodded, a little unsurely. He was surprised when she flung her arms around him, wine bottle and all. He winced slightly as the wine bottle connected with his shoulder, and then grinned. His eyes darted from side to side, feeling Ana-Maria's sparsely covered, summer garbed body pressed up against him.

"Ah," He said. "Now I understand why Will does it." Ana-Maria released him, still grinning. They sat down on the sand, kicking off their shoes and feeling the white powder between their toes. Jack opened the wine. They passed the bottle back and forth between them (like Jack would bring glasses).

"You know, this is the first time in a long time that I've really looked at the stars?" Ana-Maria said. She lay with her head on Jack's stomach, fiddling with his hands.

"One day, we'll go there." Jack said between gulps.

"Where?" She said, looking over at him.

"To the stars. One day, you and me, and we'll take Elizabeth and Will I guess, and we'll go to the stars." He said pompously. "Just have to think of a way..." He said, tapping his temple. Ana-Maria laughed.

"Jack! No more wine for you." She said, taking it off him. He shouted, as she got up, and he chased after her. She giggled as he wrapped his arm around her waist, flinging her to the sand. She fell back, the wine bottle dropped forgotten.

"John," Came the silverly laughter from behind them. Jack Sparrow froze, his face, his face, which was about an inch from Ana-Maria's broke into a grimace. He swung his head around.

"Yes?" He said theatrically.

Behind them stood Julia, her shoes in one hand, and a servant girl beside her. In her other hand she held the edge of her dress, an expressive French affair of gold silk and pale blue trimmings. She took a few ginger steps towards Jack, her hand on her mouth.

"John, is that you?" She laughed again. "Oh, dear. Funny old world isn't it. I'm visiting to Governor Swann, to celebrate his daughter's marriage. And you." She giggled, her hand over her mouth. "Oh, how the mighty have fallen. A simple pirate still." She shook her head, and then broke into a serious face. "So good seeing you John. You've done so well for yourself." She tittered, and walked past them, nearly doubling up with laughter.

Jack face was contorted with fury. He reached down for his gun, his hands twitching. He scrambled to his feet, slipping on the soft sand.

"Jack, you can't shoot her." Ana-Maria called. But Jack was off, half running, half storming after Julia on the sand. He pulled something out of his pocket, something small and black. He scowled, and threw it hard at her. It connected with the back of her head with a dull thump. It bounced off, landing on the edge of the water, where the waves lapped at it softly. Julia staggered, and dropped her shoes as she fell on her knees on the sand.

"Ow!" She turned around indignantly. "Did you just throw something at my head, John?"

"It's captain. Captain Jack Sparrow." He said with a drunken slur, before turning on his heel and swaggering back towards Ana-Maria, who was trying to contain her laughter. He fell on his knees before her, his hands on her cheeks, pulling her into a passionate embrace.

Julia watched for a moment, outrage obvious in her eyes. Then she turned, and continued her walk without another word, with Ana-Maria's peels of laughter following her.

"Did you just throw that compass at her head?" Ana-Maria asked. Jack fell back on the sand, his hands behind his head. He nodded, grinning.

"Are you telling me you carried that compass she gave you around for ten years so you could throw it at her?" He nodded again. Ana-Maria fell on him, kissing him and laughing, her black hair forming a veil around his face.

"I love you Jack," She said in-between kisses. He grinned very characteristically, his ringed fingers pushing through her hair and stealing their way down her body.

"That's very interesting," He purred, rolling her over in the sand. "And now for a good fu...." He said, gazing down at some of Ana-Maria's more interesting assets. She put her hand over his mouth, and then replaced her hand with her mouth.

"Don't ruin the romance." She murmured against his lips. She ran her finger down his scraggy jaw line, as he twisted her over so her back was against the sand.

"Yes, um, romance." Jack said sneakily.

The sound of the waves attempted to drown out Ana-Maria's giggles, and Jack's growls, and wiped clear the footprints of the day. And only the stars bore witness to Jack Sparrow's attempt at a 'romantic walk to the beach,' which didn't contain a lot of walking.

And dragged by the waves, pushed under the sand, the compass to the Ile De Muerta lay still and forgotten.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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