Totally Spies: Dark Force

BY: Dragonfang33

Synapes: A Totally Spies/Dracula, a dark wizard is out to locate the Treasures of Dracul, now WOOHP needs a new Agent, so Jerry calls on an old friend Alec Van Hellsing to mediate the situation.

Chapter One

Slayer in WOOHP

Location: Alley Way: Bevarly Hills Calafornia.

p The dark figure rushed through the alley, panting. Suddenly he stopped in front of a massive wall, as a dark figure in a hooded cloak approached him from behind.

p "Did you bring it," the figure asked

p "Yes," the man replied, holding out a small scepter that was topped off by a large dragon insignia.

p "At last," the dark figure said, grabbing the scepter, "the Scepter of the Vampire."

p "Uh Um," the man said, budding in, "the reward you promised." The dark figure looked at him for a moment, and then smiled an evil smile.

p "Ah yes," he said, "your reward." Suddenly he lunged at the man, baring two white fangs which dug into the mans neck, and the Vampire began draining his blood. In a few minutes the blood drained husk fell to the ground, and the Vampire looked on.

p "There's your reward mortal," He said, as he removed his hood to reveal a handsome face, whose only disfigurement was a jaggaed scar down the side of his left cheek. Turning away from the rotting husk the Vampire lept into the air to return to his dark master.

Location: Van Hellsing Summer Home, Bevarly Hills

p The man was increadbly handsome, though he attracted quite a few stares from the populace, primarily at the way he was dressed, a long black trench coat, black jeans, a black sweetshirt, with black gloves covering his hands, and black combat boots on his feet. Around his back he carried a silver longsword. This was no ordinary man, by far, his name was Alexander Van Hellsing, Great Grandson of the famous Vampire Hunter Abraham Van Hellsing.

p Alec luged the large shoping bags back to a long black limo for the journey back to his manson on the hill. But as soon as he opened the door he saw an old man, dressed in a fancy suit sitting in seat.

p "Jerry," Alec said, in shock, he had known Jerry since the day he had given a speech at the University and though they hadn't seen each other for about six years they still kept in touch.

p "Long time Alec," Jerry replied, "tell me how's the high life."

p "Been better," Alec replied, "So what brings you to Bevarly?"

p "Recrutment," Jerry replied, "and you?"

p "Vacation," Alec replied smiling

p "Sorry to say you're vacations' up," Jerry replied, now normally Jerry never sounded this sinister, but before Alec could reply he blacked out.

Location: WOOHP Van, 1 hour later

p "He's coming too," a man said, as Alec opened his eyes.

p "Jerry what happened," Alec asked, daised

p "I'm sorry my friend, but I had to have you knocked out." Jerry replied. When he heard this Alec was both enraged and confused.

p "Why," Alec said, angrilly.

p "I've got my reasons." Jerry replied, as the van came to a halt, "Now if you'll follow me." He helped Alec out of the van. The spot were they had stopped was the High School, and when he laied eyes on it, Alec became even more confused.

p "Why did you bring me here?" He asked, but Jerry was no where to be found. Looking all over, Alec decided that he'd had enough, and went into the school to call his butler. But as soon as he picked up the phone, the floor dropped out from under him.

p He slid down a long silver pipe for about three minutes before he emerged in a large room, that had unfortunatly just been waxed and Alec slid clear across the floor till he slamed face first into the wall on the other side.

p "Bout time you showed up," Jerry replied, looking over him.

p "Jerry," Alec replied, holding the bump on his head, "What happened?"

p "Follow me," Jerry said, "First we'll get you some ice for that bruse, then we'll talk buisness old friend." After Jerry had given Alec an Ice pack he lead him into a large control room, busling with activity.

p "Alec Van Hellsing," Jerry said, "Welcome to WOOHP."

p "Come again," Alec said, still holding the ice bag on his head.

p "The World Organziation Of Human Protection." Jerry replied

p "WOOHP," Alec said, laughing, "That's the best acronim you can come up with."

p. "Unfortuanatly yes," Jerry replied, "and sorry about your head."

p "So let me get one thing clear," Alec said, "You're somekind of spy or something."

p "Correct," Jerry replied, "and from what I remember of you, your family is in the business of the supernatural, the occult, magic, and Demon Slaying." Alec didn't know what to say, no one was suppose to know about the Van Hellsings pasion for the Occult.

p "How do you know that," Alec replied, "and what's going on?"

p "In do time Alec," Jerry replied

p Well theres Chapter One, and I apologize if this is baddly written, I will post Chapter Two if and when I get one review