Totally Spies: Dark Force

By Dragonfang33

Chapter Two

The Treasures of Dracul

p Location: Bran Castle, Transylvannia

p The Vampire Lord gazed out over the kingdom lost by his father. By appearence he appeared to be a weathly buisness man, but the one give away that he was not human was the symbol, that of a black dragon, engraved in his hand. As he gazed over the city below him, the door on the far wall swung open, and a man clad in black entered.

p "Lord Dracul," He said, "I bring the Scepter."

p "Excellent Alcar," Dracul replied, "and what of the other treasures of Dracula?"

p "We have yet to find them," Alcar replied

p "Thank you," Dracul replied, "continue Alcar, report back when you've found another treasure."

p "As you wish Lord Dracula," Alcar replied, The Vampire Lord turned to face his servent, his eyes blazing bright red.

p "Don't call me by my father's name," He shouted, "I am not Count Dracula, but Lord Dracul, Son of Dracula, Prince of the Vampires, Lord of the Un-dead."

p "Forgive me Lord," Alcar said, begging.

p "Get out fool," Dracul shouted, and returned to gazing out the window, "Soon father, soon."

Location: WOOHP HQ, Bevarly Hills Calafornia

p "So why are you giving me the grand tour Jerry," Alec asked, "and you still haven't answered my question about how you know what my family has been involved in?"

p "Quite simple Alec," Jerry said, as he sat at a desk, with a small computer on it, "WOOHP was founded to combat large scale internation crime and terrorism, and we have survalance on everyone, including I believe your family members around the world. Originally we thought that the Hellsing family was involved in weapons smuggling. But when one of our agents raided one of your libiries we found books not on weapon smuggling but the Occult and Magic."

p "So," Alec replied,interupting, "That still doesn't explane why I'm here."

p "Recently there's been a surge in strange crimes," Jerry replied, "crimes that appeare can be traced to a new crime syndacit calling itself the Dark Force."

p "What kind of crimes?" Alec asked inquisitavly,

p "Crimes involving Occult ties, and the use of strange weapons like this," Jerry played a video showing a man in black robbing the musuem. But what caught Alec's eye was the what he used, as the Security Guard emptied his gun into the man, the bullets bounced off a strange star shaped sheild.

p "That was no sheild," Alec replied, "It was a Defense Pentacle Spell."

p "And that is the reason your here Alec," Jerry replied, "With this new development WOOHP could use an expert on the Occult, Superstition, and the Supernatural." Alec looked at the screen, only one person knew that style of Dark Magic, Count Dracula.

p "Exacttly what was stolen from the musuem?" Alec asked

p "A scepter," Jerry replied

p "The Scepter of Dracul," Alec said to himself, "God why wouldn't they listen."

p "You know something about this then," Jerry said, as Alec became awhere that he had spoken out loud.

p "The Scepter of Dracul is one of Twelve Treasures that my Great-Grandfather Abraham Van-Hellsing scattered across the Earth in the years following the destruction of the Vampire Prince Dracula, and if what my Grandfather told me as a boy is ture, then if all twelve treasures are reunited then Dracula will live again, and the Un-dead that already walk the Earth will be unbeatable."

p "Then are you with us or not?" Jerry asked.

p "If you need me you got me," Alec said, after a few minutes thought, "Besides if I'm right then you're WOOHP guys can't handel what's coming."

p "Exactlly why you won't be working alone," Jerry said, "I'm assing our three "best" agents to be your partners, and unfortunate for you, the four of you will have to live, eat, and work together in order to succeed in finding these other treasures."

p "So," Alec asked, "Where are they?"

p. "They will be arriving in a few moments," Jerry said, as he pressed a bright red button.

p Well Here's Chapter Two, don't worry, I plan to introduce the three girls in Chapter Three, which will go up after I get two more reviews on this one, PS Here's the couple, Alec/Sam, I will change this of course if you think Alex or Clover will be better