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Walk With Me Home is the prequel to Starting out on a Journey. As I go on I will accept ideas and incorporate nearly every single idea into my story.

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pbStandard Disclaimer/b

****1) I do not own Dragon Ball Z. I may in the future but not at the
moment. ****2) Characters such as Panna Satan, Marker Pencil, Madison Satan and any other characters that do not appear in the series are mine. A note about Marker, i have seen a number of fics who have a character named Marker. I came up with Marker prior to reading them and apologise if there are any similarities to him, it is purely coincidental. ****3) This is a romance fic, so if you don't like romance of that kind, then don't read, I'm a romantist.And also this is not a lemon, i don't like to read them or write them and i don't intend to start too.


Here's a few last minute information.

Gohan - 15 years old Videl - 15 years old Sharpner - 15 years old Eraser - 15 years old Goten - 7 years old Trunks - 8 years old Marker - 17 years old Madison - 13 years old Marron - 6 years old

This story takes place just after Buu was defeated.Gohan and Videl are still only friends, and continue to train. And the people of Stan City (and the world) havent had their memories erased so it's straight after the defeat of Kid Buu.

Enjoy. ***********************************************************************

[b]Chapter 1[/b]

Gohan was sitting in english class looking around. The things they were teaching the class, was English Literature, which he had mastered at the tender age of 4. The only interesting thing he found about it was the fact that young miss Videl Satan was next to him.

She was biting on her pencil as she looked at her paper. She brushed some of her short hair out of her eyes.

*Man this is really boring* Videl thought to herself, before looking at her watch.It was only 8:50, they had only been in class for ten minutes. Why was today dragging on so long.

Anyone might think that on a Monday, that students didn't really care about what was going on until Friday. but today was different. That night a carnival would be starting and Mrs Briefs would be there. Yes the one and only Bulma. Videl and Gohan didn't really get excited about that fact. I mean seeing her nearly every single day was enough that they weren't thrilled everytime Capsule Corporation funds a project or anything.

"MISS SATAN!!!?" the teacher called, Videl looked up from her book. "I understand that fighting crime is very tiring please don't fall asleep in my class, that's what your spares are for"

"Yes, Miss" Videl sighed resting her head on the table again. She looked over at Gohan who was mouthing something. *Did he just mouth that i look like a termite?* Videl thought to herself as she began to scribble on a peice of paper. She threw it to him.

Gohan looked at her then the paper. He opened it up and read it.

[i]Dear Gohan, what did you say? Unlike some people i don't have Saiyan hearing.

Love Videl[/i]

Gohan scribbled back on the paper and handed it over. Videl smiled as she read the message. She looked over at him and nodded slightly. She sighed. Today was going to be a long day.

Lunch that day wasn't as eventful as it normally was either. Normally Sharpner would try to flirt with Videl, who in turn would smack him on the head, and cause a fight to happen. The school meanie Jacob Windfred would try and fight anyone and everyone. The freshman would try and get in to the 'IN' crowd.

Videl sat at the table with her best friend Eraser. Her and Eraser had been best friends for going on 12 years. Eraser had short blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a tight green tube top and a mini skirt. Her blue eyes were lovely and would make anybody crumble.

"Hey Vi, whats up?" Eraser asked "You weren't acting normal in English this morning"

"I'm fine Eraser" Videl answered before spinning around and giving her friend a hug. "Thank-you for being the best friend ever"

"Are you sick?" The blonde put her hand on the teenagers forehead. "hmm not a fever"

"I'm not sick, i just want you to know, how much you mean to me" Videl said as two boys dropped four books on the table. The girls jumped up in fright. "What's wrong with you two?"

"Well" Sharpner started "We've just recieved our Drama Presenting Tasks, and the teachers split us into groups of four, she's put , Eraser, you, Me and Gohan together"

"Yeah, so what's bad about that?" Videl asked

"It's Children's Theatre, we've gotta make up a script, songs, dances etc and perform for children" Sharpner explained

"So..?" Eraser asked

Gohan walked over to the table with Marker, he had about 12 trays of food. One for each of his friends and the rest for him.

Sharpner sweat dropped. "Got enough?"

"I hope so" Videl answered "He'll be complaining throughout Maths if he doesn't"

Gohan blushed, before turning towards his food.

"So, um This weekend, what are we doing?" Marker asked

"I don't know about you, but i've got a party to go to" Videl said

"Who's is it?" Marker asked

"Bulma Briefs holding it" Gohan said with a mouthful of food "she's like my Auntie"

The three blonde's gasped. "Your AUNTIE!?"

"Yeah, whats the big deal?" the young demi-saiyan said

"She's like the most awesomest person of all time, next to Hercule and Son Goku" Marker said

"Why do people idolise him so much?" Gohan asked

"Why?!" the three blonde said in shock

"Because he's so incredibly hot" Eraser said "For his age"

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" Videl and Gohan said in dusgust.

"You think, Gohan's dad is hot, gross" Videl said

"Gohan's" Marker said

"DAD" Sharpner finished

"Yeah" The demi saiyan said as he finished the food. "Yeh, im stuffed"

"Until one o'clock" Videl muttered

That afternoon after the final bell had gone, Videl met Gohan on the roof. She flipped open her watch and pressed the button. Her Saiyagirl outfit appeared.

Gohan ran up the stairs only to find her not there.

"VIDEL" he called




"VI...AHHHH" Gohan said jumping back as he found the girl laughing behind him. Just before she had surpressed her Ki enough to sneak up on him and tap him gently.

"What's wrong? you can face Buu, and Cell but not a sweet innocent girl tapping you" Videl asked

"Videl, lets Go mom's making lunch and she said we can't be late" Gohan said flipping open his watch and transforming himself. The two leapt in the air and flew off.

ChiChi was in the kitchen doing the dishes. Her youngest son Goten was currently being training by her husband. Her husband was none other then Son Goku.

Goku and his youngest son Goten ran into the house followed by a young boy named Trunks. This was Mrs Brief's only child. HE had short blue hair in and undercut style. Along with his dark blueish greenish Gi on.


"But Chi, we're all hungry too" Goku said "Arn't we?"

"Uh huh" the two boys said nodding their heads.

"Hey, Mom Gohan will be home in a minute can we start eating now?" Goten asked innocently

"I don't see why not, jsut leave enough for your brother and sister" ChiChi said reluctantly

"Sister?" Goku asked, being dead in the other world, certanatly let him miss out on a lot. I mean Sister? Gohan was right, she was beggining to get a little obsessed. After all he and Videl were just friends.

"I'M HOME!!!?" a voice called from the doorway as Gohan and Videl walked in. ChiChi was staring at Videl who had just pulled off her helmet.

"Sorry ChiChi i didn't even think about detransforming" Videl said apologetically

"It's alright sweetie, it suits you" ChiChi said patting the seat next to her. Videl happily sat down. "So how was school?"

"It was alright, except for the teachers trying to drum reports out of us like we're in university" Videl complained

"Ah you'll be fine, Gohan'll help you out anyway won't you Son?" ChiChi said shooting her eldest son a glare.

"Ofcourse mom, now what can i eat?" Gohan asked looking at the wonderful food set out on the table.

ChiChi nodded. "Videl you pick first dear, or else you'll get none"

"Thanks ChiChi" the girl looked at the food, before picking up a plate. She began to scoop some food onto it. Each of the Saiyan's had drool out of their mouths. Videl giggled.

ChiChi looked at her 'daughter' and then towards her sons and husband. She too giggled. "Don't worry dear, their always like this,"

When Videl was finished she smiled and handed her plate to ChiChi.

"Why thank-you dear"

"No problem"

"Are you making them suffer?" ChiChi whispered leaning over to her. Videl nodded.

"Ofcourse, they make us starve half the time, whats a little waiting going to do" Videl said smiling as she served up her plate. When she was done she looked at the boys. "Ok, here you go cutie"

Goten smiled and blushed up at the teenager who was looking at him. "Your turn"

"Thanks Videl" Goten said as he poked his tongue out at his brother and father. Gohan looked iritated but decided against it.

[i]'Man, i wish i could eat now, im starving'[/i] Gohan thought

"Well, you should've thought about that before you make other people starve" Videl said

"HUH?" the four said looking at her.

"WHAT?" Videl asked with a mouthful of rice.

"Why'd you say that?" ChiChi asked

"Gohan was complaining and saying that he wish he could eat, because he was starving" Videl said "Didn't you" she looked over at her best friend.

"NO" Gohan said

"You heard it didn't you?" Videl asked

the group nodded. Then Goku smiled.

"Oh it's starting" Goku laughed

"What's starting?" the girl asked

"Uh, DAD not at the moment" Gohan said covering his fathers mouth.

"Ok Son, Ok" Goku said

After Lunch Videl and Gohan were laying on a blanket near the lake, Goten was sparring with his dad whilst the two teenagers were doing some homework.

"Ack, why do they do this to us, it's not the fact that they give us so many assighments, it's jsut that their harder" Videl complained

"And all due on the same day" Gohan finished

"Hey, Gohan can you help me out, i need to give me definition of Mosaic Burning for geography?"

"Then why are you asking me?"

Videl gave him a look that plainly said 'what are you doing just answer the question'.

"Ok" he said calmly "Mosaic burning is when patches of a remnant are burnt off, this enables immigration of animals to another remnant until the one they were living in is Sustainable again"

"Thanks" Videl said

"Hey Videl, Semi-Formal is on in a week" Gohan started


"Do you want to go?"

"You mean as a couple?" The girl asked blushing. He nodded. "Ofcourse we're best friends arn't we"

Videl smiled. "So i guess you'll have to take Sharpner out with you to get a Tuxedo?"

"Videl, it's only a semi"

"I have to go in a dress" Videl stated

"I can't wait to see that i want tons of pictures" Gohan teased

"Oh SON GOHAN" Videl said "Guess who's starving tonight"

"NO you wouldn't?"

"YES I WOULD" it was then that Videl's mobile phoen went off. She held it to her ear. "Hello"

"Vi, it's Eraser" Eraser voice came through, "Are you and Gohan going to come with us to the carnival tonight?"

"I'll ask" Videl said covering the mouthpeice of her phone. "Gohan, do you want to go to Bulma's carnival tonight with Sharpner, Marker and Eraser?"

"I guess" Gohan said

"Fine we'll be there, in an hour, alright then see you" she put the phone down and began to gather all her books. "You ready"

"Yep" Gohan said unhappily.

Later that night Videl and gohan were waiting near the ferris wheel just like Eraser said. However were shocked to see Eraser and Sharpner with their arms locked together, as was Marker with another girl.

"You sly dog you" Gohan teased Marker, who blushed.

"Gohan i'd like you to meet Lime, Lime this is my friend Gohan" Marker said as the brunette shook his hand. She looked him over carefully.

"We've met i think" Lime said "Except the Gohan i knew had blonde hair, and green eyes, how do you explain that?"

"Uh...hair dye" Gohan said with the famous Son Grin plastered all over his face.

Videl giggled. "Yeh"

"OH, such a shame you looked pretty cute with blonde hair" Lime said

[i]'Don't i know it[/i] Videl thought to herself wickedly

"What was that Vi?" Gohan asked the girl who was now jumping in fright.

"uh, what do you mean?" Videl asked surprised

"Lime just said...oh never mind"

And with that the group went off to Seminar on Bulma Briefs latest project. Watches which allowed you to change outfit. The group walked in and took their seats.

"And this, my friends is what teenagers of todya and tommorow are going to want" Bulma said as everyone clapped

A man in a suit stood up.

"Uh Yes Mr Tekachi" Bulma said

"Arn't you aware that this invention of yours will cause more friction between teens and their parents, as they will be able to rebell more" Mr Tekachi said

"Actually no, the parents when purchasing it have a choice of which types of outfits can be stored" Bulma finished

"Oh she's so lovely" Eraser said

"I wonder if she's got a boyfriend?" Sharpner said in a daydream.

"What a bunch of losers" Videl muttered

"Hey Bulma?" Gohan asked the woman who was now stepping off the podium. She smiled. "How are you?"

"How am I, im exhausted and tired and I'm pissed off, how about you?" Bulma said slipping a jacket on.

"I'm alright" Gohan answered

"That's good kid, your still on for the party this weekend right?"


"And you'll be gracing me with you presence right Videl?"

"Uh huh Bulma" Videl looked at her friends who now had their jaws open. "What's up with you lot?"

"your on first name priorities with Mrs Briefs?" Lime asked in shock

"Naturally, and don't call me Mrs Briefs it makes me feel old, Bulma is fine" Bulma said to the group. She leant over to Gohan. "What's up with them?"

"Your fans" Gohan sweat dropped..

"Oh good, listen there's a good rollercoaster that's just finished being set up, can you take Trunks and Marron on i promised too, but i don't feel so well?"

"Sure thing, at least Goten's not with him" Gohan said as Trunks and Marron walked up to them smiling. "Come on munchkin"

Lime stood with her arms wrapped around Marker. She was stealing his warmth as it was so cold. Eraser was heading home with Sharpner. and Videl and Gohan had Trunks and Marron with them.

"Videl? Do you like Gohan?" Marron asked looking up at the teen who was now blushing

"Uh, yes he's a very good 'friend'" she said exaggerating the word 'friend'.

"Oh" she said sadly before yawning. "I'm tired"

"Me two, we better get you squirts home" Gohan said as he pointed to Bulma who was getting into her copter. "Lets go"

"Right" Videl said "Are we flying?"

"It'd be faster"

The two leapt in the air and flew off, their first stop the Kame House where Master Roshi lived. Krillin greeted the duo.

"Hey?" he said "Are you two dating yet?"

"No Krillin" Gohan hissed "Please it's late"

"Alright, thanks for watching her for us kid" 18 said showing herself

"No problem 18" Gohan said sweetly "Night"

"BYe Guys" Videl said smiling at the family as they flew off. It was a very silent flight until they reached Videl's Balcony. Videl dropped down as did Gohan. He smiled at her.



"i'll be buy at seven tommorow to pick you up, call me if a robbery or something happens alright"

"Sure, night gohan and thank-you, tonight was fun" Videl said

And with that Gohan leapt up and flew off. Tommorow would be a good day hopefully. He couldn't wait tommorow him and Videl would start there assighment for Performing Arts. It would be fun.


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