Epilogue- Lorne


As I wandered through the hotel, I found myself realizing that my next show was going to be amazing. This was the perfect story to tell- fighting, angst, death and love. I knew that it would be one hell of a show. Already I could imagine the audiences lining up to buy tickets.

Only a moment ago, I walked past Wesley's office and- I can tell you now- I got the shock of my life. Fred was standing on her toes, wrapped in Wesley's arms, and they were both devouring each other's mouths like there was no tomorrow. Finally, those two had worked past all the obstacles in their way and allowed themselves to love each other. I only hoped they would realize that they had always been soul mates, and that they would never leave one another again. I couldn't live through all that suppressed desire and sexual tension again.

Once I had closed the door and given them their privacy, I strolled over to where Gunn was teaching Dawn to use an axe. She was a fiery young woman, and I could see that she would have no problem getting what she wanted out of life. She was fierce, just like her older sister. Gunn, on the other hand, was a mystery to me. He was happy, I could see that with my own two eyes, but I felt waves of confusion coming off him. He was still lost and dazed by the sudden loss of Fred, but more so by the lack of any future in front of him. I mentally reminded myself to speak to him later.

I heard Cordy's raised voice and turned around to find her facing off with that young man. I was still confused about the memory spell Angel and Cordy had asked me to perform on them, but what perplexed me the most was the small pacifier Angel kept in his drawer. I needed an object that belonged to the person they wanted to forget, and he used this. Why would they want to forget a baby?

I focused back on the two standing in front of me. What was his name? That's right- Xander. He was brave; I couldn't deny him that. Standing by his best friend and facing death and danger at every corner for seven years, I was amazed that he had escaped with only a missing eye. I could see that nothing would faze him. Not even a furious Cordelia Chase.

She had crossed her arms defiantly across her chest. I was blissfully glad to see that she was slowly returning to her old ways, even if it was only the anger, and I knew that it would be a long time before she would truly move past it. Anything was better than the guilty, silent woman who had woken only this morning. I could hear the sorrow at the edges of her voice, but I also heard- if only a faint echo- hope.

Together, they were dynamic.

"You cheated on me!" Cordelia yelled.

"And you made Anya turn me into a vampire!" he retorted, glaring down at her. She didn't back down and defended herself quickly.

"I wouldn't have needed to if you hadn't cheated on me!"

"It was four years ago. Get over it."

"I wasn't the one who brought it up!"

"Yes you were!"

"Was not!"

"Were too!"

"My God, what are they, five?"

I turned to see the African American principle lounging on the stairs, Faith sitting between his legs. He was a weird one, that one. Full of anger and vengeance, but also regret and relief. I couldn't possibly work past all the emotions coming off him, but I was receiving a direct feel of content coming through.

"No, I think two's closer."

Faith, who was smirking, looked comfortable in his embrace. I was astonished at the change the brunette had gone through over the years. She had gone from a lost, destructive girl and grown into a contrite, thriving woman, who, by the looks of things, had finally found something stable in her life. But knowing Faith, it was only a matter of time before she landed herself back in hot water.

Thinking of Faith's journey of redemption reminded me of Lindsey. He was certainly one of the more unexpected surprises we'd had today, and I wasn't entirely sure if it had been welcome. I believed that even the worst human being deserved a chance but Lindsey had purposefully and repetitively made an attempt on Angel's life, and that was something a friend did not easily forgive. Maybe he could prove me wrong…

I heard a shriek from the kitchen and went to investigate. From what I could see, it seemed that making simple hot chocolates had evolved into preparing a banquet for twenty; all of whom must have a distinct sweet tooth, by the number of cakes, biscuits and chocolates spread across the table. A flour flight had broken out, and I groaned at thought of cleaning up the mess the next morning. Maybe I could talk that Andrew fellow into cleaning it up. Either that or I would just resort to scaring him into doing it.

Willow exchanged a sly smile with a brunette who I remembered was called Kennedy. I smiled, happy to see that Willow had moved on from her past girlfriend. I could see that Kennedy would ground Willow, and that the redhead would help Kennedy to lighten up. Someone that young shouldn't be so serious. I had been told about Willow's spell, and was utterly amazed that someone so young, not to mention small, had been able to perform it. I was completely honored that I had spoken to the world's most powerful witch.

I left the girls and Andrew to their devices and ambled into the main room again. I caught sight of Rupert, or Giles as everyone else called him, resting on the front desk. His eyes drank in the sights before him, the sight of his friends-no, children- finally free of the weight of the world. His eyes shone with pride and satisfaction, just as a father's would as he led his daughter down an aisle to be wed. I could see that he had been the foundation of their group for so long, the one holding everyone together and watching over them. He had watched them as they matured, as they made mistakes, as they picked themselves back up and started all over again. He had watched them as they loved and lost, as they smiled and suffered. He had watched over them as they grew.

I knew that it went a lot deeper than his title. Yes, he was a Watcher, someone that watched and guided his Slayer. Yet he also loved his Slayer, his daughter, and her friends and family, and I knew that he would always find the means to watch over them. His eyes wondered towards the second floor, and I followed his train of thought.

Buffy and Angel.

The two strongest people I have ever, and will ever, know in my lifetime. All I can say about them is that they will be all right in the end.

They always find their way, and they will find it- together.


Somewhere high above...


"Lucky girl. She's in for one hell of a night."

"I don't think any personal experience you've had with him will even compare to what they have, Darla."

"Yeah, I know Jenny. He was always cold when I had him. Now they actually get to be hot and heavy..."

"I'd appreciate it if you would not talk about my daughter that way, Darla."

"Sorry, Joyce."

"Darla's just bitter she's dead, again."

"I didn't think you had claws, Jenny."

"You don't think full stop."


"Would you guys please stop fighting?"

"Sorry, Joyce."

"Yes, Joyce, very sorry."

"A-are Slayers meant to do that?"

"Yes, Kendra, you lot are human too."

"Ya, I know… But it seems so…distracting."

"Why does Buffy get to have multiple orgasms while I sit up here watching Xander sleep alone?"

"Anya! Is that all you think about?"

"Mostly. Sometimes..."

"Would you look at that!"

"What is it, Jenny?"

"Willow changed the spell."

"What spell?"

"The one to take away the power from all the new Slayers. She changed it so that the potentials will only be called as the Slayer when they are ready for the power and responsibility."

"So Giles and Xander's plan will be needed?"

"Yes, Joyce. I can see that Giles is really excited about…"

"That was not a goal!"

"It was! I saw it go through!"

"Did not! It missed!"

"Would you guys shut up?"

"Sorry, Anya."

"Stupid wanna-be Slayers..."

"W-where's Spike?"

"Oh, Tara, there you are. He's playing poker with Doyle, Jessie and Jonathan."

"Thanks, Darla. Do you think we s-should let him see this?"

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"I agree with Joyce. He's not exactly known for his ability to remain calm."

"Who isn't, Darla?"

"Oh, Doyle! Weren't you playing poker?"

"Aye, we were, until Spike decided to cheat. Ye should've seen his face when the card fell outta' his sleeve."

"What is it with cheating these days?"

"It was a bloody accident!"

"Speak of the devil..."

"Yeah, sure, the ace of hearts just happened to float up your sleeve, did it?"

"Shut up, Jessie."

"Ouch, you hurt me with your words, Spike."

"Man, I'd like to finish just one game without you cheating!"

"Yeah, it would be nice."

"Oh, bugger off.  'S not like it's a real game of poker, anyway. Look who I'm playing against. A nerd, a try-hard big bad, and Jessie, the vamp that let Harris stake him."

 "Get over it, Spike."

"Hey, demon-girl, I was over it before it began."

"Then why are you still talking?"

"Because...Hey, what are you looking at?"

"Uh, oh, nothing."

"Sure you aren't, Glinda."

"No, really Spike, it's nothing."

"It's okay, Joyce, I'm a big boy now so you can let me see. There's nothing that's too bad for my eyes..."

…"Spike, please stop banging your head on the wall. You're scaring us."


The End